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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Setting: SmileVille2011-07-11 23:16:19, as written by Spectrum
Miles was satisfied with the responses he was receiving and showed his satisfaction through a large grin. His green eyes scanned over each person who decided to join his side, not that he was the leader of any sort of thing--not that he'd object if they wanted him to be such--but with the power outage, it was a little difficult to do so. He fled through the door with the others, giving one last mocking look at the scientist in the room. Once he was out in the hall, he was relieved to see that the outage hadn't reached this area and only that cruddy, put-down, alley-way building side part. Now, to find a way out of here..

The girl who'd blown out the lights he didn't recognize as well as the green-haired boy who came before her. He hadn't spoken to or interacted with many in his time here in this wretched laboratory, so he didn't bother memorizing any names or faces. If they didn't have any effect on him, he never cared. He still doesn't. There's only three names he ever had to bother actually remembering: Jekyll, Charter, and Jay. The three top scientists of this entire facility, he knew, and the ones most closely connected with what happened to all the 'experiments' at all times.

Another boy started walking off on his own, as if looking for something or someone. He looked like a useful person, but also someone who had his sights set on something other than freedom for the moment, so Miles decided he wouldn't follow him. If that kid wanted to get himself recaptured and put up as a lab rat once again, then who was he to tell him no? His thoughts of figuring a way out were lifted when a voice caught his attention. The blond-haired pretty boy asking their names. Miles considered scoffing and leaving without dropping a name at all, but he wasn't out of here yet and if he wanted to be, he just might need their cooperation. He couldn't go off on his own just yet, so an act it was. He stuck out a hand towards the french boy and grinned. "My name's Miles!" he enthused. He looked around at the others. "I think we're going to need to work together to get ourselves out of here like before. But it looks like the staff is focused on something else," he pointed out as two scientists ran by them without even glancing their way.

"I wonder what's up their bums..." he trailed off, before shrugging. The thought of what must be agitated the scientists so badly unnerved him on the inside, but on the outside, he was ignorant to the chaos. "Anyway! Let's be off, shall we?"

Back behind the door the Nowheres left from, Dr. Jay just smiled in the darkness. "I was hoping for this. Time to test our greater experiments," she said to herself as she walked to another door and opened it up. "Controls! Now's your chance to prove your worth. Do what you need to to retrieve the Nowheres, but don't kill them. Now, run along and play." Without waiting for them to leave, Jesse quickly left the room through a different door to rush down a separate hallway and figure out what all this chaos going on was about. She knew it had something to do with Randle.

Going down the hall, she stopped outside the room of impending chaos, where a metallic door was being torn to shreds. She glared at the other nearby scientists. They were all lesser and they were all idiots. "Just because you get paid less, doesn't mean you don't have to use your brain. Open the door, then get out of here before I sick the experiment on you." The scientists straightened up and nodded, running around frantically, almost running into each other, before finally opening the door where Randle was rampaging behind. With the door open, the scientists fled, leaving only Dr. Jay and Randle. Jesse wasn't afraid, though, and she calmly walked up to the oversized boy, placing a hand on his armored arm. "Randle," she said in a sickly sweet tone, "Mama's here now. I'm fine, but the people who tried hurting me are getting away. Please do Mama a favor and go after them for me, won't you? They call themselves the Nowhere Kids."