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"Do what you want, eat what you want, drink what you want and such on, it's your life you live it."

a character in “Olympus Academy for Demigods”, as played by Sorella

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Jacqueline"Jackie" Christie


"Good things come to those who wait"

The Basics


Full Name: Jacqueline Denise Christie
Age: Seventeen
Birthdate: May 14th
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Hestia



Color: Purple
Food: Pasta
Drink: Chocolate milk
Music: Instrumental music is nice but she also likes a bit of rock.


Much like her mother Jackie is sweet, calm, gentle, and supportive. Jackie is always laid back and just goes with the flow of things. She's quite patient as well and doesn't mind waiting on things, when they happen they will happen and that's all there really is to it for that matter. Jackie is calm and she stays calm in the most dramatic times, it's quite simple and she's not one to really get angry. With any choice that her family seems to make or her friends make she is supportive of that choice what ever it is, she may not agree with it but she will support you and behind you every step of the way. Jackie does have her own traits though and she is her own person. Jackie is outgoing and she loves animals. She's quite playful too. She's seemed to have gotten into the habit of being able to talk around others and using her gentle and calmness as a crutch to help her with talking around people and getting them to do as she pleases, she often gets people to calm down that way. Jackie is a hoot when she's outgoing because she likes a great party with music, and dancing. She may seem a little crazy as well but at least she claims she isn't normal. She makes the best faces all the time that people know who she is and just laugh but Jackie sees it as them laughing with her.

Similarites to Their Godly Parent: Jackie can sometimes be able to show people past and future events that happen in their family and such, she as a bit of control over the fire and if anything it makes her feel at home.



First Memory: Surprisingly Jackie remembers her very first birthday with her twin brother. Jackie remembers almost every detail of it.
Relationship with Mortal Parent: Jackie and her father get along nicely. Jackie and her father would always do things together and he's the nicest man she's known.
Jacqueline was born to Gavin Christe and the goddess Hestia. She actually happened to have a twin brother with her but there was no way she was that close with her brother. If anything they never got along. Although Jackie and her father got along very well. Her twin was her fraternal twin. Her twin brother disliked animals but her father and herself loved animals and unfortunately with her father neglecting her brother all the time child services came and took him away and ever since then Jackie hasn't seen or spoken with her brother. Her father was a zoo keeper and worked with many animals and Jackie would always be at the zoo. She grew up with animals and surprisingly she called them her family because she felt like she related to each of them. Her favorite animals were always the lion cubs and the penguins. Jackie spent more time at the zoo then she did her own house and you'd find her singing there a lot. On Jackie's seventh birthday her father named one of the baby penguins after her and she couldn't help but smile.

In school Jackie was very popular and she had lots of friends. She honestly couldn't keep up with all of them. Once getting into high school though she got into trouble, she started hanging out with the wrong crowd and that was when she got into the alcohol and the drugs. She even started having sex for a bit there as well but after her father caught her in bed with another man in tenth grade that was when she was taken out of school. She started to be home schooled but she still got her fix. Finally her father knocked sense into her and she stopped the drugs but drinking was a different story. Being home schooled she learned to play guitar and it kept her away from her addictions and stopped her from thinking about them and eventually the same thing happened with the drinking and it stopped. After there was some change in Jackie she was sent to Olympus academy which her father heard about from Jackie's mother in a dream. Jackie has now been there for two years.


So begins...

Jacqueline Christie's Story

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Chloe Huntington

Chloe kinda' zoned out for a while, looking at the cage that Boone had produced. She wondered what was inside, and she inclined her head to the left, furrowed her brow and squinted her eyes - in short, her concentration face. There was something oddly menacing with the cage, and with it being Mr Keating's class as well, menacing was expected. Her concentration was broken however by Sinclair's reply to her drowning comment. Ah, at least someone knew who she was directing that statement at. "Oh, all right Sinclair. Just for you. I'll only maim for now." She joked, smiling mischievously. Chloe didn't know why she hated Ava. Nothing had happened between the two, but for some reason, she really disliked the blonde haired girl. Then, Zeke appeared, and she didn't have to stay in that awkward situation any more, with Ava's eyes burning into the back of her head. Now that was a horrible feeling. He made an entrance, that was true, but honestly, she didn't really care. They were friendly to each other, but they weren't "friends." She couldn't help but giggle a little at his comment though. "But I like feisty. Feisty is good." Everlie's little comment about "dousing enough people for now," brought her back to their side of the classroom, and she smiled at the girl. "But please? Just one more wouldn't hurt!"

