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When the newly founded Occult and Horror club at Homurahara Highschool decide to get together for a group activity, things take a turn for the undeniably deadly. Will your character survive, or meet an untimely end? Only the choices you make will tell.

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How sad it is that you have fallen this far...
The light cannot reach here.
The darkness will drown you.
Sorrow will be the ever-present shadow.
Madness will be the only escape.
For you who have fallen this far,
not even the promise of death can save you.


What You Need to Know
You are a member of the recently founded Homurahara Occult & Horror Club. As a group, you all have dedicated your time to the study and appreciation of the supernatural. Whether it was out of pure curiosity or genuine interest, you've found yourself a place you enjoy spending your time for one reason or another. After all, it's nothing but harmless fun. However, when the club president calls for an after-school horror-fest, something in the air leaves you unsettled. For the rest of the night, you can't help but feel unnerved in expectation that something is about to go horribly wrong...

Suddenly, the president suggests telling horror stories. When her turn comes, she reveals a tattered book. Wasting no time, she opens it and says, "So have you heard about it? The Legend of the Seven Warriors from Hell?"

Your Goal
Once the game starts, events will develop fast. Your main goal is to keep up and survive. A path will be placed before you, but it may not necessarily be the right one. Your characters will constantly be put to the test both mentally and physically as they struggle against themselves and others. You are to balance this struggle and find the most effective way to make it out in the end.

There are various types of individuals who have joined the Homurahara Occult and Horror Club. Not all who they appear to be. Each one of them harbors a dark secret that they keep to themselves. Whether it be about their past, something they've done, who or what they truly are, or possibly even who they're not, their secret will more than likely be revealed for all to see.

Humans: Ordinary, everyday humans. They have no remarkable abilities of their own other than their ability to think rationally and apply, which is their key tool for survival in this game. Unfortunately that tool applies to all of the players in this game, so that isn't a major advantage. However, humans are less-dependable on otherworldly abilities, and therefore are more resourceful and better at adapting to different situations than their super-powered counterparts.

Magus: Magi, Wizards, Mages. Whatever name you prefer to call them by. A magus possesses the ability to control the elements and bend them to their will. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wood, Metal, and of course the one element that binds them all, Spirit. A magus can use the element they control as a form of weapon, or protection. The most highly skilled Magus can utilize their element to it's fullest extent, controlling every aspect of it. Some can even control more than one. Truly a necessary skill needed in order to survive the dangers ahead.

Hybrids: Raised mostly in clans and villages, the hybrids were originally a band of half-human, half-demons. Now they have slowly integrated into common-day society. Noticeable traits of Hybrids are their socially awkward and sometimes antisocial behavior patterns. Many do not know how to 'fit in' per say because of their sheltered lives among their respective clans. Hybrids don't act on pure emotion, but rather by instinct. They are more animal than man, in a sense. Because of their demon blood, they find it hard to experience any true emotion that they don't fabricate in order to appear normal. While only being slightly more durable than the average human, hybrids possess incredible strength and speed. Many have an affinity for magic, but those who do have trouble controlling it. On their own, hybrids might have the best chance of survival. However in groups, they may pose a threat to the survival of others. The reason being that hybrids as a whole are mentally unstable. Their actions and thought process are on a completely different level than that of humans or demons.

Character Info: An image with a face claim added is also required. You will be required to construct your own skill sheet. It doesn't have to be organized, just understandable.
Name: Pretty self-explanatory. Your character's name is what they will go by. If they have nicknames, you might want to include them.

Age (Optional): How old your character is. May affect certain bonuses. If no age is given, it will just be assumed that your character is an appropriately aged student.

Alignment: Whether your character is Good, Evil, or Neutral. Will have a major effect on game flow and the options available to your character.

Character Type: This tells if your character is a Human, Magus, or Demon Hybrid. Humans are the weakest, but will be targeted less. Magi are allotted higher magical stats and Will, but will be targeted the most. Demon Hybrids are allotted higher physical stats and sanity, but also run a higher chance of going insane. Bonuses will be given upon approval.

Brief History: Provide us with a brief history of your character. Feel free to draw references to canon characters and events.

Dark Secret: Every man has a secret. Let me know what your character is hiding. Can be mild or really dark. Just know your choice will haunt your character.

Abilities: This is what all your character can do. This can range from broad skills to very precise ones. Up to 4 ability slots are provided. Abilities are required to have names. Magus and Hybrids can use some or all of these ability slots as attacks. A brief definition is required for each skill as well as stat information including skill name, mana(or ammo) cost, effect, and damage. Attacks add damage to the the user's strength or magic, depending on what kind of attack they're using.
Attack Example:
Code: Select all
Carnage   15   Covers whatever weapon ????  is holding, then unleashes a wave dark energy colliding   25
Scissors       with whatever might be in front of it, most often cleaving it in two. Drains 5 sanity
               with each use.

Non-combative Example:
Code: Select all
First Aid   0   Having worked on a number of sports teams, ???? has gained a basic knowledge of first    0

Code: Select all



Character Type:

Brief History:

Dark Secret:

Stats and Alignment
You have 80 points to distribute amongst your stats. This will determine your character's performance in the challenges to come.

Strength: A measure of how strong your character is physically. If you want them to pack a good punch, this is your stat.

Defense: This stat determines the kind of physical beating your character can take. If you want to plow through everything, I advise you not overlook this.

Magic: This shows how good your character is at wielding magical energy. For the more tactical player, this may prove more useful than strength.

M. Defense: You may not the most resilient, but if there’s one thing you can do it’s withstand magic. The only question now is which defense should take priority…

Agility: Whether it’s moving in to strike or running away from danger, this value is a testament to just how fast your character is. Just make sure not all your strength goes to your legs.

Evasion: You may not be able to get away, but at the very least you can always dodge. No matter how fast the enemy is, if you can avoid them, you can live that much longer.

Will: An oh so important factor in survival: the will to live on. Should it run high, you may tap into a hidden strength. But should it run low, you may find that death is closer than you think.

Sanity: The balance between serenity and madness. Perhaps not the most important thing given the situation…But then again, if one is not able to keep a level head…madness is sure to follow

Code: Select all



M. Defense:





Alignment is the measure of one’s moral standings. In game, a person’s alignment affects how they accumulate Karma and how their will and sanity are affected by certain events.

Good: Increases the rate at which you accumulate Good Karma. Boasts the ability to protect others and survive as a team. Improves team’s will to press onward.

Neutral: Can choose from both good and evil Karma skills. Boasts the power of flexibility. Individuals can better maintain their will and sanity.

Evil: Increases the rate at which you accumulate Evil Karma. Boasts the ability to eliminate obstacles and survive on your own. Power greatly increased when losing one’s sanity.

There will be three separate groups separated into three separate locations in this rp. Selecting a role, will also select which group you will be placed in.

