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"The World is asking for a performance. It's my job to give them that."

a character in “One Piece: Another Voyage”, as played by Harta

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Bon Voyage!

(though in more pirate-y clothing)

Name: Boneka
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pirate or Marine: Pirate

Powers: Boneka is the user of the Ningyou Ningyou no Mi (Puppet Puppet Fruit). She has the ability to control the body of any living organism, from humans to animals to any other creature or species... Not only that, but she can also puppeteer puppets. Anything that has limbs--such as a small toy soldier or a cute girl doll or even a nutcracker--she can control.

Note that she can only control the body and not the mind. She may take over somebody against their will. Although this ability may sound godly and invisible, it's actually not all that powerful. Especially in the hands of a not-so-smart girl. (Like her). The stronger and more resistant the "puppet" she takes control of, the more energy and concentration she'll have to use upon it, which will force her to drop control of any other "puppets" she controls.

For example: If she were to take command of a powerful and strong-willed giant, she won't be able to take control of anything else because it'll take all concentration and power just for that one "puppet". But if she were to control her army of wooden soldier puppets, then it'll be a piece of cake (because the lifeless puppets give no resistance whatsoever). Though in the end, she'll tire out and release her control.

Skills: Can also fight with fists and kicks (though fails). Plays different types of instruments (and can make an entire orchestra if she uses her power). Her handy ability also gives her a hand (or hands in this case) with chores.

Weapon: Her powers and the average pistol that is used by most pirates (though she has horrible aim).

Personality: Mysterious and quiet at first sight, but once you get to know her you'll find that she's very cheerful and loves making lame but funny jokes. Boneka likes music, eating, fire, running around randomly and screaming, and the likes. She has no sense of table manners, fashion, taste, and might not seem like she cares about others. Having no education, she's not all that smart and sensible either, and believes in just about anything.

Bio: (Hopefully will be revealed later in the roleplay.)

So begins...

Boneka's Story