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"I can't say I hate this world . . . there's too many comfy things and people in it for me to hate it~!"

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[Cremisi Rosa Neve]
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Layer One
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Because of the unusual name carried with her, she’s had quite a few nicknames applied to her in her memory, ‘Crem,’ ‘Remi,’ ‘Emi,’ ‘Misi,’ ‘Isi,’ and some have called her by her middle name, ‘Rosa.’ Due to the powers she does carry with her though, she’s gained the name of ‘The Red Weaver,’ among people, and this particular name is rather infamous—though because of the brutality associated with the name itself, few people are able to connected it with Cremisi their first go unless they’ve witnessed the true form of her powers.
Role: An Outsider
Age: Seventeen(?)
Gender: Female

Layer Two
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft (152 cm)
Weight: 79 lbs (36 kg)
Measurements: 27-20-29 (69-51-74)
Scar(s)/Tattoo(s)/Piercing(s): Although what it is from is unknown, Crem carries around with her a rather screwed up right forearm—the skin is mangled beyond belief, indented, discolored and altogether, it’s just screwed up. In truth, it looks like her hand got caught up with a hack saw it’s so nasty . . . how it is this happened exactly is a mystery, why her forearm is in such rough shape is unknown. Due to this, Crem chooses to wear bandages or strips of cloth over the ‘scar’ usually, and refuses to take them off. The only reason she’ll remove these things is if bandages are needed for someone else’s injures at the time, and there are none available. Following this particular scar though, Crem’s body is rather lacking in notable marred areas—she’s got some of course, being an Outsider, she has them, but they are not of the same caliber as whatever’s up with her forearm. They’re just the usual generic crap you’d find on most anyone in her situation, slashes, gashes, cuts, scraps, dents. . . . Yada, yada, nothing interesting there.

Beyond this, Crem has no piercings upon her body at, her ears are free of holes, as is every other pierce-able part of her body. And she carries no tattoos either, the notion of body ink has never crossed her mind nor has she ever actually come across a reason or anything of the sort to undergo the process.

Physical Description:
Hair – Putting it simply, her hair is a rather obvious and average color, it’s just brown. Nothing special about it, she’s a brunette, simple as that. Crem keeps her hair of rather usual length, it falls to her shoulder blades and the back is of one length while it is she keeps bangs in the front that are a bit messy, her hair is kept parted a little off to the right side, and her bangs kind of go around with that. They gap around the part and are relatively eye length, but there are some strands here and there that are guilty of just doing what they want. As far as things go, her hair is bluntly cut, straight as can be, and uninteresting.
Body – Let’s put it as simply as possible; she’s a freaking beanpole. She barely stands at five feet, and she’s underwent due to her manner of living as an Outsider. Without her clothing, most every bone in her torso is visible, her ribs are distinct, her collar bones are sharp and they stick out rather badly. . . . Despite her weight, Crem still has a figure to her body, though it’s tiny as can be—she’s entirely flat-chested, her waistline is about as thin as can be without being nauseating, and her hips are small, barely bigger than her bust, and they are bony themselves. The only thing she really lucked out on with this is the fact that her face seems to have been spared the bony factor as it actually looks to be of healthy weight, her cheekbones are prominent features, but they don’t stick out from her skin so much that she looks emaciated.
Eyes – Like with her hair, Crem has simple eyes, they are about as plain a brown as a person’s eyes can be. However, they are pretty in their own way since they are rather lively and carry a sort of innocence to them that’s rather rare and unusual to find in an Outsider, her eyes are large and tend to carry a pleasant glint within them.
Skin – She has rather average skin for a girl her age, she doesn’t suffer any real problems, but her skin isn’t flawless either, it’s rather colored like ivory and it’s light, so any scars or discolorations she has are apparent.
Expressions – She tends to carry a rather innocent expression upon her features, in truth, she doesn’t really seem like she’s within the realm of reality most of the time when you get a good look at her face. She tends to look . . . dreamy. But, this just goes hand-in-hand with her personality, though naïve and innocent looks are common upon her face, it’s also true that smiles are just as commonplace as well.

Clothing Style: As weird as it is, Crem tends to always be found wearing old school uniforms—day in and day out, uniforms. Plaid skirts, high socks, white shirts tucked into the skirts with a ribbon or scarf wrapped around the collar while she can sometimes be found with a jacket on over these. . . . This is really all her wardrobe consists of, she’s comfortable in these clothes, and she likes the way they look, so she doesn’t see a need to change, nor does she understand why she would have to. She’s been wearing these clothes since she found several sets of them in an abandoned school she was scavenging through some months ago, they also include a set of brown loafers. However, she does carry with her some pajamas, they’re plain button up pajamas that are a light blue.

Best Physical Feature: Her smile, all things considered, a smile as bright and as pure as hers is rather rare to find in the world, the way it is.

ImageLayer Three
Brontophobia – Thunder and Lightning
Ever since regaining her marbles, to an extent, Crem’s been devastatingly frightened of thunderstorms, lightning or even a single, solitary clap of thunder is enough to get her. This isn’t just like, she jumps from being startled, Crem’s so frightened of storms that she’ll nearly faint from anxiety and from making herself about hyperventilate. It’s rather common for this one to wind up clinging onto either herself when a storm comes in, or for her to make a mad dash for the nearest person, and to cling onto them for dear life, whether or not she actually knows them . . . you were warned.
Thanatophobia – Fear of Death or Dying
The severity of this phobia is unknown to her, she isn’t even aware she’s got this either, as her mind has come to cope with the terror of her dying or someone she knows by just blotching out her memory of the event entirely, leaving her to have to relearn it time and time again, only to forget it soon after.
Aquaphobia – Deep Water
While this isn’t so bad that Crem isn’t a hygienic young woman, of course she does what she can given the state of the Outside, Crem has a pretty bad fear of water that goes above her knees. She cannot swim at all, and having to be in water she might slip and go under in just leaves her freaked out to the point that she won’t want to move, and she’ll refuse to.
Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping on soft things. Sounds weird, but it’s true, Crem loves nothing more than getting to sleep on soft and cushy surfaces . . . or people. If she deems something/one comfortable, she will not hesitate to go ahead and just conk out right then and there, no matter the position or anything, she’ll sleep if she’s comfortable. She finds people to usually be as comfortable as whatever is out there to sleep on in the Outside, so, she’s taken up a habit of just crashing out on people at times, no matter how weird that is. Sleep is enjoyable, soothing and such, so she likes to be able to do it in the most contenting way possible. . . .
Biggest Pet Peeve: When her life is put into danger, or someone she’s made a connection with is put into a situation of threat. This is likely her one true ‘peeve,’ as it seems to be the only thing capable of altering her mannerisms in the least, but if this can be called a peeve with the reaction it incites. . . .
Future Ambitions: She has none! Really, the biggest concern on her mind is just getting by, but she doesn’t even take the very real threat of starvation as motivation to keep on going to find something more stable a lifestyle than scavenging. She thinks little about the future, and more often than not, she’s just off in la-la land.

Layer Four
Oddities: Crem is lacking any semblance of commonsense when it comes to socializing with people. She’s spent much of the last year on her own, and since the last year is really all she can remember, she is completely lacking when it comes to how to interact with others! She acts like a complete ditz with them, coming uncomfortably close, saying the oddest of things, things which are not always appropriate, or she’ll go so far as to glomp people excitedly even if there is no reason or rhyme why she’s doing this.