School Building
Human(Male): Taken by Kisaragi
Magus(Male): Taken by Lufia
Hybrid(Female): Taken by Senpai
Human(Male): Taken by AttackonFluffy
Human(Female): Taken by Keen
Magus(Female): Taken by Check Mate
Human Teacher(Male): Taken by Oborosen

Hospital Building
Human(Female): Taken by ボクセルちゃん
Magus(Male): Taken by Gintoki Sakata
Human Adult(Male): Taken by xfaithyx123
Hybrid(Male): Taken by Check Mate

Magus(Male): Taken by Gintoki Sakata
Magus(Female): Taken by Senpai
Hybrid(Female): Taken by AttackonFluffy
Human(Male): Taken by Jedly

Toggle Rules

1. Powerful characters are allowed, however OP characters are not. Powers and abilities are to be discussed if the strength of one's character is in question.
2. No Gary or Mary Sue's. Not gonna have any characters of absolute perfection strolling around my rp.
3. At the very most, post weekly. If a character has not submitted a post within three weeks of the post prior, their character shall be conveniently killed off.
4. Note that your character can die at any moment in the rp. Not to say that they won't have a chance to survive. Making two different characters is recommended. Up to two character tops per rp'er. Only restriction is that they may not be in the same starting group.
5. Moderately paced and progressive romance. I don't wanna see anyone making out on the first page of the rp. And PLEASE, keep it pg-13.
6. No GMODing. Aight? Aight. Nuff said.
7. No adding onto your character without permission from the GM(Me. Gintoki Sakata. Sup? Want my number? No? Ok...). You may of course edit it, but I am to be notified if something is added that was not previously incorporated in the initial character submission sheet.
8. Anime pictures only.
9. Have fun or PISS OFF!... I'm sorry. I didn't actually mean that. Please don't lea- HEY! Where you goin'?! Get back here, you fuckin' ass ho-...

Add "FREE CHEESE!" to the bottom of your submission sheet if you have read and accept the terms provided.

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Troph chuckled at Haruka and Justin's little display before the ritual began. It was a light-heartening scene to say the least. The calm before the storm. The storm itself came crashing down harder than the strongest of waves.

Troph's momentary amusement was quickly dispelled as the dark tension from earlier returned to the room. Although Troph had managed to avoid it earlier by keeping his mind focused on his game and the arrival of his fellow club mates, he now found it somewhat difficult to ignore.

'H-holy shit, Kaichou... You've really stepped up the difficulty level...' Troph thought as Haruka finished the incantation. Up until then, he had failed to accumulate an individual thought, completely entranced by Haruka's sermon. He hated to admit it, but the atmosphere slightly unnerved him.

As he paused to take a calming breath, his moment of tranquility was interrupted by the panicked exclamation of his vice president.


Troph's eye shot open, as he found himself unable to move, speak, or even breath. As if all control had left his body. Hopelessly, Troph stared in utter horror as an entity loomed over Haruka, threatening to strike at any moment.

'Fuck... Don't tell me this is one of those boss fights, where you're supposed to lo-' Before Troph could even process the rest of his thought, unimaginable pain shot through every crevice in his being.

He wanted to die; he wanted to cry out. Both options were denied to him at this point. All he could do was hopelessly wait as every cell in his body was dismantled and burned away into nothingness. For what seemed like an eternity, Troph felt that he knew what true agony felt like. But it was only a taste, as within a few seconds the pain subsided, along with Troph's vision.

But not before a shade of scarlet flew through the damp air, along with half of his vice president's body. And then... Black.


Nothing but the sound of incoherent mumbling could be heard, as the darkness threatened to dissipate, leaving Troph in the middle of a horrific reality. Troph was not only conscious, but alert.

The memory of Justin's death still fresh in his mind. One might think something of even that nature would subside after experiencing the excruciating pain Troph and no doubt his fellow classmates had endured. But Troph refused to let it go. As if that scene was the one thing currently holding him to reality.

Cautiously opening a single eye, Troph scanned the area above him. To his surprise, he was met not with a ceiling or even the shadowy face of their attacker. What he saw puzzled him to no end.


[Ability Activated: Gamer's Mind] A passive ability that allows Troph to stay completely calm in any situation and think things clearly, like that of a video game character. This allows him to mentally adapt to almost any situation.


'Sky?' Deciding now wasn't the time to be taking a nap, Troph rose up with a jerk, taking in his surroundings as quickly as he could. Realizing that he was no longer in the classroom, he didn't feel like he was in any immediate danger.

Nothing but a thin sheet of white mist. Upon further inspection, he noticed a small building within a short walking distance away. Beyond it, the fog was much too deep for Troph to make anything out. Other than a bridge and load of trees, there wasn't much else to see.

Although, he was already aware of the other's presence, Troph figured it was better to see if their current position was safe before checking on the wellbeing of his comrades.

With a calm face, Troph moves over to Varren and shakes his shoulder. "Oi, Hawkeye. Don't shoot me in the face or anything. You seem more like the type to wake up shooting rather than swinging... I won't accept any friendly fire." Before checking on the others, he wanted to make sure the guy with the gun was keeping watch.

The setting changes from Park to Homurahara Occult and Horror Clubroom

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Keiza looked on as he began to survey the room and take in what had just transpired.

He remembered everything that happened before the club began its activity and he could recall the words spoken before everything had gone to hell. A mentally niggard rub of his cheek and he was not surprised to feel the same warm sensation get drawn under his fingers. It seemed that the world had gone on for so long and the dust pattered on top of everything attested to this.

Withdrawing his hand to see the red stain draping across the underside of his fingers. All he could think in his mind was how it was definitely sad that such an event happened to Justin. Such a horrible way to go* Was that kept running in his thoughts. Though he was also rather glad that he was not at the brunt of such an attack, knowing that at least Justin's death could serve well enough in that regard.

Discarding the mark on the thigh of his pants Keiza pulls another ragged cough from his lungs before clearing it finally. The world now seemed so stale in comparison to what he was used to, it possessed no life and movement like the waking side of things and all he could do was fight back the urge to pull the fresh pack of smokes in his pocket.

Catching the sound of Akira clearing her own throat behind him he turned to check on her well being, only to be greeted by the sight of her head rolling nearly a foot from her body and his own faculties seized up for the moment. Another strange and somewhat shocking aspect to register for him this night. Though he could not lie, there was a measure of fascination that came with the realization of what was happening. She on the other hand was not the least bit caught off by what was going on, in fact it seemed to be a natural occurrence to her. The way she meandered on the act of reaching around for her head as her body shuffled about flailing that one arm lightly.

