On the Wings of a Dream

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You wake up in a strange place, you can't remember anything but something tells you you're better off this way. And then you find a strange person is trailing you, offering you their 'help'. Can you trust them? Can you afford not to? Literate/Semi-Lit RP.

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Owner: Bani
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Tags: alice in wonderland, amnesia, dark, faction., fantasy, literate, original, player-driven, romance, supernatural, wonderland (Add Tags »)

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Cheshire snickered at Absolem's barrage of questions. He reminded her of a child, always wanting to know 'why'. Without hesitation, she quickly slid before the Caterpillar, her nose nearly touching his own. Her pose, though somewhat threatening, endorsed her feminine qualities, "I'm assuming you mean my..gender?" She asked coyly, her eyes brimming with mischief. Within that same moment she disappeared into a whiff of purple smoke, only to appear where she last stood. She couldn't deny the quality of the question. It was, afterall, something she wondered herself at times. She gazed up into the canopy, seemingly lost in thought, her head tilting farther and farther back until it just fell off. Her body then disappears after it, leaving just her eyes and mouth to peer from ground level.

She briefly thought she had gone a bit far with the theatrics, once she realized Caterpillar had began walking without her, but quickly brushed the thought away. "I am what I am," the grin spoke, slowly rising to the Caterpillar's eye level, following his unhappy gait, "Whether I was born male or female is unknown even to me anymore. Being able to change so much for as long as I have..one tends to forget."

She phased back into existence with a yawn. Already she was getting tired and the Queen's palace was so far away.. She gazed yearningly upon the Caterpillar's nape. Although, hard as it was, she decided to not to immediately jump onto the man's shoulders, presuming the end result would probably be something regrettable. She sighed, unable to contain her soft purrs; nothing was more comfortable than napping against a warm neck.