"The moment with Caspray?" Chloe turned around to Clover and nodded her hair. "Yeah, he was looking all sweet-eyed at her. Almost tripped over his own words too! It was a sight to behold." She laughed, looking back at the guy she treated as a brother, poking her tongue out at him playfully. Soon, he had began the lesson, and her attention was taken by him; this class was her favourite out of them all; it wasn't just the teacher, it was the whole concept of the class. When he revealed the bunny, she laughed slightly with confusion. "Erm... right. A bunny?" However, then, when the teacher when into detail about this creature, her smile dropped. "Oh. Not a bunny. Gotcha'." She turned to face her group of friends, plus Ava, and conferred with them. "Kill it? Ev, have you thought that he might be lying? Keating is that sort of person you know? He'd get us to kill an innocent rabbit to fail us, trust me. It seems too... passive, to be aggressive. I mean, it's barely moving." Her expression was puzzled. Now what?

[font=georgia][center]William Hawk

Soon, dear William was being escorted to class by Mr Vincent, the woman-trapped-in-a-man's-body in his eyes. He took a step to the left, away from the two others that he was with as the teacher slung his arm around Nina's shoulders. He still felt terrible about the whole letting her down idea. Maybe it would have been better if he had asked her along to the dance. He dragged his hand through his hair and sighed gently, the hair thing being his little tell that he was upset. Sure, he had decided only to do it for an act, but underneath, it was more than that. Why had he been so stupid? She'd never agree to go with him now! William Hawk, you fucking idiot. He gave himself a mental slap, and closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about the other girls that he could ask.

Chloe? Nah, she's too interested in someone else. Danni? Nope, too masculine. Portia? That could ruin everything. Jackie? Ooh... Jackie... She's my best fri--


His train of thought was cut off by something hitting him square in the face, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the open door of a locker. "Fuck... that hurt..." he spoke to himself, clenching his nose as they arrived at Cadwell's class. His hand stayed pressed against his already bruising nose as he stood there, not interacting with anyone. He now felt shit, was in pain, and was embarrassed. Brilliant day. He didn't join a specific group when told to by the teacher, or react to the compliment that he gave to every one of his students. He just stood there. No-one would want him in their group now.

[font=georgia][center]Lukas Tricon

Lukas' eyes snapped over to Mr Keating as he mocked Clover's answer, and he glared at him. It would probably be bad to set his hair on fire too; two people in the space of fifteen minutes really wasn't the best idea. The thought did cross his mind though, but he just shrugged it off when the teacher apologized, letting Clover have her romantic reply. However, again the mood was ruined by Sinclair opening his annoying mouth, and spilling out words that threw his mood deeper into the deep end. "Well Sin, I could go with Mr Keating, but then I'd be leaving Clover all alone, seeing as you're going with Ava now, and all. But I think Clover will be better company, don't you?" He grinned, the maliciousness of his words lacing the air with cruelness. Okay, so, Lukas Tricon wasn't someone that you should put in the same sentence as the word "malicious" or "cruel," but in this case, where Clover was involved, he was incredibly protective. He knew that Sinclair liked his girlfriend, and that annoyed him. And being the man that he was, he would let this annoyance be known to everyone. He kissed Clover gently on the lips, letting his love flow through him to her, thought their touch. "Thank you." He whispered softly, pecking her nose before he pulled back. "You'll definitely be a better date that Keating, honey, believe me."