Managing to pull himself away from the sight long enough to turn back towards the front of the room, just as she managed to wrap her hands around her face and pull it closer. He doubted the fact that seeing her reattach her own head face to face would be an easy discussion, no matter the day or time. Deciding that he should wait for her to knowledge him before first addressing anything else and so he could at least steel himself for what was to come.

He had always felt somewhat sorry for the young girl, never being really one of the other kids in the school. She was well liked by her friends yes, but those friends were only of the class and only those close enough to her.

She kind of reminded him of himself as a child, only the fact that life was less friendly in those days colored his view more turgidly.

"T-Teacher... You--" She asked as she rose up from the floor, Keiza could only imagine the ample puppy eyed look she was trying to swing his way. She questioned what he had seen and what was going on with the world and them. Though he was aware of how unfazed the rest of her questioning was. The same face and action he had seen time and time again as a teacher when children were caught doing something they knew was wrong and how they tried act as though they did not know what was happening.

Only when her attention shifted on to her class mate Shizuka did her expression and worry become more genuine.

Keiza looked on as she tried to wake Shizuka, but to no avail for the time being.
He put a hand on her shoulder and spoke "If we are any indication, I believe that thing wants us here alive and well.. for the time being at least." He leaned down and helped her move Shizuka over on her back and took the moment to inspect her more closely.

As far as he could tell she and the others were unharmed, so much so as himself and Akira.

That was when he returned his hand to the young girls shoulder and spoke to her closely. "Playing coy will help no one for now Akira, I saw enough.. But for now lets make sure the others are at least going to wake up." He gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze in a measure to reassure her at least. Though there was no smile or calm look to be found on his face, because in all honesty he was not sure of anything while they remained here in this place.

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Darkness. It's what Kaoru saw when everything just stopped, after the club president fell, when the vice president was cut in two, just like a fruit about to be eaten. The raven-haired male's head was pounding, like someone slammed it into a wall.

"Wake up..."

He didn't intend to stay, but with the aura of the room, it seemed that way for everyone. When Haruka fell, Kaoru felt terrible pains. Is this what those poor men in that video felt? After that, he couldn't really remember much, but to him, there had to be a way to describe what happened. A prank? No, that would be terrible, and surely the school council wouldn't approve of things like that. There was no way it could be possibly real! He slowly opened his eyes, blurry at first, then slowly, everything came into focus. Someone was knocked out next to him; and he was pretty sure it was a boy. Kaoru saw that two people were already up, Teacher and Akira. How did they get up so fast? No one else was awake yet. He was about to say something when he saw Akira's head grotesquely tilt off, and he watched wide-eyed as black smoke came off of the young woman's neck. "Wha-" He quickly put a hand over his mouth to prevent any more words from coming out. This wasn't normal. None of this was normal...

He blinked. There were fewer people in the classroom. He tried to stand up, but his back was in serious pain, and he didn't feel his left leg. Hopefully it wasn't broken. Kaoru pushed himself up with his arms, but the process was stopped by the fast panicking of "Sh-Shizu... Get up... Please don't be d-dead! You said you wouldn't leave me alone! Wake up, wake, up... wakeupwakeupwakeup!". He dropped back to the ground, and stared at Akira. Well this was a problem. "Uh, hey. maybe you'd wanna explain... ya know, the head thing? And do you two have any idea where we are...? I need to get going." he said from across the room.

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#, as written by Keen

Assembled in a circle along with the rest of Occult Club's members Shizu could only watch on with a raised brow as Haruka chanted aloud some strange incantation from an equally strange looking book. She wasn't sure where the president found such an odd thing nor what possessed her to trying to get the whole group involved in whatever ritual this was supposed to be. Whether it was real or not the president at least put some actual effort into the whole thing and if her aim was to set a creepy vibe she certainly succeeded in at least that. As silence finally fell over the room Shizu blinked, nothing happened, as she expected but she would be lying if she said she felt no suspense at the conclusion to the rather dramatic reading that had just taken place. Feeling her shoulders relax she began to glance around the room at the others before Justin's shout drew her attention.

In the blink of an eye the boy had tackled their president and as Shizu's gaze followed the boy's movements they stopped upon identifying a strange shadowy figure occupying the space behind where the president stood just a moment ago. Confusion and paralyzing fear took hold of her body as she could do not but stare at the unknown figure. The red light emanating from the circle below her began to envelop her vision accompanied by a pain that began to embrace every inch of her being.

Red stained vision darkens. Crimson. Blackness. Nothingness.

Am I dead? I mean I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later given my health but... This is a little ridiculous don't you think? It's way too early for me to die. It's no fair. I refuse to accept it. I haven't even kissed anyone yet. Well, no one real anyways.

Suspended in blackness with only the silence of nothingness to answer her thoughts, Shizu floated about in unconsciousness. Some unknowable amount of time later Shizu finally heard something. Distant, muffled shouts, incomprehensible but with them came a looming consciousness. As the sounds came into greater focus she could feel herself being moved. It was still hard to make out -what- was being said but she could make out three different, distinct voices. One was certainly Akira, the other Keiza-sensei, the third however she was unsure of, some boy from the sounds of it.

With her head still feeling a fraction of the pain from before Shizu inhaled deeply as she finally resurfaced into the world of consciousness. The dusty and stale air that filled her lungs sent her into a short coughing fit as she slowly sat up, one hand behind her planted on the ground to support herself. As the coughing settled she opened an eye and gave a cursory scan around the room before opening both her eyes and squinting up at Akira who appeared to be crying. Seemingly out of habit more than anything else she reached for her pocket to retrieve a sucker to pop into her mouth before she adjusted her glasses. "Guess I'm not dead then... What... What happened? What're you crying for? Are you alright?" Her first question was addressed to the whole room as she looked over at the two other men who were awake before she returning her slightly concerned and mostly confused gaze to Akira.

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"If a sacrifice is necessary, Ayame would do," Maina thought to herself as she watched the blonde girl down more cookies than one could count. It was somewhat amazing how someone with such a slim figure could possibly eat so much, but the little red-head, Milo, was capable of eating just as much, only not in such a timely fashion. Ayame's gluttonous behavior quickly triggered a reaction from the baker of the Horror Club, and within moments the two were leaping out a window. This was the sort of activity that gave the club it's unique reputation, but it also made it more entertaining.

It wasn't long before their just leader was ready to begin, the shenanigans caused by Ayame barely making a dent in Haruka's plans. As they gathered around in a circle, the two club members who'd leaped form the window returning and looking rather soaked from the rain, there was an odd feeling slowly building up in Main's chest. She couldn't quite figure out what the feeling was, and chose to ignore it as best she could. If she'd been aware of the events that would take place as soon as the passage was finished being read, perhaps she would've changed her mind about participating in this activity, but how could any of them know that a tragedy was soon to take place? Every other activity that Haruka would throw at them only ended in mischievous fun, but it seemed their president had dug a little too deep this time.

