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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Setting: SmileVille2011-07-11 03:10:28, as written by Black
Last night had been rather…strange. It was a clear night, much like the day it held a slight warm feeling on the breeze. Stars were able to be seen through the cloudless sky, white specs etched on the blackened cover. Not to mention more light coming from the full moon. Few people were out at this particular hour, whether it be late night shopping or something else was unknown. But the streets of SmileVille had an eerie sense about them, wherever you went, the feeling of being watched couldn’t be shaken. By the dim light from one of the streetlights, stood a man, or rather a teenager. Long blue hair was pulled into a tail, a black band wrapping loosely around it as it swayed slightly in the breeze. The teen was rather tall and slimming, his body lean and hidden beneath the darkened clothes was a toned body. He stood leaning against the post in the spotlight, a smile plastered on his face, head tilted forward slightly, allowing a wave of blue hair to obscure his eyes. And he just stood there. Waiting.

Five figures emerged from the surrounding shadows, coming to the edge of the light. At every possible angle stood a figure, blocking off any possible escape route. Simultaneously their hands were raised to point a small gun at the teen. All the while he merely smiled, continuing to look down towards the ground. No one made a move for several moments, until the teen raised his head slightly, allowing his unusual eyes to shine in the artificial light. One a crimson red, a symbol in the centre of it; replacing the pupil, the other a deep blue. Suddenly a large white owl with the same eyes as the teen came careening down towards the five who surrounded him. They pointed their guns up and began shooting, gunshot echoed around the streets of what looked to be a ghost town. However every shot proved to be useless as they merely passed through the bird, it landed on top of one of the men, pushing him over from the force.

The four ceased their fire as the bird merely sat on top of the body. The teen held out his arm and the white creature took off once again, this time landing on the teen’s forearm. He gave a pleased smile at the bird, ruffling a few feathers of the creature. The four remaining people swiveled around to set their gaze on the bird and it’s master. “Let’s get out of here.” he whispered to the bird, it cawed in response, flapping its wings a few times and darting towards the others. The teen’s smile grew and he took off, using the chaos as a cover for his escape. Gunshot continued to echo around the streets as they kept up the futile act of trying to hit the creature. Giving the teen enough time to escape, it took off after him, quickly catching up.


The teen came to a sudden halt, his face becoming covered in a look of worry and surprise. Wide eyes moved down his body until coming to a patch of blood already seeping out from his side. Slowly his hand rose up to apply pressure to the wound, stumbling forward a few steps before crashing down onto the ground. The world began to grow dark, sickness and the taste of blood over taking the teen’s taste buds and throat. Eyes reluctantly closed. The body was quickly surrounded by the same group of people, bending down and placing their hands under it to pick it up. The white owl cawed and began attacking the people at random in the futile act to somehow save its master. Hand grabbed onto the bird, clipping its wings and ceasing its attack. It was swiftly shoved into a cage, locked several times. Eventually after a few pained caws and attempt to break free, the bird became calm, watching as its master was carried off into the night, leaving nothing but a bloody puddle on the floor.

Eyes slowly opened to stare up a white ceiling. “Damn my head hurts…” he uttered the words, putting one hand against his head and shielding his eyes from the light. “What the hell happened? Oh that’s right…I was shot.” He said it in a calm tone, unphazed by the fact he was close to death. His hand travelled down his body to rest upon where the wound was, now covered with bandages. He rolled his eyes, sitting up and leaning against the back of the sofa. “Sidney, get up we need to go.” Turing around to look at a older male, late twenties by the looks of it. His eyes narrowed. “I told you, my name is Strix now.” he spat out, getting up and slowly walking towards the other. “Can’t you go any faster?” the adult rolled his eyes as the teen was taking the most smallest steps possible. “You shot me, what do you expect? A full recovery?” Strix smiled in response until his hand was grabbed by the other, being yanked forwards towards the door. Strx quickly snatched his hand away, folding his arms so that they couldn’t be touched further. “You know the address.” the adult pushed on Strix’s back, out onto the streets.

He grumbled in response, letting his arms drop down by his sides and continuing down the road with a look of annoyance on his face. He turned around sharply, ignoring the splitting pain in his side, to look at a few other adults who followed him. “I don’t need an escort.” he snapped at them, turning back around to concentrate on where he was going. Like the night, the sky was clear, allowing the sun to shine brightly on the streets. Everyone here wore a fake smile, going about their daily lives as if they were fooling themselves into thinking such a paradise could exist. Not only that, but this was the paradise. Strix mentally scoffed, flipping his head up and to the side in one swift movement, his blue hair flying over his shoulder. Despite his comment, the others continued to follow him, keeping a few feet away from the teen. He noticed them out of the corner of his eye, his head dropping forward and uttering something to himself.

They came upon a door eventually, the door leading into the TT labs. Strix stared at the door in disgust and as if it was his worst enemy. A hand reached out to push the teen inside, however he quickly noticed and halted such action from being carried out. “I’m going okay!” He rolled his eyes, pushing down on the handle and pushing the door open slowly. His head peered around the side of the door cautiously. No one. Great. Strix walked inside, releasing his grip on the door as it closed behind him. The room was rather cold, simple but there was a cold feeling about it. In the middle sat a table with five chairs around it. Five? Why five? Strix shrugged, picking out a seat and leaning against the table, putting both arms on it and burying his head deep inside them. The only comfort he ever got in a place like this. “So tired…” Strix lifted his head slightly to let out a yawn before confining himself within the darkness of his arms.

The events which happened in the room didn’t wake Strix, whatever this meeting was about, he didn’t care. Many times a few people attempted to wake him up, but he merely responded with a growl and a rather painful stab from a materialized weapon. At least it hadn’t caused any external damage, just some searing pain on the inside. One thing did manage to wake him up though, the power cut. A sparking and crackling sound was heard from above as lights just blew their fuses. Strix groaned, lifting his head up to peer into more darkness. Perfect. He heard voices though, the voices of others in the room. But these weren’t adults as he was expecting, instead, they sounded around the same age as him. Strix stood up, pushing the chair backwards until it clattered on the ground. He followed the voices, trailing behind the group as they left the room, coming out into a hallway of the lab. Wrong way. He rolled his eyes, peering towards the group, only one female and rest were males. Probably others who were called to this so called meeting.

Strix paid no attention to them, merely looked around for something. A rather particular something. His owl, most likely taken here from the previous night. He noticed through a small window on the door, a room full of teens as well. Although closer inspection showed that they had different tattoos, having a power symbol somewhere on their body. They also didn’t look like they were that bothered about being there, almost as if they wanted to. Strix turned his attention away from that particular room and back towards the group discussing something. He stayed quiet all of this time and kept his distance from the others. That was until he took a few steps towards them, however he didn’t stop when he came to them, instead, carrying on past them and down the hallway. “Horus.” He said in a quiet tone as not to alert any unwanted attention, checking every room for any signs of the white bird.