On the Wings of a Dream

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You wake up in a strange place, you can't remember anything but something tells you you're better off this way. And then you find a strange person is trailing you, offering you their 'help'. Can you trust them? Can you afford not to? Literate/Semi-Lit RP.

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Tags: alice in wonderland, amnesia, dark, faction., fantasy, literate, original, player-driven, romance, supernatural, wonderland (Add Tags »)

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While Ariana was following the smell of tea she came across a clearing that had a waterfall with flowers everywhere. Staring in awe Ariana stopped walking and took the time to take everything in. The smell of water reached her nose and Ariana smiled, "Smells nice." Looking at the flowers she noticed that some of them seemed to sparkle when the light hit them a certain way. Up until now Ariana didn't realize how thirty she was until she saw the water. Making her way over Ariana knelt down and cupped some water into her hands and drank the water. Sighing with relief she took a few more drinks and dried off her hands. "I guess I better get going..." Standing up Ariana continued on her way in hopes of finding someone.