Maina's eyes may have been the first to lay upon the shadow that Haruka had likely summoned before Justin pointed it out. Normally, Maina would instantly shift into a fighting stance and ready herself for danger, but as the circle drawn on the floor began to glow a fierce red, she found she'd lost all control of her body. The feeling that had been itching at her only seconds ago made sense to her now as she struggled to move even an inch, but it only took a second for her to forget about the restraint put on her muscles as Justin was sliced in two. The only thought running through her head now was whether the shadow would kill them all now, or if Justin was a mere sacrifice for the start of something more sinister.

She clenched her teeth, the only movement she was capable of preforming at this point, as pain shot through her entire body. It seemed like it would last for hours, but as darkness engulfed her, she suddenly felt like her body no longer existed. The sounds of her classmates blurred and vanished until there was nothing left.

* * *

"Oi, Hawke....wake up shooting rather than swinging..."

Dark lashes quivered gently as Maina's consciousness began to restore itself. She could hear a familiar voice, albeit faint, and her skin felt somewhat damp as if the air around her was heavy with liquid. Her eyes opened and she stared at the dark sky for a moment, moving her fingers and toes to make sure the numbness she had felt before had left her. Thankfully, she could move again, and the forced herself to move into a sitting position.

"I won't accept any friendly fire."

That was Troph's voice. She turned her head in the direction the sound came from, making out two shapes that looked to be Varren, still unconscious, and the fedora wearing gamer that was trying to shake Varren awake. Maina picked herself up off the ground and brushed off her skirt, strands of grass falling around her feet as she did so. Taking another moment to examine her surroundings, she could see the body of Shizuka laying on the ground only a few feet from where Maina was. The older girl seemed unharmed, which gave Maina a sense of relief, and would likely wake up soon as well. Maina decided she would make her way over to Troph first, since they were the only two conscious at the moment, to let him know that she had come to.

"It's apparent that we're outside, but this place isn't familiar to me." She stopped beside Troph, her eyes scanning the surrounding area. She could barely make out the shapes in the distance, but felt no need to activate her hawk eyes. Not at this moment, at least. They'd be exploring the area soon enough, anyway.

"Troph-san, do you have a marker on you by chance? Preferably a permanent one," she said as she knelt down beside him, resting her eyes on Varren's face as she spoke.

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#, as written by Jedly
Well. That happened.

Varren had to gulp down the urge to break into laughter when Troph’s unrelated mother chased another club member, Ayame, out of the window. They both had the ability to defy the laws of gravity, and gracefully landed on the ground three floors below them. After things settled down, and the crook and her corresponding cop returned to the clubroom, Haruka got the show on the road. The young man hadn’t expected to bear spectacle to what he saw. The display the president put on was definitely breath-taking. But by no means was it in a good way. Throughout the duration of the experience, Yinyues was attempting to piece together the order of events.

First, a rhythmic chanting narrated flawlessly. It was like many which had been performed by the club in past years, but they never turned up with any results. Once the reciting had ceased, only the ordinary ambience filled the classroom. It was no other than Justin who broke the silence, Varren swiftly traced his line of sight to the shrouded figure creeping behind their president. Next, the friend who he was just teasing a few minutes prior was hastily killed off, words still attempting to leave his throat as he was sliced in half. The young man could barely keep his eyes open under the immense pain and pressure. His gaze shot to his closer friend mates, seeing them in the same state of unrest. Before he knew it, the student had succumb to the overbearing feeling. His body was completely frozen in place and was unable to move even a centimeter. It felt like he was being constricted, strangled by the effects of the cantation. And then, the student’s ability to retain consciousness faltered. Varren’s eyes were forced shut, and his mind fell into a void of darkness.

”Come on, open damn it. What, did you forget to work out your eyelids? ...Actually, I really need to get into working out. I think I’ve gained a few pounds rece- No. Varren, keep your head on a swivel. First, assess what you have at your disposal. Four out of five senses are operational. Use them.” The young man gritted his teeth as he began to regain his sense of touch and smell. Whatever surface his back was resting on, it was damp. He didn’t wet himself, right? It’d be even worse if somebody else took a leak on him. But given the heat and lack of smell, such a claim was crossed out. So it was just ordinary dew, accompanied by a chilly climate and heavy atmosphere. His fingers began to tingle and slowly wrapped themselves around blades of grass. [i]”Forest. Outdoors. Troph-san’s worst nightmare. If he’s here right now, I’m sure his heart will break if there isn’t any WiFi nearby.” The hairs on the back of his neck brushed up again the cool terrain. The feeling helped to spur his mind, but only by a little. Soon enough, his ability to hear returned.


”He knows I fairly disliked that movie. Hawkeye would never kneel before a deity. He’d shoot an arrow at his knee.” Varren began to regulate his own breathing, then felt himself suddenly thrashed around by Troph’s incessant shaking. [i]”I swear, if this guy was an EMS. He would shake the patient to death, and accidently bash their brains in. Something along those lines. Alright, back to gaining control of feeling. Joints are a little… stiff. Kinda sore, actually. Not even sure if I really want to wake up now. I mean, the ground is pretty comfortable. But I do have to find out what happened to Justin, Pres, and everybody else in the club. Although, that could wait until lat-” His ears picked up the sounds of approaching footsteps, another individual leaned over Varren.

”..."Troph-san, do you have a marker on you by chance? Preferably a permanent one.”

And with that uttered, Varren’s self-defense system enacted protocol. It quickly switched into gear, prioritizing adrenaline supplementation over other bodily processes. His eyes flung open and were instantly fixated on the white-haired student, Maina. He furrowed his brow and jutted a finger at the girl, ”I swear on whatever deity that cold heart of yours puts faith into, if you attempt to even draw on par with Leonardo, it’s gonna hit the fan. And by it, I mean Yotsuki-san’s cooking. Wouldn’t want to throw away gifted creations, now would we?” He sat forward and let out a sigh, taking in the surrounding setting. His presumptions were correct; they were indeed inside of a forest of sorts. Clouds of mist floated around them, obstructing any farsighted vision. He was barely able to make out the structure of a building to their six o’ clock, but its decals were blurred out by the fog.

Varren fixed his jacket and tie, then looked up at his fellow classmates. ”I guess your adoptive mother is still asleep, Troph-san? I thought I would’ve been the first to wake up. Could’ve teased you all about your sleeping faces. You’ve seen mine one time too many. He stretched out then helped himself onto his feet. ”Well, let’s wake up Yotsuki-san, then proceed to that house over there. Might be some resources, and some clues as to where we are. I would like to find out how we got here, but establishing means of prolonging our survival is more important.”

