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a character in “Of Gypsies and Dragons”, as played by ChaosxChild13

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Appearance: Image
Jewelry: Gold bangles, and gold hoops.

Name A gypsy has three names
One that is sacred that the mother whispers to her child when she/he is first born: Esme [To love]
A name that is only used within the gypsy people: Mirela [It is a gypsy name, meaning to admire]
And a common name who you all know me by: Arabel [meaning rebel]
Age: 19
Birthday June 30th 1992
Height: 5'4''
Weight 8.2 stones [115 pounds]
Eyes: A grayish color, with blue and green mix [Like a starburst effect from the pupil].
Hair: A bandana as a headband; a dark chocolate brown, wavy and hits halfway down her back.
Skin: An olive color.
Physique: She is thin, but not sickly thin. She is curvy and light on her feet.


Talents/Skills[b]: Regular witchcraft type things [Illusions/disappearing, palm readings, psychic, the basic witchcraft], extreme acrobatic skills, control of shadows.
: She is young at heart, and even though she has lived alone for a long time she is still naive. She is a thrill seeker which can get her into some pretty sticky -- even near-death -- situations. She is nosy and an attention-seeker. She likes having spotlight.
Personality Traits: Arabel is a huge tease; Secretive, misleading, playful and she doesn't take kindly to others when she first meets them. She has a horse named Maikoda; he’s a black stallion with dark steel black eyes. She lives among the gypsies and practice witchcraft, and she dances in the streets in search of extra change. Arabel always seems to get in trouble with the guards at the palace for performing right outside of the palace gates. She sells gold watches, earrings, and other valuables. Her mother passed on when she was three, hunted down by the guards who wished to kill off the outcasts of society – the gypsies. Arabel has a Gift from her mother allowing her to see earthbound spirits. Arabel is extremely intellectual and wise, but uses her smarts for devious acts of stealing from the rich.


Weaponry: Arabel carries a dagger, carved from an elephant tusk that has been passed on from generation to generation in her family. She also carries a bow and quiver of arrows on her back.


Major Life events: Her mother passing away was a big part in her life.
History: Ever since her mother passed she has wandered the streets in search of something to fill the void in her heart. The streets turned her into a deceptive, lying, thief, because that is the only way she knows how to survive. She grew up in the heart of England, traveling the streets and taking many boat rides across the world with pirates and other sailors. She has seen dragons, even rode some, she seems to really connect with the dragons, something about their aloof ways and beautiful scales she becomes captivated by them and wants nothing more than to help them, and to stop anyone from harming them.

So begins...

Arabel/Mirela's Story