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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Serenity moved out of the way as Alex was shoved into the truck. She wore a saddened smile seeing that side again from Randle.. nonetheless.

"We go now."

Serenity blinked before letting her eyes slide to her left as she cradled the weapon in her arms not wanting the device to slip away during the bumpy ride.
The truth was.. Serenity had never harmed a person. Not even the scientists when they carried out their experiments.
Not even when her parents so freely handed her over to the labs..
Never had she fought against anyone or anything.
She always let fate have its way.

But for once she may have to do what she's never dared to--
Should capturing the nowheres come to that..

"Found them."
Serenity looked around the truck for a cloak of some sort so the weapon wouldn't be so obviously revealed. "Is there a cloak..with a hood preferably in this vehicle?" After searching throughly she held on tight to the weapon. "Nevermind.." she gracefully got off the truck as her eyes scanned the area for a cloak and intuition lead her to one.
She swung her arm to the right side as a cloak dropped into her hands from a building window. Her left hand still clutching the weapon.
She smiled putting the white cloak on and flipping the hood over her head.
Serenity's arms disappeared within the cloak along with the weapon before she stepped back as more clothes got tossed out of the same window.
Apparently a couple living in that building were arguing.

She stared down at the ground for a while before her eyes sharpened and she turned her head hastily in the direction of the nowheres. Her innocent light blue eyes with a tinge of sorrow mixed with hate.