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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Setting: SmileVille2011-07-11 03:15:51, as written by Wake
Windows were smashed, doors were caved in, even walls had a few large gaping holes in them. All these were sure sign's of Randle's passage. Through most of the facility you could hear the bellowing roars of the behemoth as it thrashed apart every object in his path.

"MAAAAAMAAAAA.... MAAAAAMAAAAA!" Mama hurt. That's what man-that-liked-to-poke-Randle told him. What was his name. What was it. Jekyll... Doctor Haren Jekyll. Randle didn't like him. He poked and hurt Randle too much. Mama did too some times but she was different. Mama always made things better after Randle was hurt. Randle was a good boy for mama because she did nice things for Randle when he was a good boy. Unlike Jekyll who kept being mean to Randle even when he was a good boy. It was only because mama repeatedly told him not too that kept Randle from BREAKING man-with-poky-needle Jekyll.

THAT WASN'T IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW! Mama was hurt. That's why she wasn't there when he woke up! Mama didn't leave him, somebody took her! Somebody took mama away from him and they hurt her. Somebody hurt mama! Somebody hurt mama! Somebody hurt mama! Somebody... somebody... somebody WAS ABOUT TO DIE! When Randle found that somebody he was going too SMASH them. He was going too BREAK them. He was going to CRUSH them.


"MAAAAAAMAAAA!" The storage cabinet full of experimental materials flung across the room when Randle swatted it aside. It was the fifth lab that Randle was in the process of destroying. Tens of thousands worth in materials and equipment were torn to shreds in the carnage. By now the whole facility was up and alert. The security team moving to get the staff evacuated from the floor the armored giant was on, as well as trying in vain too keep him in one spot. However fortune seemed to smile on them when huge 'knight' clutched it's head and fell to his knees.

It hurt. There was something in his body that shouldn't be there and it hurt. Randle felt sick as the unknown chemical didn't work well with his biology. So he decided to remove it. The giant leaned over as he began to hack and heave. Slowly the foreign chemicals were being gathered and pushed out of his blood stream. Eventually it started to ether be sweated of spat out, as his biokeinesis gradually removed the unwanted material.

A security officer watching from a camera terminal decided to take advantage of this situation. "Quick, while he's down drop the blast doors!" He yelled to the man at the computer. One of the other staff turned to him nervously. "But what about Dr. Jekyll's-"

"SCREW DR. JEKYLL! If he has a complaint about this he can tell it to the bullet I will put in his @#&! Now drop the damned door before I freaking drop you!"

Thick reinforced steel doors, a new addition to the lab after the last 'containment breech', slide down in the doorways and windows to the lab Randle was in. They loaked into place just as Randle finished removing the last of the chemicals from his body. Randle was back to his feet and flinging himself against the obstruction. The metal dented slightly. It would hold the giant, but not for long.

NOTHING would stop Randle from finding mama. NOTHING.