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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Adrien looked around the room with a slightly interested gaze. There didn't seem to be any big cuties around, which was a shame, but at least some of them looked fun to flirt with... There was a decent looking red-head, and one girl had black hair with streaks in the side... But none of the guys screamed hot or sexy. Adrien liked to think that he cared for more then just the looks of a person. Not a total lie, after all, since a good personality was important… But it was hardly a crime to like a person particularly because of the way their ass looked… Eh, whatever. Adrien turned his attention back to what was going on. The meeting, he had seen, was a trap, but he had to come. See the others. He hadn’t seen them in forever. He’d even forgotten all their names. How funny, seeing as they used to be quite close… Well, they had relied on each other to escape, at the very least.
The person standing at the front of the room smiled. Her face was shielded from view with how little light was shown in the building. "I've called you all here as a Nowhere Kid," the woman spoke. She seemed a little tall to be a teenager, but then again, not everyone in the room looked exactly their age either. There was a pause. "And also as a dutiful scientist. Your parents wish for your returns children. I'm only here to bring you back to where you belong." A boy, the one with bright red hair, went to stand and the woman slammed her hand on the desk, making him rethink his actions and pause. "Miles, please, sit, listen to what I have to say at least." She cleared her throat. "If any of you happen to reject my kindly offer of returning you back to the safety of the laboratory, then I'm afraid we'll have to take drastic measure. In the next room we have a special batch of experimentees that are 'programmed' to find and take you in by force. Now, you have the choice to stay and go back with me or be hunted down like wild game." She smirked because she knew the answer she was going to receive. "How about it?" Adrien watched as the one named Miles stood and did his own little speech before walking out. Several others followed. Adrien gave the lady a sly grin.
“As much as a beautiful lady like you tempts me,” he started, not actually meaning any of it. “I must decline.” He walked out of the room and followed the others. Deciding he could keep his hands to himself for a few moments, he eyed the group skeptically. “Since I do not know any of your names, I will start. Je m’appelle Adrien. Quels sont vos noms?” He asked, still following the others.