The setting changes from Homurahara Occult and Horror Clubroom to Park


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Character Portrait: Maina Yuujiru Character Portrait: Varren Yinyues Character Portrait: Yuzuki Yotsuki Character Portrait: Troph

0.00 INK

Just as you all begin to head make your way to safety, a fleshy harmony resonates through the air. Slowly turning back towards the river, you spot several figures emerging from the mist towards the group. The things that emerge, while baring a resemblance to humans, reside far from the domain of man. Each of them is practically featureless, with dull, grey, scaly skin similar to that of a reptile. All of their digits go down to a razor-sharp point to complement the shark-like teeth jetting from their gaping maws while each one of their dragging steps creates a noises similar to meat slapping against a board.


Their attention doesn't appear to be that focused; however, you get the feeling that they are all aware of your presence. And while their advance is slow, you figure it's only a matter of time before they make it to where you are.

[Encountered Cadaver x10]


Monster Stats and Abilities Revealed:
AGI (5)


Encountering Monsters
Oh~? It seems like you've finally met one of the many lovely beast which occupy this glorious garden. Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but... I wouldn't count on them being friendly~ So, naturally, as prey standing before it's predator, you have two choices: fight or run. However, bear in mind since you've never encountered a creature such as this, you have no idea what it's capabilities are. Of course this can be remedied by simply engaging the threat, but whether or not you can stand to do that... I'm not telling~

Live or die. Kill or be killed. The choice is yours, my precious rats~

Running Away
Mice are so good are running, don't you think~? But you know, it is basic instinct to run away from that which oppresses you. Fear, trauma, the past, love, responsibility, it makes no difference. All that matters is that you get by, right~?

To run away from enemies, you simply have to have higher Agility than them.

Kill to Live
A macabre buffet~ A banquet of carnage~ A waltz of savagery~ Fighting... it's such a simplistically beautiful thing. It just goes to show you how the world's most trivial of delicacies and bear such profound complexities. Though I suppose you truly have to experience it...

To fight, first insure that your Agility is higher than your target's Evasion. If it is, you hit and the difference between your attacking stat and their defensive stat is taken off of the opponent's HP. Of course, there are several ways to overcome this system; however, we will leave those for a later time.

As you are unaware of an enemy's stats at first, you will have to rely on the GM to perform calculations. However, as stats become readily available, feel free to do them yourselves.

The setting changes from Park to Homurahara Occult and Horror Clubroom

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Troph began to get agitated as his attempt to rouse the hibernating Varren seemed fruitless.

It wasn't until a voice spoke out, that Troph gave up. With a startled jump, Troph turned back to see Maina making her way over to him and Troph.

'Well that saves me the trouble of waking every one of these lazy bums up.' Troph thought, as he stood up to meet her.

"Yeah. This place is pretty weird. Its almost as if we were sucked to another world." Troph stated nonchalantly, once again taking another glance at the building atop the hill. If there were answers to be found, that was definitely a good place to start.

'Jeez. If we got sucked into a manga, it should have been a Shonen one. With those beautiful girls and manly men screaming about friendship and all. But no. Survival Horror it is.'

To Troph's annoyance, his childish thoughts were interrupted by a question from the newly awakened Maina.

"Troph-san, do you have a marker on you by chance? Preferably a permanent one."

Troph stared at Maina with a blank expression for several seconds, before finally acknowledging what she was getting at. The mischievous glare in her eye diminished any mystery there was to be found in her question.

"What do you know? It just so happens that-... Ara?" Troph began to reach into his pocket confidently, only to pull it out in surprise. Upon opening his concealed fist, Troph's palm withheld a single portable charger.

"Huh. That's strange. I must have grabbed my charger instead of the sharpie..." Troph explained, while rubbing the back of his head, sheepishly.

Troph hadn't been the least bit surprised when Varren awoke, no doubt on high alert.

'It seems that he still remembers...' Troph's face paled at the memory of Varren's rage-infused torture, once he found out that Troph had been the one egging Maina on with their little prank.

"Adopted mother? You mean Yotsuki-chan, right?" Troph looked over to the unconscious baker with a tinge of worry. While Troph had forced the embarrassing nickname on her, he usually only referred to Yuzuki as "Mama" when he was speaking to her directly.

Kneeling next to her, he gave Yuzuki a couple of light slaps on the cheek.

"Mama. Varren is bullying me again. Wake up and nail him with your ladle." Troph stated in an almost monotonous voice.

It was then that a sudden tension inhabited the air. It felt similar to the way the shadow from earlier did. Oppressing and deadly. Taking a look back, Troph tilted his head to the side in disbelief.

"What are those things? Fishmen? Murlocs? These must be the basic mob creatures for this area." Troph speculated, while reaching for a switchblade that was strapped to his belt. Flicking it out and holding in the general direction of the sickening creatures, Troph readied himself for whatever action the group chose to take. Whether it be fight or flight, Troph was ready.

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''If you just watch, you learn a lot. It takes time so best get comfortable.''
Sentinel || Noisestorm

Lying on the ground of the poorly lit room, where the overhead light swung side to side with a slow creak of rusting metal. The drips of water from a old tap, the water orange from rust going down a none existent drain and onto the tiled floor stained red. Cold yet the air is heavy. Must be near the boiler room. The stench of congealed bloody hand prints on the walls and the rest smears as if someone slipped on the bloody floor beneath them with a heavy injury to their abdomen. This was not a good room to be in it seemed, the stench of blood, bile, piss and death lingered here. Yet unconscious bodies laid in the very room, not yet aware...

Nixyn flinched at the passing chilling wind, eyebrows frowning as the stench with the wind of decay, blood, piss and bile passed his nose. The dripping water frightening him in his slow rousing from unconsciousness and the sticky red substance on the floor making him cringe. When his eyes opened, they were bright, pale green blue but they were awfully confused. Looking around and squinting as the swinging light glared into his eyes. Once his eyes slowly adjusted to the light he gasped at the sight of blood. Instantly sitting up to find himself covered in blood that was not his own as he touched himself to find himself unharmed.

But then he looked around further and found he was not alone. Three others were there also, unconscious just as he was. He was reluctant to converse with them but... He couldn't not. They were, just like him covered in blood. So he slowly checked them all out, since he had medical experience. Such an ironic thing that he was from what he could tell from the worn sign above the only exit of the room saying 'Morgue' that they were indeed in a hospital. And in the basement they must be, along with the boiler room. How this place still had electricity was a wonder to him since it was so run down... But... It still looked like it was being used... And not out of the goodness of someone's heart.

So he checked the others to make sure they were not injured as well as wake them up. He was strangely calm for this situation but as a nurse blood, bile and human waste was expected to be dealt with once or twice at one point in the job. But he wasn't completely without nerves but he would not allow them to best him. His willpower and sensical mind was strong. He then get up, his face of disgust as he looked at his joggers, loose tank top and trainers. Ruined by blood... But this did not matter. What matter was what was going on and how did they all get here. He didn't recognise these people either. He went to the sink and turned the tap. Surprisingly after waiting for a minute or so the water ran clear. He took a sip of the water then washed the blood from his arms, chest, neck, hands, face and red hair. At least he could be somewhat clean... Even if they clothes were not. Perhaps he and the others could find some replacements in exploring.