She is clingy, clingy, clingy, clingy. . . . Oh, she loves holding onto others, and keeping contact with them when she’s able to—all you have to do is give her your name, and seconds later, you might find her latched onto your arm. Crem likes physical contact with other people a lot more than she probably should, but since she hates solitude and spends most of her time alone, it’s understandable why she does cling to people as she does.

It’s kind of impossible to tell if she’s a genius or if she’s really stupid sometimes. There are instances where she might spout out this astounding idea, then the next second she might be distracted by something shiny . . . seriously. She can go from one extreme to the other so fast that it’s not easy to tell what she is.

Oh, yeah, she’s a sleepwalker/talker! For loving sleep as much as she does, it’s abnormally common to find her ass wandering around after she’s evidently gone and zonked out for the night on wherever/whoever she’s picked as her bed for that little dozing.

Memory is not her strong suit it’d seem, as Crem is entirely lacking in a memory of her life from before this past year. Soooo, yeah, she’s amnesia ridden~

Singing is something she’s come to love to do, it’s very common for her to just burst into song at random anymore, since she’s spent so much time in solitude, she’s used singing as something to fill the void of silence isolation brings with it.

Despite the fact that she is technically ridden with amnesia, Crem seems to hold absolutely no desire to regain those missing memories of hers. In truth, she really doesn’t have a wish to get them back . . . she just doesn’t get what good that’d do, after all, she is who she is now regardless of whatever her past consists of.

Likes:Sleeping, sweets—especially cinnamon if she can get her hands on them, peace, music, singing, the company of people, soft things, comfort, being comfortable, noise, warmth, reading, books, and being friends with others.
Dislikes:Violence, seeing others hurt, utter silence, being cold, boredom, ruined foods, and too few other things to name.
Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, singing, talking with people. . . .


Personality:Truly something of an odd girl, Crem is a strange amalgamation of naiveté and something akin to maturity. She is a girl who has to her only a single year’s worth of memory, all she can remember is what has happened to her in this time. As such, she knows not much of day-to-day life, and she doesn’t completely understand the workings of everyday life on the Outside. She understands some of the basics; that living is much a struggle and that people have to work very hard in order to get by but . . . the lengths to which these things go are unknown to her. She’s not undergone much hardship herself, she’s managed to make it by on her own in the last year and seems to have gotten by on sheer, dumb luck if anything else. Yet, for all that she is lacking in experience-wise, Crem seems to contain a vast wealth of inconsequential knowledge, as if she’s devoured book after book at some point in her life. Yet, for all this haphazard knowledge of hers, she’s not skilled in making choices, or such. Commonsense is not something with which she is blessed due to her rather lacking memory.

Her lack of knowing how the world works, and not understanding the workings of people in general, things like critical decision making and such things are not Crem’s strong suit—she has trouble reaching a conclusion on them, though she does her best to resolve things if she must. The uncertainty in her decision-making abilities leaves Crem with a tendency to look to others for guidance rather often, as she will be unsure of herself and what might happen in the end. Even still . . . in a word, she is a brave girl. Even with those rather painful uncertainties of hers, Crem is an Outsider who will take quick action when it comes to what she does think is right and wrong. Though complicated choices might leave her stumbling about in the dark clueless, simple decisions that are to be made based off one’s morality are things she can come to a sudden choice upon. Her views of what is right and wrong are defined in her mind already, but they are intertwined with her naïveté, and thus, her ethics are heavily flawed, more so than a normal person’s. What she understands is rather black and white, and her standing beliefs are on the side of inflexible at the moment, but as more experience is gained by her, these things are beginning to undergo a change.

Although Crem possesses a heavy sense of self-doubt regarding her ability to make critical choices, she is still an oddly optimistic girl; she does her best to live with as much vigor as she can. . . . She is excited about meeting new people and getting to have new experiences, getting to try new things, and she is almost always in high spirits—simply cheery. However, one obvious aspect of her personality is that she is on the clueless side of the spectrum—Crem is a girl to see as interesting, but it’s apparent she doesn’t really understand the commonalities involved with normal socialization. Often, rather blatant things tend to fly over her head and she misses them completely, making her seem like a total airhead. This airheadedness can be defined as almost a good thing at times, as it actually can keep her from becoming distressed or falling to panic in situations that would cause them in a normal person, because she doesn’t understand that she should be afraid, she won’t be.

Through all this, she is a girl who will fight as hard as she can to see the good in others, no matter the bad—even with her flawed morality, her views of black and white are not balanced, as she sees the world more in white than black. People are precious to her, all people, and she feels this strong need to try to protect everyone, even those who should be her enemies, yet still. . . . Even though she thinks of all people as being important to her, precious things to love and cherish, Crem will still fight someone if they harm or threaten the wellbeing of a person whom is dear to her. Her dear ones are the only people in the world Crem would raise herself up in battle for, and dare to harm another on purpose.

Hurting others distresses her really, and Crem would prefer not to if possible . . . her love for people goes as far as that she will do everything possible to avoid conflict. So, simply, Crem is kind to complete strangers.

Though she can be an airhead, Crem is not a stupid girl by any means, and she can often see the source of conflicts in others and between them clearly, though she doesn’t always grasp why these are such problems in the first place, they seem to be trivial reasons to fight. Most things do to her though, yet still, because of her inexperience with understanding the basics of polite socialization, Crem has a tendency to say the obvious, speak in a brazen and blunt manner on things, and simply ask questions that might sting and irritate others, and even then, she doesn’t always understand that she might’ve upset others.

In a weird way though, she’s quick to assume responsibility, and she will put others ahead of herself, no matter what. Although she’s not the brightest of girls when it comes to many aspects of normal life, Crem still places others above herself for many reasons, this runs so deep in her mindset though, that Crem is selfless toward others to a fault. She hides her own pains, and burdens from others because she believes them unimportant. She believes that it would be selfish of herself to burden another with her problems, and as such, Crem seems like she might be a shallow girl who only knows a naïve way of the world and can only ever smile.

In a word, this is very true, her pattern of thought is indeed a shallow one, a childish one affected by her lack of memory, but at the same time, she’s of a pure and untainted heart because of all that she has yet to experience. The fact that she is something like a child is a bit refreshing; she’s open to the world optimistic and someone who holds onto a compassion that is rare an unusual. She trusts in people, and believes that the world is a place of beauty, despite the ugliness it’s fallen into. Crem is odd for this, thinking this way, but she really believes in this.

In a word, as well, as happy a person as she is, nothing pleases Crem more than having a comfortable, soft place to sleep. In a way, she’s kind of lazy because she does enjoy sleeping so much . . . but her reason for enjoying it as she does comes back to the fact that she just loves that feeling of falling asleep while being warm and comfy. Because this can be a rather rare thing to happen upon in the Outside, Crem’s made adjustments to her love of comfort—as in, she won’t just sleep on things, she’s willing to sleep clinging onto people as well. As stated before, she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of normal socialization, and thanks to this, she’s not exactly afraid to go and cling onto someone, or to conk out on them too.

In a way, she’s really kind of stupid as well. She’s someone who is willing to give a thief something willingly so that they don’t have to say they stole from her . . . she doesn’t get upset when it is that someone insults her either, this might be because she doesn’t quite get what an insult is though. Or it might be because she has an uncanny ability to be inhumanly patient with any person.

