Of the Pagelings

Of the Pagelings

Beings born from the thoughts and feeling behind stories, evil motives to exploit their power, a slowly dying race and the fate of the world all at stake as pairs and trios work towards a common goal without realizing it.

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Where to begin? Well, to begin, a Pageling is a being, born of the thought and feeling behind a story. While not exactly human, a Pageling will take a human form to blend in. More often than naught, the forms they take will reflect the type of story the Pageling is from. For instance, a tale of love will be presented as a beautiful girl or handsome boy whereas a tale fraught with adventure will have a sturdy Pageling that you would expect to be the story's protagonist. This is true for every Pageling in some degree. But what makes them worthy of this story is their abilities.

Each Pageling has the power of papercraft. No not some cheap parlor trick. Any child with a sheet of paper could fold it into a flower or swan. No, Pagelings are able to conjure paper out of thin air, and with practice, make it take on the shape and abilities of anything they wish. If they want a sword, all they have to do is imagine it and a paper sword will appear to them, stronger than steel but light as a feather. Rumor has it that they can even make creatures from their powers. This makes them not only different, but valuable as weapons and hunted by many. However, these abilities only come forth after a Pageling has been fully realised and practiced them. Most Pagelings go about their lives without realising what they are.

But there always those who know more than you.



The Guardians are an ancient order of highly skilled warriors, born to protect the Pagelings and trained in martial, exotic, and very rarely, arcane arts. They live to protect the Pagelings, whether their wards know this or not. Day in and day out, they watch the Pagelings from a respectable distance, always hidden in plain sight. Many will pass as teachers, coaches, co workers, students, neighbours and the like to remain close to their wards. While often times, they're not needed, more and more Guardians and their Pagelings have gone missing in the past months.

Many suspect the Fallen, Guardians who wish to abuse the power of the Pagelings for personal gain, of these disappearances. While the Fallen are indeed a factor, they've never been organized or had enough power to make a move. With next to no activity from them in the past few generations, many assumed they were extinct but these disappearances leave little room for other possibilities.

The others fear what comes next but none fear it enough yet.

Characters Thus Far:
Pair 1
Matthew Scarpa - Male, Guardian - Beach-Born-Boy
Levi Ramone - Female, Pageling - The*Lucky*Teacup

Pair 2
Vivi Belegarde - Female, Guardian - X64
Max Adder - Male, Pageling - rockPolotics

Pair 3
Faye Tanner - Female, Guardian - BelleOceane
Gabriel Darkeholm - Male, Pageling - X64



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Toggle Rules

1. One Pageling minimum two maximum per Guardian.

2. Guardians and Pagelings must be opposite sex.

3. No GM, PP or Gary/Mary Sues.

4. Any twists must be cleared with GM's.

5. Have fun, this story was made to be fun and I hope it stays that way!

6. Romance, violence and tension are encouraged as long as rules #3 and #7 aren't broken.

7. Anything intimate is fade to black and PM only. Sorry guys but this isn't exactly the place for smut in my opinion.

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"Well considering the fact that I don't have a mom and dad lives in California, picking up the team's slack on the West Coast, I don't think anyone in my empty house will mind." Matthew hit the button for the garage on the wall and wrapped Levi's arm around him as it shut behind them. "Oh but my dad is kind of a techno wiz. He's got the house laced with microphones and they're hooked up to a massive computer in the basement. The thing pretty much runs the place. So yeah, if you hear beeps or clicks, it's just the machines." As he pushed the door to the house open, the lights in the hall they entered into suddenly flashed on. A thin black line ran along every room and hall of the house, hiding in the top corners of every location. "Yeah, that's what I was talking about." He said, pointing to the line. "It can do just about everything here, so if I'm not around, just ask it for something." As if to demonstrate, he looked up at the wire and called, "Richard, dishwasher please." From the kitchen, the hum of the washer began to resonate. "See?"


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The clink of the some hundred buckles on Sora's pants echoed in the dark alley. He had been lazily window shopping and a group of girls and paparazzi had crowded him. It annoyed the heck out of him, but a model was the only job he could get so far. He unloosed his bright red tie as he walked out of the alley into the cafe district. "No one here..." His voice said in monotone as he gazed at the sweet delicacies and breathed in the bitter smell of coffee. All were open and crowded with girls and couples, he steered clear of those with a great effort. Love was his weakness.
A lone boy caught Sora's eye however, especially the boy's gaze of longing at a girl standing at a bus stop. Sora's eyes faded into a bright pink as he rushed over to the boy. "Yo~ Don't daydream kid~!" He said heartily with a bright grin. "Huh?" The confused guy managed to say.
"Just go for it!" Sora noticed the girl glanced at the boy shyly, hopeful really. "I know she likes you."
"Go along~!" He handed the boy a paper rose he made with a snap of his fingers behind his back and pushed him toward the girl, walking away with a slight skip and smile.
Behind him he could her the girl's joyful answer and laughter. Then fangirl screams punched the air and Sora once again broke into a run. A whirl of shops went by him, and a closed, nearly empty shop caught his eye and he ducked into it. Hiding underneath the tables there. He raised a finger to his lips as he stared at the people in the small cafe.


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"Richard does all the housework? Sounds like my kind of guy." Levi responded with a small smirk, glancing around his house and feeling... out of place would be kind. His house looked so nice and clean, everything was so much more advanced than what she was used to. Take what she looked right now for an example. Grubby, bleeding and limping about. And yet, here she was in a flashy new house, where a system named 'Richard' did all the work she'd normally have to do herself. She blinked a couple of times and then sighed. The sooner she got out of here the better. She hate feeling like lowlife compared to others. She had a stingy little flat where she had laundry all over the place and food carton's scattered around the area. It was certainly clear that in this kind of household, seeing a carton lying around would be unheard of. The narrow eyes and unsure frown made it clear that Alevina wasn't very comfortable being in a place like this. That or her leg was really killing her now and she just wanted to take some weight off of it...

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