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Town of Sanctuary

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[left:2lddn4kd][img:2lddn4kd]https://i.postimg.cc/yxrmTJHF/atah.png[/img:2lddn4kd][/left:2lddn4kd][justify:2lddn4kd][font=corbel:2lddn4kd]Athanasios was entirely indifferent from Selene's tantrums or Vicentius' laughter. The thing that rang to him is the description of [i:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]'BROTHER'[/b:2lddn4kd][/i:2lddn4kd]. He was called Vicentius' brother which is rather odd. They do not remotely look alike even a little when it comes to physical traits. But, it was the word given to humans in this shop. That means he just needs to go with the flow. As to how they became related, he would leave that to Vicentius. That is not his concern. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Thank you."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] Athanasios said after the elder man answered that the items he asked would be given. That was a priority that is complied with and so his focus drifted to another issue. It was the scent that seemed to beholden his peers especially Selene. It was an enticing scent but his attention was on another matter. For now, it would just be a fleeting notion he set aside. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Vic."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] Athanasios called and then pointed at the pile of stuff that he got from the store. Once he has Vicentius' attention, he pointed at it with his usual blank face. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Pay for it, Big Brother."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] In his calm and deadpan voice, he declared it without hesitation. He did bring his wallet but there was no money. Selene sighed hearing that response. She has no idea why this guy was assigned to her. She did not join the conversation between the two or did she care about the shenanigan of them being brothers or family. That was not her concern and instead focused her attention on the white-haired girl that has a peculiar scent. In her memory, she can assume a few things about what it means and the reasons were the one that made her awfully curious. Her vermillion red eyes darkened which reflected her interest. She made her way towards the girl but before she could take a second step, another hand touched her this time, holding her hand as if it was the most normal thing. [right:2lddn4kd][img:2lddn4kd]https://i.postimg.cc/3JdCxZX9/selw2.png[/img:2lddn4kd][/right:2lddn4kd][color=#2E0854:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Hey---. Huh? What are you doing?"[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] The one holding Selene's hand was Athanasios. It was not revolting as it was with Vicentius but they were not that close for such gestures but what came out of his lips was more surprising. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"I can't leave my twin alone."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] The word [i:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]TWIN [/b:2lddn4kd][/i:2lddn4kd]replayed inside her head, over and over again. She was clearly stupefied by that statement but the one who said was completely calm like it made sense when it really does not. [color=#2E0854:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"You really are an idiot!"[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] Selene tried to take back her hand but Athanasios would not budge at all. He was like a wall that she cannot help but click her tongue. [color=#2E0854:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Are you not even curious? Even a bit?"[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] She reasoned out. She was certain that he knew what she was about to do. Despite the guy being someone she can never understand, the guy does his job rather well which was a wonder. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"That is why we are here. But."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] His hold tightened and she cannot help but look at him with a serious gaze. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"I am hungry. I want cake."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] Selene felt the blood in her head boiling and then it exploded as she hit Athanasios' head in anger with her free hand. [color=#2E0854:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Don't make that face you SWEET TOOTH MONSTER!"[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] Athanasios remained indifferent in his expression even when a bump was starting to form on his head. Selene's strength is still something after all. [color=#2E0854:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"If you want to eat! Eat, don't involve me! Find some cafe or something."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] She said loudly while taking back her hand forcefully. It was truly a rowdy morning inside the General Store. [color=#2E0854:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Let me go!"[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] He remained completely calm as he then patted her head like a child nonchalantly with his free hand while not letting her go. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Eat first, okay?"[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] She finally stopped and bit her lower lip as silence descended. [color=#2E0854:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"....Fine. Where are we eating..."[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] Athanasios finally looked at the white-haired girl's direction. [color=#28AE7B:2lddn4kd][b:2lddn4kd]"Where is your shop?"[/b:2lddn4kd][/color:2lddn4kd] He was calm as always.[/font:2lddn4kd][/justify:2lddn4kd]

A small, quaint town full of secrets.