He then looked at the cage that was produced by Keating, and looked shocked as he revealed the white creature inside. He listen to the story that came along with the rabbit, something about a "cerberbunny", something he had never heard of before, and he looked at it in fascination. Anything new to him was awe-striking, and he wanted to figure out everything he could about it; and this creature wasn't any different. He looked around to Clover and leant in to her ear - "Bed probably would have been safer. Don't want you being mauled by the vicious bunny." He spoke quietly, a small laugh accompanying his voice. The bunny didn't look scary at all, but you could never be sure. One moment, you could be watching a television, and the next, it could burst into flames. Maybe the rabbit wasn't going to spontaneously combust, but in theory, it could grow and turn into some sort of vicious monster. He took into consideration to what Chloe said, shaking his head though as he did. "Yes Clo, he could. However, it could also be a vicious killing machine. I agree with Evie. We should kill the infernal thing before it goes all postal on us."

Lukas wasn't one for killing innocent things, but if Clover was in danger from being bitten by a rabbid rabbit, then he was certainly going to protect her. Even if it meant causing the rabbit to spontaneously combust himself.

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Emilee Rivera

"No, Emilee, it can't be that easy. There has to be some trick to it. Women are just.....really intricate in how they think.......or something. Remember Sarah? Daughter of Athena, graduated last year? One time she came up to me and we talked for a short time. Then I said 'See ya in English' and she just started crying! Ever since then Ive been terrified that something I say is going to be some girl code for 'I hate you' or something." Malcolm said exasperatedly. "I just don't think I'm cut out for dating. I'd just mess it up." Malcolm said sounding defeated. Emilee couldn't help but laugh at her best friend at his past experience with a girl and she shook her head. "Sarah was a very confused girl and couldn't control her emotions well, Will. You did nothing wrong." Emilee said still laughing a bit. "Malcolm, we make mistakes and that's just a risk you're going to have to take and we learn best by our mistakes, don't miss out on a great girl because of your fear." Emilee said seriously. He then opened and closed his mouth a few times like he wanted to ask something. He then turned to Emilee. "Do.....do girls really have crushes on me? Really? Cause that's kind of awesome..." He said with a soft smile on. "Some girls do, yes. I know it for a fact..You're just too daft to notice it." Emilee said with a small smile and a wink.

"Good point, at least this place keeps you on your toes!" he said with optimistic tone. He then faced her again. "Also, shut your mouth young lady. I want to hear no talk like that coming from you. You are a beautiful, fun loving, adventurous young woman that any guy would be lucky to date. I don't want to hear such negative things from you again." He said sternly and like he was her father. He then started laughing and elbowed her. "All kidding aside, you really shouldn't talk like that. Guys like you, I'm pretty sure. A lot of them talk about how fun you are and stuff. You're awesome, and I never want to hear you doubting yourself again, ok?" He said very warmly with his typical smile. He then ruffled her hair in his usual fashion. Emilee rolled her eyes. "Yes, father." She said jokingly and laughed. He then spoke again. "That sounds like a plan. But don't just say no to guys if you think I won't have a date. Just worry about yourself." He said seriously. Emilee smiled "Thanks."

"And now the blood rushing to my head is making me dizzy. How about it? You wanna head back to Cadwell's? Knock some heads around?" He asked her.Emilee watched him swing himself off the branch and land on the ground. Emilee her self was getting quite dizzy so she did a quick motion to get herself down on the ground again. That was when Gregis came with a buck, one Gregis killed. "Holy.." Emilee said in shock and then smiled. She scratched behind his ears. "Good boy Gregis!" She said smiling. "Now we have something to bring Cadwell as an excuse. Who doesn't like venison, haha!" Malcolm said smiling. Emilee laughed. "Alright, I suppose we can go back to Cadwell's, I'll lead." She said and soon enough they went through the forest with ease and they came out and got to Cadwell's class in no problem and noticed people in armour and separating into groups. "Suppose we need to get some armour and get into some groups.. You can go give Cadwell our 'sorry we're late' present." She said with a smirk.

