On the Wings of a Dream

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You wake up in a strange place, you can't remember anything but something tells you you're better off this way. And then you find a strange person is trailing you, offering you their 'help'. Can you trust them? Can you afford not to? Literate/Semi-Lit RP.

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Tags: alice in wonderland, amnesia, dark, faction., fantasy, literate, original, player-driven, romance, supernatural, wonderland (Add Tags »)

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Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars
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Absolem's eyes scanned Cheshire, who, under his assumptions seemed to be going through inner turmoil. His eyes flickered with amusement. The cat seemed to spend most of it's time teasing and taunting others, and seeing it leashed into something it didn't wish to comply with, it was almost refreshing to Caterpillar. He was, somewhat sadistic in his humor preference. When he saw Cheshre's mouth curl upwards into a sort of, happier expression, if you could really call it that, he felt the amusement escape him once more. He wasn't even fully aware as to why he'd offered his company, maybe it was the old saying; " there is safety in numbers.." Wonderland was nt a pleasant place afterall, in spite of it's appearance.

Absolem nodded when Cheshire agreed to travel with him, taking no more than three seconds to scan the cat's physical changes, "So which are you really?" he asked simply, "Or can you just choose on a whim? Are you unsure, or is it..optional from birth?" Caterpillar always had so many questions, he always had questions because only the ignorant kept their questions to themselves. Only the Queen was smart to leave unquestioned, with that he lowered himself onto his feet as well. He was tall and skinny, despite his name. He'd give anything, anything to cast away his name, caterpillar. Unlike most in wonderland, he clung to his real name, it was the only sign of his freedoms. It was the only thing the Queen couod not take from him.. He begam his walk, begrudgingly towards the Palace of hearts.

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