He turned to the others he had checked over for injuries and gently woken up and began to talk. ''Before you ask, I do not know where we are... exactly but we seem to be in an old hospital judging from the sign above the exit of this room... I took the liberty to check you for injuries...'' He looked at the floor and cleared his throat. ''I am a nurse, so I have some medical knowledge to help you all if you do get injured... But this means the blood around you... Is not yours.'' He put his hands up that was clean. ''But please, calm yourselves. We must work together and get out. Together. This sink works so if you are thirsty, drink up... I don't know where water will be next. Wash your skin where the blood is too... You don't know if whoever's blood this is had infections or diseases and I am sure you would like to be more... comfortable. Wash your hair if you need too... We can look for clothes when we start exploring the Hospital. So I hope you can bare with me.'' He scratched the back of his neck for a moment before continuing. ''And my name is Nixyn. Call me Nix for short if you like... If you... have any ideas or questions I can answer then please speak up... I just want to help.''

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As the senseless chatter between the president and vice-president carried on, Ryusuke was just about ready to leave, his patience reaching it's climax.

Noticing his younger brother, Sin wander in right as the ritual was about to begin, Ryusuke quickly changed his mind. He honestly wouldn't even be here if it weren't for Sin. Ryusuke had to keep him in check and make sure he stayed safe, as was his duty as an older brother.

"Sin... Did you seriously get lo-"

Ryusuke opened his mouth to scold his brother for being tardier than him, but his voice was cut short as the president finished her incantation.

A sudden rush of intense pressure enveloped the room and froze Ryusuke in place. As if being controlled by some outside force, his eyes made their way to the center of the room where a terrifying creature seemed to tower over Haruka. Being only feet away, Ryusuke's first instinct was to punch it. But for some odd reason, he lacked the capability to even breathe. Was he afraid? Had he been utterly paralyzed by fear? No... Something of this caliber wouldn't shake Ryusuke's will that easily.

Before Ryusuke was even able to construct another thought, the sudden chain of events fell through too quickly for any one man to comprehend. Justin's death, the soul-rending pain, the black out that seemed as if it would never come. Ryusuke simply couldn't fathom it all.


“Uaahhh… The hell happened here…?”

Waking up second in the hospital room, Ryusuke was definitely not amused. He could still recall what had happened back inside the classroom. That shadowy son of bitch that had appeared after the ritual and how he’d killed Justin. If he ever got his hands on whatever that thing was, things would definitely not end pretty.

From what Ryusuke could gather, that thing was probably responsible for throwing them in here and knocking them out earlier. Whatever it was, it had succeeded in making him go from calm to angry to really-damn-pissed-off in only a couple seconds. And to him, that was really quite an achievement.

His anger would have to hold, though. From what he could tell in the dimly lit room, it was nowhere in sight. Instead, a couple of the club members were there, although they were clearly missing quite a bit of them.

Standing up, he began to make his way towards the two other standing figures he could make out in the darkness.

'Tanaka and... Gensou?'
While taking note of the two with him, Ryusuke's mind wandered elsewhere.

'Where the hell is Sin at? Don't tell me he's alone... Or maybe he's already...'

The mere thought enraged Ryusuke to a point where he considered tearing apart the entire room, without any thought to how it could effect the others. Right now, every sensory organ in his body was on fire. Blinded by his rage, Ryusuke's senses actually appeared to be somewhat heightened. Or was it something more...


[Ability Activated: Sixth Sense] Having been raised to fight like an animal when necessary, Ryusuke has developed a sort of sixth sense. While he can't see or directly interact with them, Ryusuke can feel when otherworldly entities are nearby.


'What is this presence?...'

As this single thought entered Ryusuke's mind, a voice suddenly spoke up.

''Before you ask, I do not know where we are... exactly but we seem to be in an old hospital judging from the sign above the exit of this room... I took the liberty to check you for injuries...''

Ryusuke turned towards the new voice. He couldn't instantly tell that whoever it was, he was not familiar with them in the slightest. A complete stranger and potential threat, if anything.

Ryusuke simply stared at the man as a frightened animal would, while being cornered by an assailant. He didn't trust this man. He didn't like this man. He wanted to rip this man apart. Above all else, Ryusuke feared this man.

While it was dim, Ryusuke felt a sinister force emitting from Nixyn. He couldn't tell if it was the man himself or some mark that was placed on him. All he could tell that it was bad.

As Nixyn began to go on and Ryusuke became a little puzzled, while still maintaining his glare.

'What does this monster take me for? Who does he think he is talking as if hes a human being? I know what you really are...'

As Nixyn finished giving out his name, Ryusuke wasted no time in giving his response.

"If you even take one step closer to me, I'll tear you limb from limb you fucking demon."

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''If you just watch, you learn a lot. It takes time so best get comfortable.''
Sentinel || Noisestorm

Nixyn looked at one of the people he helped shake awake but gently, getting a cold shiver down his back and paling as he was called a demon. Though he was not one and he was very aware of that... But he knew he was not pure either. He just looked at Ryusuke for a moment, looking at him up and down to really take his appearance in then folded his arms and frowned. Tilting his head and tapping his foot at the guy. ''By all means, make friends but insulting people. I am sure you will be a good catch.'' He was being sarcastic, clearly. He stood up straight, moving his red hair from his face some in thought before continuing as he looked at the young man. ''If I was a demon, why would I be here? It doesn't look like I have comrades here that will help me whisk away after devouring your souls.'' He got a bit amused and started wiggling his fingers at Ryusuke, grinning and laughing a bit. ''So you may become my expendable men in arms WoooOOOoooOOo~'' He went dead pan in the face and the niceties were gone, at least for now with Ryusuke. ''Cut the bullshit. You'll live with my 'demonic' presence just a little while until we can get out. Then you can sanctify me and curse my name all you want when we are free. As for now we are stuck together and clearly I am not going to attack you. So lets just agree to disagree mm?''

He looked at one of the others in the room to find one was a Hybrid, blond with cat like hues. He would not lie, it was a bit... off putting but only because of his history and past. But he certainly wasn't going to single anyone out even though himself already was in Ryusuke's eyes. He also looked at the young girl, blonde as well and blue eyed. His eyes were somewhat unnatural with their paleness but otherwise blue green in tone. He smiled at both of them, bowing his head in greetings the next before tilting his head at them. ''So, am I the big bad wolf to you too mm?'' He chuckled a bit in amusement but his face went serious. He had to know that at least someone could work with him. If not, he would still help - of course - But it would be simply... harder to do so.