Nina Collins

Nina had been left alone for the most part and she had looked up at the clouds. She had such a complicated time sometimes. Nina heard faint sounds of people talking and she just knew some of it was directed at her. Nina thought Will had truely liked her but that didn't seem true, he was just playing, something he was rather good at and something Nina had been too stupid to follow. That was when Peter was walking over and sat down next to her, clearing his throat and saying a simple, "Hey...You alright? You just look a little...Down. I know you don't wanna talk to me or anything...But, uh..." He gestured around the room, "We kinda have to do this stupid team stuff, and, well, since you're not talking to Will I guess you don't wanna be on a team with him, right?" It was a little odd that out of all people, Peter was talking to her and trying to make her feel better? She ahd no clue what he was trying to achieve. Nina was a little too shocked to answer him but he probably didn't want to hear about any of her problems. She just gave a small smile. "I'm fine, thanks." She said giving him a small not.

He sighed, shook his head, and added, "I understand, I really do. Sometimes us guys are total assholes, right? Well, why don't you come over with the group...? I'm sure we're gonna end up as a team; most of us hate either Arissa, Tristan, or Will...So you're pretty safe from having to deal with them, with us." He stood up and held out a hand to Nina. Nina took his hand and she could wipe the smile of her face. Maybe this class wouldn't be so bad and maybe Peter never had been too bad of a guy. He seemed alright and well things could have been worse. "Sounds like a good idea, teaming up with you guys." She said and once up she walked over to the rest of the group with Peter. "Thank you." She added softly and quietly as they arrived at the group.

Chance Rundell

"Erm, I dunno. You're not here to collect taxes, are you? Because I swear I paid them!" He wriggled away from Chance, turned around, and winked at the boy. Chance laughed at Peter's response and shortly he watched Peter go and talk to Nina. Next thing he knew Cadwell was talking about all the powers that everyone had and blah blah blah, it really meant nothing to Chance and he didn't go around saying he had no crappy ass powers, he could take away someone's luck away for a short period of time and it'd be rather interesting.

He watched as the teams started to form and then he also saw that there was Emilee and Malcolm. A big smirk placed on his face. What were they doing? His eyebrows moved up and down at that thought and he shook his head lightly. "I think we should get Emilee and Malcolm on our side and then Arissa and the prisses can have Will and Jackie...When Jackie decides to show up that is." Chance said. As for Jules talking about someone for being in charge he thought for a moment. "It shouldn't be me.. I'm just no..Nina here day dreams too much to lead but I suppose maybe Peter could or perhaps Malcolm or Emilee if we get them on our side. "Hey Emilee! Malcolm!" He shouted over to them trying to get their attention.

Jacqueline Christie

Jacqueline had been slightly hung over in the next morning. She had found her secret stash of alcohol that the teachers thought they hid so well. Jackie had made the mistake of drinking too much and now in the morning she had a slight head ache and she had visited mr.toilet, gross. After awhile Jackie felt better and she drank some water to ease her. Taking her time this morning she walked around her room played with the strings of her guitar a bit as she woke up. Soon enough she got up to take a shower and wash her hair and all the fun jazz. She came back to her room and blow dried her hair and then set her hair dryer down and went over to her closet. After a bit she had pulled out this outfit and she put it on. Smiling she got the converse on and then she went and curled her hair before putting it up in a pony tail.

Walking out into the sunshine she cringed so she walked back inside and rummaged through her stuff for her sunglasses and grabbed her bottle of water. Drinking her water as she started walking off to Cadwell's class she remembered what they were doing today and she groaned to herself. Wouldn't this be freaking fantastic? Oh well, it had to be done and she wouldn't complain and bicker like a stupid child. Taking a sip of water as she was getting closer to the class she tried to figure out what they were going to be doing, the more she thought of it the more she dreaded it. Then a smile placed on her face as she remembered William, her best friend was in that class.