In truth, Cremisi Neve is a young lady who is very hard to define and to comprehend. She’s innocent, naïve, loving and a patient sort who is also very much an optimist.

Despite all this being true though, Crem has something lingering within her that bellies all she embodies, all that she is, it’s what has earned her the alias of ‘The Red Weaver.’ Though she’s rather unaware of this . . . within her exists what seems to be a whole other self. A dark, dangerous and almost feral persona that exists only to inflict harm, to preserve its life and survival. It desires nothing more than to inflict pain, and as a whole, this . . . person could not be more of an opposite to Cremisi. Though, she only surfaces when it is that Crem comes under threat, or when another, someone that Crem cares for or has established a connection with, is in danger. And though she’s brutal, without mercy to those who have called her out, this other persona displays some level of true understanding and intelligence, as she does not bring harm upon those who have not threatened her, nor does she slay those who would be innocent. Those people who Crem cares for, she does not touch them, and in truth she will defend them without a word, though she might seem a cruel monster to those people with how she fights. . . . She will not hurt someone who she doesn’t think worthy of it.

As things go, Cremisi isn’t aware of this side of her person, there exists within her mind no memories of bloodshed, of her being violent or of death. . . .

ImagePower: Threads of the Red Weaver
An unusual sort of power, Cremisi is in possession of something that’s quite . . . odd. Hard to define, and not easy to understand, but it seems to be something out of ancient mythos. Her power comes in the form of ‘threads.’ Not literal threads, but they seem much like it. When it is she meets someone, and comes to connect with them, a ‘thread’ between herself and the person will form. It is invisible, and she is the only person who can comprehend it—but it is there. An intangible string will tie itself to her and to the other person, and through this ‘string,’ Crem is connected to the other person. Through it she can feel how it is they are doing, tugs, pulls, and loosening . . . these are signs and signals of how it is someone is doing. However, if it is that a ‘thread’ loosens, that means that their lives are coming to an end, they are in danger of dying. And should a connection be lost in full, if a ‘string’ is cut, that means the person Crem carried a connection with has indeed died. She has no memories of losing a connection though, due to a coping mechanism her mind has seemed to develop to keep her sane, and to keep her going. Whenever it is she’s in the midst of a ‘thread’ being cut, Crem’s mind wholly wipes the memory of the connection, and the person from her, and she loses all trace of it. Because of this, Crem’s already incomplete memory is full of many holes.

Keep in mind, this aspect of her power is beyond her control, the development of ‘threads’ with others, and knowing how they are doing through these is past her, and is purely an instinctual reaction.

Now . . . here comes the sinister aspect of her abilities. Where it is the ‘Red’ comes from, the fact that she is called a ‘Weaver’ when the strings of her powers are otherwise invisible. . . . They manifest when it is she comes to be able to control them, when frightened, when angered or forced to defend herself, Crem becomes a whole other person, a person who knows how to call to her control over the threads which make up her powers. While normally, these threads only appear and connect from her to people she gets to know, in a state of an adrenalin rush, Crem becomes able to conjure up the threads of anyone near her, whether she knows them or not, she can connect herself to another without knowing them.

The threads form, the color red, and appear to be tied around her fingers like the red thread of fate from the ancient legends. The abilities the threads carry as this change very much, from harmless and one-way to something potentially fatal. She can tangle people within her threads, and then she can cut them apart at will. The threads can go from dull as true threads, to something as knives, and if a person becomes caught within her threads, she can just reduce them to nothing but bloody pieces in a second. . . . How far it is that her threads extend from her body is unknown at this time, but it is known that she’s able to manifest near-countless threads, and is able to use them to also seemingly fly about in the air, dangling around as if she were a puppet.

Losing herself to her other side, to the side who controls her powers, it renders Cremisi into a near-merciless, cruel and brutal young woman—exploits of her power have been witnessed before, and she seems to be such a different person at these times that few are able to connect her as she normally is to this. The side of her using her powers has come to be known as ‘The Read Weaver’ among the people who’ve survived or witnessed her using her abilities to engage in combat. The ‘Red’ within this title comes from both the color her threads take up to the fact that those who fight her end up as nothing more than piles of bloody pulp.

Skills: Singing, although an odd skill to possess, Crem’s spent so much of her time singing to pass the idle time and to fill the void of silence that’s enveloped a lot of the Outside that’s garnered quite a voice in doing so in the last year. The voice she’s come to have is rather . . . odd, it’s sweet and kindly, but it can carry a sharp sense of melancholy to it if she’s singing the right song.

People reading; of all the things you’d think be beyond her . . . she’s oddly apt at being able to understand people and their emotions, such as if someone is feigning an act of happiness or trying to play it cool about something, for some reason she’s able to call someone out on it, normally she doesn’t quite realize this though, as she’s kind of too much of an airhead. Normally, she’s just making an innocent remark when this happens.

Ungodly clingy, even if this doesn’t seem like it should be a skill, for the love of heaven, she’s able to keep a hold on a person so long and so well that it can’t be anything but. Somehow, even through whatever it is a person can put her through I trying to get her off them, Crem still manages to keep her hold. . . .

Weapons: Despite the fact that she is one to stray away from violence, fighting and the sort, Crem still has on her person a single knife, exactly what sort it is she doesn’t know, but she’s had it with her since she came to a year ago without a memory of who she is.

Layer Five
Love Interest: Absolutely none at the moment~ But, who knows, that might change.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Favorite Eye Color: Though she’s never consciously thought about it, Crem probably has a tendency to lean more toward people who have eyes that are of a lighter colored shade.
Favorite Hair Color: In truth, she really has no preferences as far as hair color goes, though she does lean more toward lighter shades of eye color, hair is entirely different, as it doesn’t matter to her in the least.

Layer Six
Relationship Status: Single.
Father – Aldric Voss
Age of Death – Forty
It’s probably for the best that Cremisi doesn’t remember her father, along with the first years of her life. . . . The circumstances in which she was born were anything but pleasant, and her father was a part of that. With Cremisi’s birth, Aldric harbored a very,very dark secret. She wasn’t suppose to exist, he wasn’t suppose to have a child . . . but he did. Why was this such a big deal, why was this such a secret . . . ? Well, here’s a little fact. . . . Aldric wasn’t an Outsider. No, he was an Insider, a scientist in league with those who performed the tests and experiments upon those Outsiders brought in for the program. Though he was indeed an intelligent man, he was a horrible one as well. He knew that the Outsiders were anything but what they were described as to those who lived within the Zones, he knew they couldn’t contaminate other people by just contact. He worked in the program to better understand the Outsiders, their physiology, what made them different from the Insiders. . . . And during these studies, he came to find the woman who would become the mother of his unwanted child, Nayeli Neve. The relationship wasn’t consensual, most of it was just played out upon the part of Aldric’s own physical lust for Nayeli. Eventually, this resulted with Nayeli getting pregnant, and winding up with Cremisi. Despite his own actions being responsible for his daughter’s birth, Aldric was thoroughly disgusted by his own child, and instead of doing what a father ought to of in treatment of her, he instead separated Cremisi from her mother at only a few days old, and simply explained her existence away as that Neyeli had been early on in a pregnancy before she’d been submitted to be studied. . . .

