On the Wings of a Dream

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You wake up in a strange place, you can't remember anything but something tells you you're better off this way. And then you find a strange person is trailing you, offering you their 'help'. Can you trust them? Can you afford not to? Literate/Semi-Lit RP.

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Owner: Bani
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Tags: alice in wonderland, amnesia, dark, faction., fantasy, literate, original, player-driven, romance, supernatural, wonderland (Add Tags »)

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Character Portrait: Yumika "Ivory" Rae
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Ivory it has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

Ivory shot up with a gasp. It was..bright, and her head hurt, she touched the back of her head, the source of her pain, the hair was all icky feeling, she'd probably hurt herself somehow.. She slowly stood up, the pale monochrome female hugging herself tightly. She couldn't remember her name...so she went by the only thing she could come up with..Ivory. Her hair was white, she was pale, and her dress was white as well. The only color on the girl was her eyes, which were emerald green, scared, worried, and confused emarald orbs that shot around the room. She felt her eyes begin to sting, tears trying to seduce her eyes, wanting to fall freely down her face. You can't cry! Not until you at least try to escape! She ran, fast as her feet would carry her. She of course stumbled here and there, still not fully awake, but she refused to stop, refused to sit down and cry, until she gave it her best. There has to be a wall, somewhere..right? It wouldn't be a building without them. There is a floor, so there must be one somewhere.. she heard a whisper, the sound of someone else, or maybe it was her mind playing tricks on her.. she wasn't for sure, but she froze in place. What if her lack of memories was because someone was trying to hurt her? Maybe she got kidnapped by some creep on her way home from school? No, no, no! Anything but that!

"Is anyone there!?" she shouted, thrusting her hands down at her sides, she desparately wanted answers, even if it meant getting in a bad situation, so she repeated the question in the same tone, until her voice couldn't produce the sound anymore. She sat in the floor, holding her throat. I'll try again, when my throat stops hurting..