When she walked in she scanned the class and thought for a moment. Soon her eyes were laid on Will, which brought the biggest smirk to her face yet. She observed and watched him walk into something and chuckled. She then silently ran off and she went and tackled William from behind jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms over his shoulders and around his neck. She wasn't very heavy so it wasn't like he was going to go tumbling down. She grinned. "Why, hello Willy Wonka. How's it going today? Noticed you hit somethin' could my Willy be over thinking." She said teasing him ever so slightly and pinched his cheeks a little and gave out a soft laugh. She knew something was on his mind but didn't bother right now, they were in class and about to start something. "So, I bet the girls are just dying to go to the dance with you." She said bugging him. Lots of girls seemed to like Will and well Jackie wasn't one to fangirl over this child of Aphrodite. Nope, he was just her best friend..Nothing more and nothing less.

( i will edit in Jackie's post after I watch American idol)

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Chloe Huntington

Chloe's head swivelled from the delightful conversation about how they were, or if they were going to kill a defenceless bunny rabbit, when Ducky walked in, and she couldn't stop the laugh from escaping her mouth as he rambled his elaborate excuse for being late. "I take it that you took the Hobbits to Isengard too in the process? That would explain the length of time." She spoke to him, ignoring the fact that he had spoken to the blonde bitch. Then, she turned back to their group and frowned. The conversations flew around her; half of the group saying that they should kill the bunny, repeat bunny, and the others saying that it was a poor animal who should be spared. "I still stand on the ground that Keating over there is playing us, and I don't want to stand around and watch you kill a little rabbit." She stood up from her chair, grabbed her back and walked over to Boone's desk, a smile on her face. "Mr Keating, sir, I'm not feeling too well, so I'm going to head back to my dorm and sleep a little. My answer is 'don't kill the rabbit, it's a rabbit for fuck sake.' That okay? Thank you, I'll catch up with you later! Bye!"

And with that, she whirled out of the classroom door.

Okay, so Chloe didn't really feel unwell. However, she didn't want to see the guts of a rabbit all over the classroom, and her ears filled with the screams of vanity coming from Ava, so she had decided to escape. An idea popped into her head about what she could do in her spare time, but before she went in the direction of Cadwell's class, she turned around to look behind her. Boone wouldn't follow her out; he knew her well enough to know by now that when she was gone, she was gone, and there was nothing he could do about it. Besides, he had her answer; she had done his test. It was just up to her classmates now to finish it. There was a skip in her step and she swung her bag as she made her way towards the Training Area. She watched the class from behind the trees for a moment, and when she magically caught her best friend's eye, she signalled for him to run away with her, only for a little bit.

She winked at him cheekily, before turning away once more, hiding behind the trees. Come on Chance. Come hang with me.

William Hawk

Will almost jumped out of his skin when he felt a weight on his back, and he flung his arms backwards, to catch the mysterious woman who was clinging on to him, like a koala onto a eucalyptus tree. "Well, hello Jackie. Yes, I was thinking, something which I don't do too fucking often. I actually think I've broken my bloody nose. Can you look? What do you think?" He paused for a moment as he showed her his bleeding nose, knowing that it wouldn't affect her like it would affect other girls. She wasn't scared of a little blood. Also, she was the only person that he would actually trust, with something like this, other than Nina of course - but she wasn't speaking to him. To every other girl in this place, he had to be the "macho man" that his reputation showed him to be, and he couldn't let that facade down. But Jackie knew him better than that, and he couldn't hide anything from her any more. He had tried, as hard as anyone had tried to do anything before, but she always found him out; but that was Jacqueline Christie for you.

"Yeah, 'lots of girls' are going to be swooning over me with a purple and bruised face, aren't they?" He sighed as she pulled back from inspecting him, and they made their way to class, slowly but surely. He felt slightly dizzy from his accident, and really wasn't in the mood to fight any more. His power was pretty crappy anyway - he was able to see every move that someone could make, his eyes being extremely sharp, but that was it. On a pirate ship, he would have been the one with the wooden leg, up in the crows nest on look out. That was all he was good for. "What about you, eh? All those guys after you? Anyone in particular yet, honey?" He nudged her playfully, but then winced almost instantly, the movement sending shocks up to his face.