Because she was an infant, a child born of an Outsider, the scientists had a chance to study one of them from the get go, and that’s what they did with her. Aldric overlooked Cremisi’s development, though he never regarded his child with love, the disgust remained, and he only saw her as a subject, something to research. And because of this, Cremisi never really came to know her father as her father, he was simply Dr. Voss to her; a man she hated.

Because of what happened, Aldric had Nayeli submitted for more rigorous experimentation, which ultimately proved fatal not too long after it began, and he went on to watch Cremisi grow as she was studied and monitored with fascination. Data was gathered from seeing how it was an Outsider came to grow up from very soon after being born. . . . As she got older, Aldric submitted his own daughter for testing as well, experiments and such, and this only served to make Cremisi hate him all the more. Eventually, things surmounted as the testing and experiments got worse, harsher and more painful . . . and it ended with her. Her powers awoke, overtook her before she could be properly sedated, and in a blind rampage, Cremisi managed to annihilate all within the facility she’d been within her whole life. Her father included.
Mother – Nayeli Neve
Age of Death – Nineteen
She was an Outsider, born into all the Hell the world had to offer, and like most, she utterly loathed it, and she envied the people living on the Inside. She longed to be able to live in a world free of taint and to have her life guaranteed, so it was that when she was very young, she sought out the opportunity to get her desires granted. Nayeli took to the promise of a chance to live within a Zone by being a part of a series of tests that would allow scientists to study and observe her. . . . Of course, she had no idea what these tests would consist of, what it would really mean. She regretted her choice, her mistake in coming to submit herself to all this. And it was very early on during her time of being held for tests that Nayeli met Aldric Voss, one of the scientists conducting the tests on her. And, it was with him that she would wind up giving birth to her one and only child, her daughter Cremisi Neve.

Nayeli only got a few days with her newborn daughter before it was that Aldric had them separated, and had her inducted into a more brutal series of experiments that wound up costing her, her life. She died at the age of nineteen without ever getting to know her daughter.
ImageHistory: Cremisi’s early years consisted of living within a facility where it was she was studied and monitored due to the fact that she was a newborn Outsider, she presented the opportunity for much new data to be garnered upon the development and life cycles of an Outsider as she was observed and watched over as she grew up. She never really knew her father as her actual father during these years, she knew him only as Dr. Voss, one of the scientists, one of the men who eventually came to be responsible for being a cause of pain to her when she was brought into the more painful aspects of being studied. In truth, her life was uneventful, day in and day out it was usually the same thing. . . .

However, because it was that those monitoring her were curious as to how the developmental abilities of an Outsider’s brain perhaps differed from an Insider’s, Cremisi was taught and given lessons in reading, math and writing, rudimentary lessons, but she was taught the basics like a child would if they were homeschooled. This is really the only thing which differed in her day-to-day lifestyle as a part of these experiments and the studies being conducted on the Outsiders.

Eventually, after years of this lifestyle, and some odd years of more and more painful testing, Cremisi finally came to . . . snap, so to speak. She lost all control of herself when it was that she wasn’t properly sedated before an experiment, pain hit her and her adrenalin rushed through her and her powers came to be, her threads materialized, and with them she came to reduce those people who were harming her to nothing but piles of blood and unidentifiable pulp, among these people was her birthfather.

Near the end of her rampage, as it was that Cremisi managed to about make it to the Outside, efforts were made to stop her, to keep her from escaping as she was seen as a hazard, a danger. The efforts made to stop her ultimately ended in failure, as all that happened was a head injury was delivered to Crem . . . though she didn’t succumb to it until after it was she’d made it into the Outside. She collapse, and fainted then and there. To her luck, she was found and recovered by a few misfitted people who were strays, they were something of a Family who took her in. Cremisi woke up, unable to remember the her life, her escape into the Outside . . . or much of anything, she’d retained most everything else within her mind, the ability to read, write, to do simple math, her name, and understand others, but all memory of her life had been wiped clean.

So, after a while of spending time among the Family who’d found her, Cremisi eventually took to her own, wandering around the world she didn’t understand in the least, getting by through some miracle . . . and because of the fact that her powers take to working without her knowledge when they must.

In truth, Cremisi’s led something of a pretty . . . blatant life, so to speak, it can be simply defined as this; she was born between an Insider and an Outsider, raised as part of a study, eventually she came to despise this lifestyle and the pain with it, so she slaughtered those responsible for her manner of living, and in her efforts to escape she lost her memories before she came to find herself free, and came to live upon her own.

There’s not much more that can be said for her life, she’s no desire to find out who she was before this past year at all, and she’s managed to live while developing into the airhead she is today really, of course, she may well change, but whatever happens, will happen.

Other: Crem carries with her a backpack she scrounged up some time ago full of things she’s managed to find while scavenging that are useful, changes of clothes, specifically old school uniforms that were in pretty good shape, blankets, some bottles she keeps water within, and some preserved food she’s found in her searches.


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Most people would go to say the world was drab, that there was no beauty left in it, that there was indeed no reason to bother to stop anywhere to look around, or to take in the appearance of a certain place. To most, the world had lost its entire luster, all its wonder. . . . To these people, the world had become a place just to survive; there wasn’t anything left within it worth a person’s time beyond that. That’s what the Outside seemed to be for many, stories were passed down among people of what it was the world used to be like; colors that spanned the imagination, marvels and sights that couldn’t even been conceived unless seen in person. . . . Tales were told of days where the sky used to show an endless blue, people spoke of days when the sun illuminated a world full of amazing things, where there was so much to experience, and so much to live for.

For most people, stories were all they had. In the Outside, a lot of people had forsaken the notion that there was anything worthwhile left there, anything worth seeking out or trying to experience. That was a sad truth.

And that sad truth was something she couldn’t bring herself to comprehend. She didn’t, and couldn’t, understand why it was so many people had become content with the idea of simply surviving, instead of thriving. Even if the world were screwed up beyond belief, even if it had fallen into a state of near-disrepair, how was it that people could come to give up so easy? The last year of her own life had been full of ups, downs, and all things between. Despite the fact that the world had lost a lot of the beauty it supposedly once held, she could still see a lot within it, many wondrous things that many seemed to overlook or had forgotten about. There was still so much it had to offer, and gave, she just couldn’t understand how people didn’t see that.

Maybe it was because of the fact that she was missing a large chunk of her memory, and knew little of suffering, of the pain that many had gone through in the Outside . . . but whatever the reason that she still held onto the idea that the world was still a lovely place, there was little that could be done to shake her of that belief. Even though the sky always shown a burnt orange during the day before sinking down below, turning the world dark, she couldn’t help but seeing it as beautiful in a strange way. Though the sky was not the endless blue spoken of in stories, it was still a color.

The surrounding land was silent, save for a single set of soft and light footfalls, trekking beyond the desolate and dilapidated ruins of what was once a small city. To her, this day was like any other, it consisted of her traveling aimlessly, wandering around to no place in particular. And, like every other day, she was traversing the flat, and barren land in an old, rather out of place school uniform. She couldn’t help her brown eyes glancing over and upon the remains of the city as she passed on through, a rather innocent expression highlighted her features, as her mind attempted to reconstruct what it was the place must’ve looked like before, when it was the sky still shone blue. Of course, her mind was unable to fathom such scenery, as she’d never seen anything like it before in her conscious memory, not in person anyway . . . there had been pictures though. She’d seen pictures of what it was the world must have looked like before it had changed in strange sort of books, simple thin stacks of colorful paper stapled together in the middle fill with pictures and few words.

