On the Wings of a Dream

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You wake up in a strange place, you can't remember anything but something tells you you're better off this way. And then you find a strange person is trailing you, offering you their 'help'. Can you trust them? Can you afford not to? Literate/Semi-Lit RP.

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Tags: alice in wonderland, amnesia, dark, faction., fantasy, literate, original, player-driven, romance, supernatural, wonderland (Add Tags »)

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Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Something was definitely off, she thought as she stared at the floor. She had tried looking around but no matter how long she walked, nothing was visible. Not even the goddamned walls or the freaking ceiling!
Cocking her head to one side, she examined the possibilities, having at last grown tired of swinging the sword she had with herself around, absent mindedly cuddling the little shark plushie in her arms. Heh, it seemed she loved sharks ... and soft things ... and cuddling with soft things ...

Could she possibly be dead? That didn't seem to be the case, because this wasn't Hell - Hell was supposed to be a lot warmer, wasn't it - and there was no way she could have gone to Heaven, because ....

.... because of what? She frowned. There must have been a reason why she thought she could have gone to Heaven, but what was it? Was she a bad person? She stared at her reflection on the water on the floor. She didn't seem like a bad person, but not everyone looked like they were, right? So ....
Having concluded she was a bad person, and she wasn't dead yet, she set out to find out something more about this place - which might have seemed a less daunting task if she could remember something - anything - about her own self.

Fighting back the sudden panic that threatened to overwhelm her, she plopped down on the floor, noting to herself that she liked the feel of water. So, sharks and water.

"Well, if I can't remember my name, I'll just name myself something!" she declared, struck by a brainwave, "Its not like I liked my name anyway - why else would I have forgotten it? I wouldn't forget something I liked, would I? Just like the shark and the water...."

She tackled this new matter of names with gusto. What else did she like?

An image of a old bell flashed in her mind, and she smiled widely. "Bel ... I like that name..."

But it seemed too plain, somehow, so she decided to come up with variations on that. "Bella? ... Belna? ... Belma? ... Belka? Belca ...." she muttered aloud, testing the way the words felt. Belca had a certain ring to it.

"Belca it is then. I'm Belca from now on! Now that I have a name, to find out where I am." she leapt up, trying to pick a direction to walk along, figuring that if she walked along long enough, she would eventually stumble upon something or someone