Soon, they were in the lesson, and everyone was getting ready, except him. He was standing in the middle like a lemon, not knowing what to do. It was strange to see William Hawk just standing around not socializing with anyone, or flirting with girls, so it was a surprise to him that Nova cautiously made his way towards him. He didn't like Nova, purely because of his sissy-like attitude, but it was pretty ballsy of the guy to come up to him, and ask him to join his team. He reached his hand up and scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as they stood there in a strange atmosphere, trying his best to muster up words from the bottom of his stomach. "Erm... Thanks, Nova. But, I've kinda' injured myself. So, I might s-sit this first one out. But... y'know... thanks, man, for offering. Maybe when I'm feeling a little better?" He said, nodding to the guy, making the first friendly gesture he had ever made to him. When Nova returned to his group, Will turned around to Cadwell, looking sheepish. "Yeah, I've destroyed my nose. Is it okay to sit out for a little bit? I feel a bit... woozy."

Lukas Tricon

Luke didn't pay much attention to the two new people entering the classroom. He was kind of in his own little world today, too busy thinking about other things to focus on the comings and goings of other people. Then suddenly, he felt a sharp pain running through his ear, and he whipped his head around, glaring playfully at Clover. "Excuse me, missy?" He asked her, raising his eyebrow at her actions. However, his playful anger soon fell away as she mimed being Cerebus, the guard of the underworld. He laughed at her as she did so, and slowly put his hands on top of hers, bringing them down onto her lap. "Now now, Clover. What have we said about imitating mythical creatures? Yes, honey, it makes you look like a lunatic." He smiled to her, before placing another soft kiss onto her cheek, just to reiterate to her that he was only joking around. The bracelet on her arm glinted in the sunlight for a moment, drawing his eye to it, making him smile. He thought back to the expression on her face when she first saw it around her wrist, and in that moment, he realised how lucky he actually was to have such an amazing girl. Ironically, with her being the daughter of Tyche.

"You know how I feel about animals, Clover. I love them to pieces. But... I don't really want to take any risks." Lukas almost had to stop himself from spinning around and incinerating Sinclair then and there at his next comment. Lukas had always been a kind soul, but ever since he had started dating Clover, and Sinclair had turned more sarcastic and cynical towards him, Luke felt like he was slowly loosing that kindness, his patience, and his caring nature towards all living things. "All living things" now did not include Sinclair in his eyes. It was like the male was slowly trying to torment him, to turn him insane in his own mind, to make him feel unworthy of being with Clover by upsetting her with his actions. Sinclair knew all of the ways to push Lukas' buttons; that was what happened when friends became enemies.

"I still think we should kill it, even though I want no part in it. We could always use Sinclair as bait, to see if it really is a monster. If anyone's going to bring out the monster in someone, it's him." He smiled sardonically. His arm came around the back of Clover's chair, wrapping his arm around her shoulder like a normal boyfriend would do. He felt himself calm down more and more as he relaxed, and when he took her other hand into his, he felt completely at ease.

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Jackie Christie

"Well, hello Jackie. Yes, I was thinking, something which I don't do too fucking often. I actually think I've broken my bloody nose. Can you look? What do you think?" He paused for a moment as he showed her his bleeding nose. Jackie studied his nose for a moment and her lips were closed tight not daring to open yet. She inspected it a little more and then touched it lightly. Her fingers ran down his nose seeing if she could feel anything that was broken or misplaced. She then wet her thumb down and whiped off a bit of blood that was on his nose and then she dried it with the back of her hand. "Doesn't seem broken, most likely fractured or something though. Very bloody indeed though." She said smiling at him. Jackie took great care of him, he was like the brother she never had after all, she protected him and he protected her. It was that simple.