Yes, the world she had seen reflected in those pictures was gorgeous, wonderful and so full of life but something about it felt strange to her. It wasn’t the world she knew, even if it was amazing. So it was that she continued on walking, slowly, through the skeletal remnants of the rather small city, mind continually trying to reform the area within itself out of simple curiosity.

Eventually, she came to shrug to herself mindlessly, tearing her eyes away from the buildings to ahead of her as something of a goofy smile slipped over her lips. What does it matter? This is the world I was born into, no matter what it may’ve been like before, what I know now is what I know, and this world holds to it a lot of wonderful things, as I’m sure the previous did~ After a moment or two more of walking in silence, she began to hum rather softly, the tune aimless and random, though it seemed to have no rhythm or point, it filled the quiet air around her, the stagnant world felt a little more lively with the noise. It comforted her, having some sound around, it made the world feel less empty.

When it was she heard an unfamiliar sound though, she stopped walking, hands placed upon the straps of her backpack as she turned her head in every which way, having stopped humming in attempts to figure out what the noise was. It . . . sounded like something akin to a growl, but it didn’t sound like it was alive. The sound was deep, and harsh . . . and vicious, something to fear? The sound though, the way it’d hit her ears, it sounded as if it were some distance off from her, the noise had echoed through the gaps between crumbling buildings to reach her. I don’t know what it was, and there is still a lot I don’t know about this world, so I don’t know if I should be afraid of whatever I heard. But, I guess I shouldn’t go and psych myself out over something when I don’t know. She tilted her head to the side, Though . . . I kind of want to know what made that noise.

Was it wise to give chase to something that had made such a strange noise? Nope . . . but wise wasn’t something Cremisi was. Looking around uncertainly, a rather innocent expression highlighting her features, the girl took off without a hitch, darting back and forth through desolate and rather bland streets, the sun beginning to set.

Cremisi continued on her way, a look of determination upon her features as she sought to find the source of that strange noise. Even if it was dangerous, she wanted to know. Eventually, the girl came to a skidding halt when it was she found herself before a set of train tracks. She glanced over them for a moment, as she tried to remember just what the significance was of the things. Trains, trains. . . . I think that I was told that those were the things that transport people through the Outside from between those places known as ‘Zones.’

Taking a few steps forward, looking a ways down the tracks, she noticed something unusual—there was a train stopped right in the middle there. That’s not normal. Cremisi thought, before her eyes happened upon something sitting next to it, that something had wheels . . . and it looked like it could move. Okay, so that’s probably not normal either since I don’t know what ‘that’ is. she reasoned, blinking a few times as she trotted forward, before it was she stopped where she was at hearing a wail come from inside of the train.

Her face lost every bit of its color at hearing the shriek, and in response to the cry, Cremisi found herself tensing up, a look of uncertainty happening upon her face. That’s . . . not good. Something of a soft yelp slipped from her throat. There was trouble afoot, something was up on the train—and she didn’t know what, nor did she know how it was she could help, or if she even could. But, the scream she had heard sounded like it came from a child. Though a visible frown had formed on her face, Cremisi took in a deep inhale of air before it was she nodded to herself and forced an expression of sureness over her features. No matter what was going on, she was there and there might be something she could do, if she didn’t try something then it was just as bad as her doing whatever was up on the train herself. “Okay, this might be kind of scary Crem, but it’ll be all right. It always turns out all right.” she assured herself, bending forward a bit before it was her feet began to move her forward, toward the halted train and the strange thing next to it.

Although her efforts were indeed of goodwill, and seemingly heroic . . . Cremisi could not have looked less than that when it was she managed to stumble in the middle of her approach, and fall forward, flat on her face with a rather loud grunt.


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The setting sun lit the sky up in a dull orange. It was a bleary, tired color, one that made Ketsa think the sun was glad to stop shining on the wasted earth. Ketsa understood the sun didn't truly stop shining on the earth, but it still seemed to be wearied of casting light upon the desolate Outside. Perhaps there were other, happier places for it to shine, like the Zones.

The stinking, stupid Zones had it so much better off than the Outside! The probably didn't actually stink, for one, and there was probably a lower death rate in them. That was probably one of the biggest differences between the Zones and the Outside. Ketsa couldn't imagine people in the Zones dying with the frequency they did in the Outside. And there were all the simple things like food and clean water that made life much more survivable. Even comfortable.

It wasn't like life in the Outside was without perks, though. Ketsa felt a bitter smile grow on her face. After all, the Outside had vicious animals that were definitely exciting to combat. Life was a struggle at best, and what was life without conflict? Best of all you were sickly and hungry most of the time. Who wouldn't want an Outsider's life? Ketsa couldn't help but laugh at her facetious thoughts. Despite the fact they were bitingly bitter it was awfully funny to imagine an Insider wanting an Outsider's life. She couldn't help but laugh. All her time alone had given a sense of self humor where the oddest things seemed funny. It was sad in a way, but it sure beat being depressed. An old saying said that laughter was the best medicine. This wasn't true, for laughter hardly helped heal gaping gashes, but it did help her stay sane.

A low rumbling noise made Ketsa jump. The noise definitely was not normal and sounded eerily similar to a growl. She felt her heart rate speed up and started to take deep breaths. She had to stay calm. She could not surrender to her power, unless it was proved that she needed it. The rumbling noise could be a number of things. There was no guarantee that it was a threat.

Still, it was best to identify it so she could know how to handle the situation. Ketsa started to walk in the general direction of the noise. It was a litle hard to tell where it was coming from, but Ketsa's life time in the Outside had given her more sensitive ears that a soft Insider would have. When she got close enough she identified some sort of vehicle. It was on tracks and strangely stopped. What was the thing that ran on tracks? A train? Trains were operated by the Zones, right? So if this was a Zone vehicle there could potentially be some good things to take from it. Food, water, medicine, blankets, and who knew what else could be in there.

Ketsa started to run towards the stopped train. If she got to it too late other Outsiders would have ransacked it already, leaving nothing for her. She wouldn't have blamed them for taking the best stuff for themselves, but that didn't mean she would let them without a fight.

As she came closer she saw that there were already people by it. Shoot! At least it looks like they hadn't gone in yet.

Someone was on the ground, flat on their face. Ketsa debated for a moment about whether to help them up or not. Eventually the want of a potential ally won over the dislike for touching others. Carefully, because this person could turn out to be a threat as much as they could be an ally, Ketsa reached out to give her a hand. "Need help? Do you want to see what's in the train together?"

There couldn't be any harm trying to be friendly. People usually responded well to kind words, although some were just as likely to try to take advantage of you. You really didn't know what they would be like unless you took a chance. Ketsa usually preferred not to take the chance, but now was different. There were survival necessities on the line.


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[Cremisi Neve]
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Something of a rather light squeak slipped from Cremisi, as it was she hit the ground flat and hard. Gravity . . . it just wasn’t her friend, was it? What exactly had made her fall, or if there even had been anything to make her do so, the girl had absolutely no idea of what it could’ve been. Although, in her conscious memory, or in other words, the last year, Cremisi could remember this having happened to her a lot. . . . Seemed she had a natural knack for falling flat on her face like this, it wasn’t at all anything new. Cremisi remained lying there; face against the ground as the rest of her was rather splayed out, appearing as if she were a ragdoll a child had discarded on the ground at random.

