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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Aver lifted his head as conversation began to fill the dark room. It was about time, it was somewhat lonely to think in such a quietness. He smiled slightly, the darkness disappearing from the depths of his eyes. "Serenity believe Randle will be joining us soon. Serenity would like to know if Analisa and Aver will be playing a seperate piece or shall we go hunting together?" He had to think momentarily on that, wanting to see Randle tear through the obstacles in his way. Then again, if he paired up with that giant, he may very well be one of those obstacles broken. Aver let out a nervous laugh, thinking about the various ways someone of that stature could crush them all like bugs.

"I don't see a problem sticking together. It might work to our advantage, but if Aver wishes to pursue them on her own, I won't mind sticking with you Serenity." Aver looked back towards them as Analisa spoke, slowly pushing himself up to avoid any awkward pains from sitting for to long. His legs cried out slightly, being awoken from their sleep, apparently he was right in the judgement. "I imagine they will be calling us soon...Or at least letting us out of this room." He glanced over in the doors direction when the thought arose, still continuing his approach to where he the others were.

"If you two don't mind." Aver smiled from instinct, continuing on, "I would enjoy accompanying the both of you. " He paused for a moment, thinking for a moment to make sure Serenity's initial statement was an invite. "Our over sized friend worries me a little, it might be hard to strike a good conversation with him right?" That's right, he was overly obsessed with the one he called mama, which makes it very difficult to actually converse. However, it was quite fun to lead him off on a tangent by saying someone else did something to Dr. Jay.

Another thought just ran through his mind, if they were chasing the Nowhere kids, and those targets were running to the outside. "Oh my, I wonder how the stars look at this time of the year.. Say, do you two think they will let us get off our mission even the slightest bit?" No, it was probably best for them to stay on mission. It would be much more time conserving if they just did the mission and came back.

Aver took another look at the door, hoping that someone would come to send them on their way soon. His excitement of leaving the room was growing. "I do hope this will be an interesting game."