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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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That's right, without time, this mission would be the only thing in his thoughts. Perhaps doing things quickly was the best way to remove everything else from the world. No time to think, no time to attach, and no time to feel the pain of removal. Why, why was he letting himself be confused. All he had to do was hate the Nowhere Kids right? That would make it easy, his mission would be enjoyable. But why was he questioning his own theories? No, taking them down had to be the only way. If they were the confusion of which side was right or wrong, they had to be taken down before anything occurred. He would not let his life's allegiance turn out to be the bad guys.

"What do you think about all this Aver? Are we doing the right thing?" The voice broke him from his morale encouragement. Aver looked over quietly to see Analisa beside him. He smiled lightly, thinking her statement must have met he was not the only one with such thoughts. "I don't know anymore...." He continued wearing the smile, refusing to show the emotion he contained with the words. "My mind says this is right, that we are to capture the Nowhere Kids to bring them back home. Then again, my heart is telling me, if it was their home, would they really run away?" He tilted his head slightly still trying to cover for himself. "Or something like that right?"

Next, he looked up towards the sky. The sun was falling, so their hunt would begin at night then? "You know.." He spoke quietly looking for even the smallest star in the sky. "At times, I remember seeing the stars. And I always crave for the chance to see them again. But being in the lab, how did I ever see the stars, and when would I get that chance?" He chuckled softly, looking back to her. "Since the Nowhere Kids escaped, I get another chance to see those stars. Kind of works out right?" Why did he hide behind the smile, was it possible that he didn't want to drag anyone else in the hole with himself? He didn't even understand himself physically, how could he begin with mentally? "One night is enough to fill my dreams." He muttered, thinking about the sky again.