A shudder ran through her small body as a tiny groan slipped from her throat. Even if falling like this was something she was unfortunately familiar with, that did not mean that the pain was at all lessened.

Wasn’t she supposed to be jumping aboard that stopped train nearby . . . ? Right, weird rumbling noise, then a scream, trouble, I think there was trouble. her thoughts connected together as she squeezed her eyes shut, raising her head up and off the dirt below, shaking it back and forth a bit to try to recompose herself and her already screwed up thought pattern. Her arms moved into supporting her as she raised her neck and chest up a bit, her weight held up by her toothpick-like forearms.

Her face was dirtied now, smudged and dusted with dirt, as was her hair. Blinking a few times, her vision coming to return to normal as before, Cremisi’s line of sight found its way onto the train. I don’t know what’s going on, but the scream I heard, I still need to try to sort it out. Because, everything will turn out all right. she assured herself, a look of honest and innocent determination surfacing over her features. Before it was that she could make a move to get back to her feet on her own though, a set of approaching footsteps hit her ears, causing Cremisi to remain where she lay, the determined look upon her face leaving as it was replaced by one of curiosity. Hmm, who . . . ? Cremisi blinked a few times the footsteps came to halt right before her.

The silhouette of a person came to loom above her, blotting out what little light was still being given by the sun. Crem stared up at the shadowed figure for a moment, before it was that they choose to speak to her, as a hand was extended out to her, “Need help? Do you want to see what’s in the train together?” The voice was clearly female, and the fact she was offering assistance to her made Cremisi have a rather questioning expression upon her face for a moment before it was she suddenly gave the stranger a warm and rather grateful smile. Though it was most people would show nothing but suspicion to a stranger, even to one who was offering help, Cremisi felt no such reason to do that, the notion of being leery of everyone and thing was not something with which she was accustomed. People were always just people to her, and she never felt the need to think of anyone as bad, and this unknown person was no exception to that.

She was offering her help, even though she could’ve just gone and boarded the train without giving Cremisi a passing glance. . . .
With something of a happy sound slipping from Cremisi’s closed lips, the girl’s smile got warmer as it was she reach her own hand out and took hold of the girl’s outstretched one. “Thank you very much for the help, I gotta say, it gets old having to always pick myself up without anyone around to offer some aid.” she prattled out, voice seeming a bit nervous as she took the aid offered to her by this stranger to get back to her feet. A sigh slipped from her as she drew her hand back to herself, but her smile remained until she looked at the girl, and for a moment it vanished, Cremisi hadn’t realized she had to look so far up to address this person when she’d been on the ground. Ooh, wow, she’s tall.

The smile came back at a moment’s notice though, “Um, yeah, I’d like to see what’s on the train with you if you don’t mind my company, I sort of was nervous about trying to get into it on my own.” Cremisi took a couple of steps ahead, thankful for the fact that she seemed to have gained the possibly temporary companionship of a seemingly friendly girl. She stopped though, blinking a few times, seeming to have remembered something. “Oh, yeah, my name’s Cremisi by the by.”

It was at this point that the girl’s vision wound up settling upon two other figures/people that were standing at a further distance than herself and this tall girl from the train. I wonder if they’re going to be trying to get on as well? The thought that they might be dangerous or even a part of the trouble aboard the train never crossed through that air-filled head of hers. Tilting herself to the side, not even thinking about it, her right arm went as high as it could in the air,, the gauze wrapped around her hand and forearm visible for all to see while it was she waved it back and forth like a madwoman, Cremisi cupped her left hand around her mouth as it was she took to shouting, “Heeeeeey!! Are you two going aboard this thing too?!”

A couple of seconds after she shouted . . . there were muffled voices coming from the train, ones of alarm it seemed. Although she couldn’t make out what was being yelled about, Cremisi found her attention drawn back to the thing, and she simply tilted her head to the side innocently, not realizing that she had probably just made a huge, idiotic mistake.


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"I'm not helping anybody. You sound like some goodygoody vigilan...lawn...vigitay..." Did this boy mean. . . . Vigilant? Lawn? Lyo wasn't sure how he was going to insult him, but he didn't get too far into his thoughts "Whatever. There's no way I'm getting on that--" Lyo almost giggled at the noise coming from the other boy's stomach; he was instantly glared at and he straightened up suddenly, going silent as a mouse. Was it his fault that this guy's stomach was rumbling?

Woah, is it? That would be weird, since I'd have to. . . . control his stomach and tell it to rumble, but how would I do that? Lyo blinked at the boy softly. He still didn't know his name, but judging from earlier conversation, his nickname was. . . . Blondie. Was it weird for someone to be blonde around here? Then again, his hair was just weirdly light and everyone Inside just had brown hair, or black hair. Everyone Inside was the epitome of normality, and he'd always thought it was weird, yet strived to be like them even without parents. And he was doing pretty well, until the Zone got hijacked. Then, he had to go and test the waters, only to find the waters just so happened to be the ocean and that ocean just so happened to have a giant tsunami racing across it. Well, at least those Outsiders had taken care when they beat him up before throwing him out; they minded his face as he asked very politely and he was able to cover up his bruises anyway.

Lyo was suddenly attentive when the boy started talking to him again. "Alright fine, Blondie, I'll help you do whatever on the train as long as you can get me food. Deal?" The blonde boy looked at him, running a hand through his hair. He nodded slowly; they were both hungry so why not help each other in the quest for food? Well, he was a bit hesitant since he'd been given a stupid nicknames, but the next name just confused the hell out of him. "Come on, you first, Sparkles." Sparkles? Sparkles? My new name is. . . . Sparkles? Where did that one come from, I wonder? I understand Blondie, even Ino called me that, but. . . . Lyo thought, looking at the emergency exit. He sighed, before glancing at the kid.

"My name is Lyonel. You can call me Lyo, and I'd rather you don't call me anything else. Like Blondie. Or Sparkles." Lyo sighed, looking around. Was it his imagination, or could he feel like they weren't alone? He spotted two girls and sighed. Nope, there were more people. There were more people and he wasn't sure if they were part of the same gang that Panda-Eyes was talking about. He stared at the two and saw no real danger.

The shorter of the two, a brunette (Looks like an Insider. . . .) rose her hand into the air and waved quickly. Surely, she couldn't be part of a gang if she was attracting attention to herself. “Heeeeeey!! Are you two going aboard this thing too?!” Lyo actually hit his forehead with the palm of his hand, a giant sigh escaping his lungs. The people on the train, whoever they were, were making shocked noises. Obviously a reaction to the girl's shout. He sighed once more and nodded his head at the girl, not wanting to create any more noise. Lyo solemnly hoped she had not taken his nod as an invitation to follow them. He looked at Panda-Eyes.

"Well, we'd better go on before they scarper with all the food." he said softly, his eyes constantly checking the train. His katana was slowly withdrawn from it's shaft as he stepped onto the train slowly. Usually, for a rather short male, he should never have been able to get up, but somehow, he did it. The flames enveloped it and Lyo spent a good ten seconds staring at them. Sadly though, he had to flick the switch to ensure the flames weren't on and he just had a normal sword. The boy looked absolutely devastated.