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Keiza stood from Akira's side and looked around the room once more as they began to regain their composure. It was a troubling thing to witness the death of a friend and then be whisked away from the world you know and somehow placed in such a false reality.

Though as he ran his hand over the length of his arm, the idea that this was just another world all together washed over him. That or it was terrible counterpart to what they lived in. It was then that he began to wonder why he felt so at ease in this play, besides the feeling of dread that came from their situation. All was fine inside of his mind and that was what bothered him the most.

"Get to your feet and see what you can find.. we need to be ready for anything that happens here."

Keiza was quick to head back to the desk at the head of the class, now sitting in a crooked position from the wall. As if it were a sharp splinter shunted from a day old wound. However to his dismay there was nothing, as he pulled the first drawer open. Save for the accommodation of dust and grime that seemed to accumulate everywhere in this place and as he kept searching, nothing became any better.

Not a thing existed in the confines of the desk and that puzzled him, despite the world looking remarkably like their own. Nothing was as it stood in its entirety, because he highly doubted the homeroom teacher would have a completely bare desk.

He reels back and kicks the edge of the desk in frustration, not hard in his defense, but the state of the wood was enough to splinter a nice chunk of its leg. Sending small pieces of wood flying, as if scared critters sent jumping from an open flame. However as he stands back from the desk, his back hits the chalkboard and he makes the eraser fall. Its landing does the same as most of the room, pluming out a small display of dust. Though honestly it could be chalk as well, but frankly it would be impossible to determine such a spectacle.

Keiza can feel his nerves center once more as he looks at the children in his care and speak. "Sorry.. frustration is never the best of my days." Leaning over and picking up the eraser, he returns to set it back on its perch in front of the board. As if doing so would be some cosmic action that would set all things right once more. Or to set his mind at ease, because right now he could not really decide on that answer.

It was at this time that he noticed something, the board was not as he or the class had left it. Though from the collection of dust he could barely see what was drawn on their now. He twist and turns his view trying to get a better look at the writing, but to no avail it was just too hidden and so chose to draw in one singular breath.

He let this breath go on the board, its pressure cutting the gathered dust from its resin surface with incredible ease. What it would reveal however was all that could occupy his mind.


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He let this breath go on the board, its pressure cutting the gathered dust from its resin surface with incredible ease. What it would reveal however was all that could occupy his mind.

You take a look at the vast wall of text written on the board. The mediums range from chalk, to engravings, and even to blood. Some of the writing has become illegible due to time, but you're still able to make out more than half of what is written.

Code: Select all
“Ms. Takeda went to look for Keiji. Please wait here if you see this.” – Kaoru

“I waited a long time for you to return. I got worried, so I went to look for you. If you see this, WAIT HERE.” – Ms. Takeda

“Leaving this in case everyone leaves. I’m not sure what this place is, but if anyone sees this, please just wait here. I’ll be back once I find some food. If there are others, it would be better for us to stick together.” – Maibara Daisuke

“Geez. I’m starving… Daisuke, hurry up with the food.” – Hibari

“Keep your chin up, Hibari. We’ll make it out of this.” - Chiba

“We haven’t left this room. Seems like no one comes back. We want to leave, but our spirits are getting low and our minds are going the more hunger sinks in. Writing on this board is probably the only thing helping right now.” – Hibari

“It’s been 3 days now. Hibari seems to like writing on this board, but I find it a bit depressing…Although, it’s probably because of her that the mood isn’t as bad as it could be. Just wish she wasn’t sick today… I could use a bad joke or two.” – Nara Naowaki

“Day 4. Thirsty. Drinking urine as last resort. Feeling sick.” – Hibari

“Day 4. Everyone keeps staring at me. They look evil.” – Hibari

“Day 4. Light-headed. Hard to breathe.” - Hibari

“Day 5. Keep hearing things outside. Really cold.” – Hibari

“Day 6. Birthday. Raped.” - Hibari

“Day 7. Chiba and Naowaki went crazy. Killed them.” – Hibari

“Day 7. Ate _______________…” – Hibari

“Day 8. Alone.” - Hibari

“Day 9. Leaving… Will probably die… Tell mom and dad I love them.” – Mochizuki Hibari, 18, Sonohara Academy, Class 3-A

“Don’t go outside! There’s some kind of fucking monster out there! If it weren’t for this weird magic trick my friend pulled, I’d be dead right now!” – Mori Takashi

“Just what the hell is going on here!? Where the hell are we!?” – Yoshikawa Ayase

“The slow ones are blind.”- Makoto

“I’m not sure whether this is all an elaborate prank or not, but I’m sure as hell not staying in this hell hole of a room. If you’re reading this and have any sense, you’ll do the same.” – Keigo

“There’s no food in the cafeteria. Don’t waste your time going there.” - Souma

“There are bodies everywhere! Just what the hell is this place!? Is this supposed to be some kind of sick joke!?” - Shugo

“Looks like some pretty horrible things happened here. But look, you can’t stay here for too long. If you can find food and shelter, stay there and hold them off.” – Hachita Reiji

“Guns are our best option. Get close and your dead. To help everyone out, I’ve placed a few in the storage closet. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.”- Souma

“What are these things!? They even managed to rip that freak Yusuke in half like it was nothing!” – Miyamoto Ise

“Bullet wounds are too shallow. Cut them apart.” - Makoto

The setting changes from School Building to Hospital Building

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0.00 INK

Kirio stared at the wall.. for.. around 30 minutes now, and the reason was because- well hell he wasnt sure what to think. To put it simply, he currently felt like a cat that was going through some mental trauma and all he was capable of doing is blanking out rather idiotically. It was only a couple minutes later that his body became responsive and it was after his hybrid senses slipped out of its dormant state (from hiding his species for a while) and began to feel the dark powers around him. This brought a tingle down his spine, and surely the grin that was creeping on his face was from ear to ear. 'We are not all human.' His cat like eyes slid to each people in the room, and his orbs gleamed with curious intent. 'I can finally be a little more open.' Kirio felt the magic rush through his body, 'Or maybe a bit more.' He stiffled a cackle.

"Well what I miss!" He chirped, looking around lost. "Oh yeah, we got sent here.." He sniffed the air, smelling awful chemicals and cleaning materials, definitely a hospital. 'Well now what.' He thought, feeling a bit bored, and that was.. well boring and bad, possible destructive. Looking towards the other people in the room, his eyes sought out two in particular- the ones with the bad vibe. He lived for interesting chaos. ''So you may become my expendable men in arms WoooOOOoooOOo~'' He went dead pan in the face and the niceties were gone, at least for now with Ryusuke. ''Cut the bullshit. You'll live with my 'demonic' presence just a little while until we can get out. Then you can sanctify me and curse my name all you want when we are free. As for now we are stuck together and clearly I am not going to attack you. So lets just agree to disagree mm?''

