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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Aver went on a small walk around the building containing the labs. That is, since everyone seemed to run off doing their own things, he decided it would be nice to catch a small bit of air. That, and he was becoming rather unclear on what he wanted. The longer this chase lasted, the longer he would have freedom to do as he wished. But, if Serenity and Analisa wanted to just get it over with. What further choice did he really have? Randle, that giant would probably stick near Dr. Jay's side anyways. And again, with Alex, who even knows? The guy gets distracted by a spot on the wall.

Turning the last corner of the building, Serenity and Analisa came into view at an armored truck. Armored truck, when the hell did that get there? Then again, Aver didn't really take time to look around when he first left the building. A smile came to his face as he began to walk over, only stopping a the door opening. He took a few steps back, confused if he should go greet them. No, if they were busy, then he had no reason to bother them.

Aver walked closer to the building to sit down. Tucking his legs closer to his chest almost making him like an odd ball. He was in view, if they needed him after they came out it should not be too difficult for them. But the thoughts in his mind would continue, he worked so willingly under the scientists. Sometimes to the point he lost himself somewhere in the equation yet he still keeps to their side on things. Why was this? What was his past like before he even came to be with the scientist?

"Maybe, it is best if we finish the mission quickly.." Aver muttered.