Looking back at Panda-Eyes, he flicked his head in an indication to get on the train. "Hurry up." he whispered, before popping his head around the corner. There did seem to be a gang, though they mostly looked like knuckleheads. He sighed once more, before taking a lighter out with his free hand and flicking it carefully. The gang stared at him as they were creeping out through the door on the opposite side of the train. The tallest guy locked eyes with Lyo and started strutting down the gap between the seats; he stopped suddenly, however, when the katana was held up and almost impaled him as he walked. The man seemed to chuckle and Lyo took a moment to glance around at the people on the floor. The children seemed fine, maybe somewhat shaken, but the adults were the ones who were injured. Well, they could wait until the next train passed through or something. The man at the end of his sword seemed bored of the katana and grabbed it with his hand, only for Lyo to flick the switch and let the flames ignite quickly.

The man looked at him with total shock in his eyes, letting go of the sword quickly. Lyo flicked the switch back off and held it casually by his side. "W-where d'you even get that?" The Outsider asked, and Lyo shrugged.

"I modified it myself." he lied, before pointing the sword up again. "I suggest you leave. Panda-Eyes, go get supplies for two please." Lyo said walking slowly towards the man who refused to move. Death glares were shooting off between the two as Lyo kept at a safe distance while pressing his sword against the guy's neck, before suddenly kneeling down to one of the adults. The child had been sobbing and was probably the one who screamed, since she was the only younger girl there. He looked at her father - he assumed it was her father - and looked at the man. He waved a hand in front of his eyes, seeing her assumed-father look at his hand. He smiled softly, before speaking in a small voice. "Keep your eyes open. He doesn't seem injured, just shocked and stressed. Keep him awake." he said to the small girl and she nodded, before he stood.


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[Cremisi Neve]
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She kept her eyes upon the stilled train, head still tilted to the side while she herself were unsure of what exactly was going on, and yet still not realizing that she might’ve just made a mistake in calling out to anyone at all. The two she’d called to moved though, her brown eyes trailed back though for a moment out of curiosity, just in time to see. A boy with violet hair and a yet shorter boy with unusually blonde hair. . . . Cremisi stared at them, silently watching while it was the two headed onto the train, I guess I just got my answer. she thought, blinking a few times while her eyes remained on the wide side. Exactly what was in store for her, or what was going to be up with this situation, she didn’t really know. Thinking on it, it probably wasn’t the best of moves for me to go and call to those two like that, but, if they meant any harm to me or Ketsa then I’m sure the would’ve attacked us instead of boarding this thing. Cremisi reasoned, staring at the train.

Ketsa had helped her up, and asked if she wanted to join her in exploring the train. . . . So, she wasn’t alone for that, but whatever awaited herself and Ketsa when they got aboard, that was anyone’s guess. Of course, Cremisi hoped entirely for the best, to absolve any sort of trouble that might be playing out on the thing; she believed things would turn out all right, as they always did for her, or so she adamantly believed. Of course, her limited memory had nothing within it that would lead her to think otherwise. When it was that the cloaked figure of Ketsa moved toward the train, did Cremisi’s attention shift with a stupid sounding, “Eh?” only to result in her following after the seemingly kindly girl with something of puzzled look on the brunette’s face.
“Ready to go in?” she asked, looking to Cremisi, stopping before actually getting on.

“Um, yeah, I’m ready to go!” Cremisi answered the girl, voice loud and as lively as ever, though there was an undeniable tinge of anxiety held within it.

Following this, Ketsa vanished onto the large vehicle, leaving Cremisi to struggle onto it. The blonde boy had managed to get on board the thing with little issue, and he didn’t exactly have much height on her. . . . Y’okay Crem, you can do this. You’ve got something you gotta do, so a step in your current mission is to climb aboard! A nod came from her as a determined expression took over, and though she was uncertain, the girl fought against gravity and fidgeted around until it was she managed to get her little self up and inside the thing.

Cremisi didn’t know what to expect upon getting herself inside, of course, she didn’t she just plunged herself into this headfirst without thinking about it so much. All she had done was assure herself all would be well and good . . . though she didn’t have the slightest idea why the train was stopped or why there had been a scream. Hanging in the doorway of the train, half in and half out, Crem simply stood there, looking on at the scene before her, feeling as if a part of her had gone utterly numb. Panicked people, the blonde and the violet-haired boy were there too, but there were also people being held at the point of a long-knife that had flames flickering around it, that thing belonging to the blonde.

All she could do was blink, not a thought slipped into her mind at this scene. She knew only that she felt . . . funny, her body felt stiff, her breathing felt like it was getting difficult to manage, and her mind just seemed to stop. Why? It wasn’t like she was alone in this, she had come aboard with Ketsa. . . . And, everything was going to turn out okay! It did, it always did, so there wasn’t anything for her to worry about. Positive, and certain, she had to be both, to stop whatever trouble was afoot, she had to be sure of herself, and to keep on smiling, that was how things would improve, that had to be right. It always seemed to be in the past.

The blonde had the long knife pressed to a guy’s neck now, the flames were gone, but he was kneeling before a girl and who she assumed was her father, smiling, saying something to her before she nodded and he ascended back to his feet. What was going on . . . ?

Being as she was, Cremisi didn’t understand the differences between Outsiders and Insiders at all, the notion of the panicked people and those being held at bladepoint being different at all was something lost to her as a whole. Herself being any different too. . . . She didn’t understand it, why it was this scene was playing out before her, she didn’t understand it. Why people had to fight, had to struggle, be negative and so however unpleasant they could be, Cremisi didn’t understand why. There were so many thing she’d never come to face before, so many experiences she had yet to cope with or comprehend, so of course she wouldn’t get it. Not yet anyway. Still feeling almost numb, Cremisi tore her gaze away from the sight of the blonde and the man held at bay by his weapon, and turned her head side to side, looking for Ketsa, only to see that her friend had vanished.

“Ketsa . . . ?” she questioned quietly, taking a step inside the train car, a clear look of uncertainty passed over her young features as she ventured deeper into the area, looking about as out of place as a person could. She didn’t go so far as to wander off the car or to go to another, but she would’ve been partly unnoticed by anyone who hadn’t seen her board before. “Where did she go?”

It was at this point that there were screams again . . . panicked ones, and of course it caught hold of Cremisi’s attention. Eyes wide with questioning as before, she quickly spun on her heel to look back behind her, noting that several more people seemed to have joined in on the situation. She didn’t smile as she normally would when seeing new people, not at all, because something in her felt stranger than before. Something of a whimper slipped from her throat as her thoughts all stopped, though she had been looking for Ketsa, even that slipped away. The panicked people, the horrible screams coming from a woman were enough to make Cremisi want to scream too. She couldn’t see what was going on, the horrible sight and scene there. . . . But the screaming was enough to make her feel wrong.

Being positive was her forte, something she was always suppose to hold onto, to be, but danger, someone in pain or anything of the sort, it was enough to elicit this from her, to throw her off completely. I-I don’t, wh-what is . . . ? she wondered, her head began to hurt her, enough to make the girl throw both her hands up onto its sides, and to pull it down while she tried to focus herself, to regain some sense of normalcy within herself. Why she was beginning to feel so strange, she didn’t know.