"Yeah, 'lots of girls' are going to be swooning over me with a purple and bruised face, aren't they?" He sighed as she pulled back from inspecting him, and they made their way to class, slowly but surely. She could tell he was dizzy and she felt concerned but shrugged it off seeing as he wanted to probably seem manly to the other girls and possibly keep his options open. "Will, you're a stud..Even if you have a bruised face they'd still go with you." Jackie said. "What about you, eh? All those guys after you? Anyone in particular yet, honey?" He nudged her playfully, but she could see the wince that came right after it. "Oh, babe you know all the guys want this as their first choice." She said playfully and laughed slightly. "But seriously you have to ask..I know you don't like the fact that I'm dating your brother but he just so happens to be my date to the dance as well." Jackie said sighing. "I would go with you as your friend in case you had no luck with the ladies but Ducky might think of it differently and might dislike you more." She said matter of factly.

Soon they were in class and she noticed everyone around had none of them really paid attention to Will..Not even Nina. Nina was one of the girls who liked her Willy and honestly Jacqueline thought Nina was a good choice for William because she wasn't one to backstab. She thought for a moment and as William talked to Cadwell, she closed her eyes slightly and tried to look into William's past events of the morning alrhough it went back to the day he was born and then after a few minutes she found this morning and knew exactly what happened with him and Nina and many of the others. This was how William could never fool Jackie, Jackie would always know. Everyone was like a computer she go find a history button and search their personal history. Of course it was rather complicated to control sometimes. She reopened her eyes and after Nova talked to Will and left and Will was done talking to Cadwell she sat down and patted the spot beside her for Will.

She waited for Will to sit down and as she did she closed her eyes trying to tamper into Nina's past trying to know how she felt but as soon as she entered Nina's history things became too much for Jackie to even try and they made her dizzy so she blinked her eyes and kept them open. Once Will sat down she sighed. "Will, I know what happened with Nina this morning." She said quietly.

Chance Rundell

Chance had been standing around being bored out of his mind. He liked his team but things were so slow at starting and honestly he only really wanted to speak with Chloe. He liked talking to her and being around her, not just because he had liked her but because to him Chole was just a likeable girl. Sighing and running a hand through his hair he knew that soon enough that odd dance was supposed to be coming up and they could have a date to the dance if wanted. He hadn't heard of who was taken and who wasn't. He had his mind set on one girl to take and one only. If she said no then he would probably be screwed and torn on who to go with. As he stood silent for once he slowly wandered away and he walked over to Emilee.
"Hey, Em." He said with a half hearted smile. She was a good person he just wasn't all there.

"Hi, Chance." She said returning a smile.

"I was thinking we could use more people on our team and was wondering if you and Malcolm wanted to e on our team." Chance said and now waited for a reply.

"Yea sure, we'd love to join your team." She responded smiling and then she got her armour on.

Chance smiled."Alright, this should be good." He said and then walked back to the others. He watched Lloyd for a moment and was slightly confused by what the kid was doing then he knew and rolled his eyes. "Llyod..We don't have any children of Zeus on our side.. The child of Zeus that's in this class is the one over there flirting or somethin' with Cadwell." Chance said chuckling to him self.

That was when his eyes caught on the forest over there and behind a tree he could see Chloe and a smirk tugged at his lips and he knew all to well that she must have skipped Keating's class. Chance had respect for Keating but not many people liked him as a teacher because of how he was, Chance found him to be awesome though. He slowly slipped out of the group unoticed and as sneaky as he was and luck on his side he made it to the forest where he had coverage and made his way to Chloe.

When he got up to her he tugged her hair slightly and grinned. "Skipping class, tsk tsk. I expect more of you, Chloe." He said grinning at her. Of course he was teasing her but it was rather fun. "What will poor Mr.Keating think? You're going to break the guy's heart once he finds out you skipped his class for little ol' moi." He said chuckling. "He'll get extremely jealous." He spokeonce more letting her speak while flashing her a smile.

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