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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Serenity opened her eyes again after having a vision. She turned around to watch Aver and Analisa sitting down talking amongst themselves. The gem on her headdress lightly tapped her forehead as she moved as if reminding her 'Lets focus on the mission'. Serenity blinked and somehow opening her eyes again made them seem a little bit bigger and a deeper shade of blue.

She turned around again, looking up at her fellow giant control. "Randle.." she said in a fragile voice like a scared little girl. Her hands holding onto the weapon tensely. "Tell me Randle.. " she looked down feeling a lump in her throat. "You're the strongest of all of us.. and as the strongest you're the one the scientists fear the most.. so what I would like to ask you is.." she lifted her head, gulping. "Would you really call them a family... after everything they must have put you through I--" She paused looking away. "Never mind then.. Its not my place to ask." she said resuming her normal voice like nothing happened and waving to the others. "Lets get going before they run too far ahead!" she called out with a cheery expression. Her smile frozen upon her face.