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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Setting: SmileVille2011-07-21 22:12:33, as written by Neru
Since night is coming, we should probably begin to head out soon. Serenity's planning can no go to waste. Analisa looked towards Aver as he said the words, giving him a slight nod. Though his nexts words didn't quite sit well with her. Besides, we are in bect to the scientists. We might as well give them on hing they want, right? Analisa remained quiet for a few minutes, thinking over Aver's words. Were they indeed in debt to the scientsts? What had they really done for any of them? Analisa mind drifted back to the many nights she was forced to undergo their expreimentations. The sleepless nights she was prodded, poked, and stabbed at.

A slight tremor ran through her frame, though before she could completely become lost in the dark depths of her mind, Aver's soft voice once again pulled her back. If you ever need anything, just come talk to me alright? We can talk things out, like a sister to a sister. Analisa forced a smile to her lips, taking Aver's outstreched hand, pulling herself to her feet. "Thanks, and I will. But you're right. We should hurry up and begin setting this plan in motion." She dusted off the back of her legs, looking towards the armored truck where Randle and Serenity were still standing. Let's hurry, we don't want to make the others wait. " more waiting..Let's go." She once again forced a smile to her lips as she walked over to the truck. "Are we ready Serenity?"