Heart beginning to pound in her chest, hearing the beat thud loudly in her ears as blood rushed through her brain, a sense set into her that she didn’t know, hadn’t felt before, it was something akin to anxiety, but it was . . . deeper, stronger, more potent than that. Something she didn’t grasp, or know, something she couldn’t remember feeling before now. A moan slipped from her as she sank to her knees, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to drown out the woman’s screams, the wailing coming from her and the panicked calls and shrieks from the others. Cremisi still didn’t know what was going on, and she didn’t want to know, she didn’t want to feel this horrid feeling anymore, nor did she want to hear this.

This is when it happened too, she could feel something, it . . . it felt like there was something tied to her heart, connected to another, but this tied thing, it wasn’t calm or stable, no, it was struggling, tightening loosening, pulling and writhing about. The strangeness to it, the fact it seemed to be struggling so, it made Cremisi begin to shake, her brown eyes widening as tears formed in her eyes. This sensation she felt, it multiplied . . . it suddenly felt like there were multiple ties between her heart and others from nowhere, but the one that was tightening, pulling and loosening, it was the one she was solely focused on. W-Why . . . ? she thought, not understanding this. I-I can feel it, thi-this connection. Cremisi swallowed, forcing her eyes shut as a whimper slipped from her, she could feel the tugging the connection had, coinciding with the severity and intensity of the woman screaming until, finally it the connection felt weaker, weaker and weaker.

The strength it possessed faded away, until finally, it loosened to the extent that it no longer was there . . . it fell away into nothingness along with silence, the woman’s screaming stopped. A word surfaced in Cremisi’s mind about half a minute following the loss of the connection that’d been her focal point, a word she didn’t know she knew. D-Dead.

Sitting there silent, her hands slipped from the sides of her head and fell back to the carpeted floor below her, as her eyes opened, a sort of anesthetized feeling settled into her body with the realization of the word ‘dead.’ There were other connections there, stable ones, ones that weren’t so uncertain . . . she could feel them, but that one, the one that’d been lost, that had faded away, Cremisi’s mind was stuck to that. She didn’t understand it, the lady’s screams, the feeling, the unknown feeling, these connections, then the one that had being fighting and so uncertain before. . . . Dead. Dead. Dead. . . .

“You’re not dead or injured.” hearing someone speak, a male, caused Cremisi to look upward as if by second nature, a dazed expression had taken root upon her features, her eyes glassed over, looking tired, sedated. “Who are you, and why aren’t you on the Inside where you belong?” A guy with white hair, seeming to be sucking on the in-between of his index finger and thumb was speaking to the blonde from before.

Dead. . . . Still floated about aimlessly within Cremisi’s mind, though her eyes were set upon the two guys, she felt tired. . . . Her head fell downward limply, a sigh slipping from her while another thought formed within, Where there is death, there is danger.

“Can’t have danger. . . . Death isn’t good, where death is, there is danger, pain, and suffering, bad things, and we can’t have bad things, can’t have it, we just can’t. . . .” she mumbled, continuing to mumble that while she remained where she sat. While it was that Cremisi continued to mutter that to herself over and over, something began to materialize . . . what looked like red threads, tied around her fingers, began to appear, and from her fingers they spread out, one connected to all within the vicinity, all of them leading back to her before it was that another breath slipped from the girl’s lungs, and they began to vanish.

The Red Weaver had almost awoken, and whether or not anyone had taken note of the threads was something yet to be known.


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"My name is Lyonel. You can call me Lyo, and I'd rather you don't call me anything else. Like Blondie. Or Sparkles." Panda rolled his eyes, not caring in the least for this guy's name. He would continue calling him by any name he wanted to call him, thank you very much. Sparkles was becoming his current favorite, but he might save that one for specific situations, like when he was trying to get on Lyo's nerves and not when he was trying to get him to get through a train safe and sound for the sake of his stomach.

He was just ready to head inside when a voice sounded from behind, making him wince. He had to resist the urge to smack himself in the forehead--Lyo ended up taking care of the urge for him. “Heeeeeey!! Are you two going aboard this thing too?!” A few of the nearby people heard the yell and saw him coming inside and jumped away, running to the center of the train. The gang was still nearby, but they appeared to be moving on to the other cars. The people inside all looked startled; some looked harmed, but the majority appeared to be perfectly fine. Physically, anyway. They probably had no idea what was going on. This was most likely the worst thing to ever happen in their lap-luxury lives. Panda doubted that they even had minor inconveniences inside those giant domes of theirs. Lucky jerks. Pompous pricks. He hated them. They deserved this. They deserved to see what was it was like trying to survive out here.

Panda shared a look with Mr. Bright-Eyes. "Well, we'd better go on before they scarper with all the food." What the heck does scarper mean. Shrugging it off, Panda stood out of the way to let Lyo enter the train after him. He nearly had a heart attack seeing the flames shoot out of the sword. It wasn't anything brand new, but it was still pretty awesome. Was that his power? Could he set things on fire? That was pretty cool. Unfortunately, Lyo killed the fire and kept the sword normal. "Hurry up." Panda nodded, but hesitated as one of the gang members neared them. He couldn't help but smile with Lyo scared him off with the flames. That was the coolest power. He couldn't hear what the guy said over the nervous babbling of a nearby woman, but he was close enough to hear Lyo's response. "I modified it myself." Modified what? The sword? That had to be a lie. Those were just his powers. He could have just said that. The gang members were obviously Outsiders, so it wasn't like they weren't aware. "I suggest you leave. Panda-Eyes, go get supplies for two please."

Panda nodded and did as he was told, backing slowly into the train car behind the one the were in before turning around completely and heading inside. He looked around at the people, dully noting their panicked faces. He bet they were wondering what was going on, if they couldn't tell already. He bet they thought he was hear to hurt them. Conceited morons. He heard a rumor once that Insiders thought that Outsiders could infect them just by being around them for too long. He wondered how badly one of them would freak out if he grabbed their arm. You morons are lucky you're not worth it.

He passed each person by with a slight air of superiority. Today was a good day so far. He thought it was going to be bad, but he'd found a guy to do the dirty work and all he had to do was stroll back here and grab some good food and water and all would be well for a good while. When he reached the food storage, he frowned down at it. It was obvious some had been taken already. It didn't seem like it'd been ransacked by the gang, but maybe only one or two people. With a shrug, he took his pack off and began shoveling food inside--as much as it could hold, including a few bottles of water. When he was done, he grabbed a snack for the way back through the car. He saw other people standing in the way and frowned, stopping and squinting. If there was trouble, he'd rather have that Lyo guy handle it before him. Too bad there wasn't a way out in this car.. "Stop looking at me, freaks," he mumbled, glaring at a nearby old couple. Jeeze.

Sucking it up, Panda finished the snack quickly and went back through the doors, entering the car he came in at earlier. He immediately had to stop one step in to keep himself from stepping over the two girls he'd seen earlier. "What are you... Wait, I don't care." There was a sense of unease. It was quieter now than it'd been when he left. He couldn't see much past Lyo, but he could see another guy. Was he part of the gang that took over this train? ...No, he was with those guys in the masks. Oh, there was something wrong here. "Hey, Lyo, we should... I got what we needed." He looked down at the girls and squatted next to him. It was obvious that neither of them were very stable, but they were Outsiders and that was enough for him. "Wh...what's happening? Did someone die?" He didn't want to see someone die. He just wanted to get his food and get out.