He blinks, and suddenly he was seen giggling, holding his stomach from the pain of joy. 'So, am I the big bad wolf to you too mm?'' He looked up at the man, his eyes filled with tears, "Hahaha~! Of course not! Maybe big, but not bad. Just funny." He paused, before giggling even more, "Interesting too" He had to pay this man back for making him feel laughter, been awhile since Kirio.. was restricted from other activities. 'But maybe not anymore?'
"oh yeah.. um." Where were his human manners, "My name is Kirio Gensou, or well Kiri for short if you didnt know! What's your name Wolf-San?" He glanced at the others, wondering if they'll spill any information as well. Kiri hated being in a situation he was unknown about, even if it was really fun.

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''If you just watch, you learn a lot. It takes time so best get comfortable.''
Sentinel || Noisestorm

Nixyn turned to the one he was questioning about him being the 'big bad wolf' and smiled pearly whites at the young man before holding the back of his neck, looking to the side, easily embarrassed by flattery it seemed but only by men he found attractive. But of course, he would not openly say that, it would be bad timing at the moment in a room surrounded in blood, bodily fluids and bleach... All the things he hated smelling, perhaps someone from down stairs was having a chuckle at his predicament. He huffed air from his nose at the thought and cleared his throat before looking back up at the man's seemingly golden feline hues with his pale bright blue ones.

Smiling away at the young man before walking up to him, standing up tall and broad but clearly relaxed, even in his presence and in the room, completely... perhaps unnaturally calm to the situation at hand. Standing before Kirio, he respectfully bowed his head before speaking, his Latvian accent clear but English vocabulary remarkable. ''I do try to lighten the mood. Thank you.'' He couldn't stop smiling at the moment, a bit caught up in the moment actually as he put his hand out to Kirio, laughing a bit as being called a wolf and for that he 'woofed' at the man with a playful smirk before going on to introduce himself. ''Nice to meet you Kirio, my name is Nixyn Issac Yale. You can call me Nix for short if you prefer it.'' And there he was, smiling again, he swore his cheekbones were starting to ache at this point.

The setting changes from Hospital Building to School Building


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Keiza rubs his eyes for a moment after reading the text that displayed on the chalkboard. It all just came out at such a strange tilt for him to understand, if he could understand it at all that was. In all honesty he was trying to wrap his head around what was going on around them and then this happened. A board possessing dictation from several students from the school, though strangely some of the others were missing as well. Not to mention the strange focus of the text and what lay within the halls of the school, or what happened to the other students.

After rubbing his eyes he looked back at the board.

"Alright, strange is as strange gets.. what is the matter with this place and what the hell is wrong with this board?"

The question would still stay with him, even after the moments pass that he got no answer. It was impossible what was transpiring on the board and even more so for what the board depicted. Then again, the whole incident that befell them was impossible as well and he could have figured something as much.

A course half smile poured over his face, as if the thought was an intense joke that he should have gotten at some point. Which quickly got wiped off his face when the building gave a collective creek of pain, as if each board in the structure was collectively feeling the pain of age. "I'm really missing the headmaster riding my ass right about now.."

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Then everyone got pregnant and died. The end~
*slow clap*

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And then cat babies.

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School Building

School Building by Gintoki Sakata

Team Suicide: Haruka Kuromusi, Yumiko Tanaka, Kaoru Ashikaga, Sin Sakumoto, Akira Renbokoji, Milo Kidayami, Shizuka Kimura, Maya Kisayuki, Sobenei Keiza.

Hospital Building

Hospital Building by Gintoki Sakata

Team Ninja: Ayame Tanaka, Ryusuke Sakumoto, Nixyn I. Yale, Kirio Gensou


Park by Gintoki Sakata

Team Bombshell: Troph, Yuzuki Yotsuki, Maina Yuujiru, Varren Yinyues

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Re: Onigokko

@ Check Mate:

Hello! I loved your post and no worries! School is important! I posted! I am so like excited for Nixyn and Kirio to be conversing~!

Re: Onigokko

Hey guys my apologies >< I said Ill post and I didnt, but I will! Just.. preparing for finals are really tolling, but its the weekend so I have a whole day for myself <3 It will happen. Thanks guys :DD for being patient, thank you GM for being there~

Re: Onigokko

Ms. Takeda, Maibara Daisuke, Mochizuki Hibari, Makoto, and Keigo have been added to the "Important NPC's" CS. All other characters mentioned on the wall are unimportant.

Re: Onigokko

Oh yeah no worries, just lately its been hard to find time for all the rps due to finals and such, but itll be over soon TT

Re: Onigokko

@Check- Sweet~ Good to see everyone is still in this. =w=

Re: Onigokko

Ill be posting soon~

Re: Onigokko

@ Everyone:

I finally posted! -Hops around in her bed covers- I finally posted!! YEEEESSS!! -Coughs and trips over and falls asleep on the floor in front of everyone- (─‿‿─)zzzzzzz~

Re: Onigokko

I wouldn't count yourself out yet. Depending how the rp goes, there might be a spot or two open in the future.

Re: Onigokko

aw. I missed the window to join a horror RP. would have been fun since Horror was my specialty back a few years ago, in writing. I'll still hang around and read though.

Re: Onigokko

Cadaver has been added to the "Encountered Monsters" CS.

Re: Onigokko

S'all good, faithy~

Get well soon, meng~ =w=

Re: Onigokko

@ Everyone:

I am so sorry guys, I will get posting soon. My flu has been affecting my chest a lot as well as my energy levels. I hope to post at the soonest being tomorrow, if not I am sorry but I will try!


Re: Onigokko

Yeah sorry about the location mix up, I had to log back in again before being able to post. Unfortunately the location setting didn't get saved after I brought the page back up.

Re: Onigokko

For that starting post, it's alright that it's in the Club room cause technically part of the post does take place there. =w=

Re: Onigokko

Hey, uh, other "Team Suicide" members (That is a really unnerving team name, @Gintoki Sakata)
maybe we should be posting in the "School Building" location? :3

Re: Onigokko

@Lufia Ah, I see. My friend drew a lot of art, and used the name pic as his youtube avatar. His name was Krad Kazumi. He's got a deviantart~

Re: Onigokko

If you look at the bottom, I've added a disclaimer, since I do not own the images, but the writing I can lay claim to.

Though Protagonist from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor belongs to ATLUS corporation. I'm just a fan of most of what ATLUS makes~

Re: Onigokko

u wot m8, I swear on me mum.

Re: Onigokko

Hue~ Heard attack? I think that's somethin' one might call an ear infection, Jedmeister~ =w=

Re: Onigokko

Hey Lufia, I just saw your appearance. I might've known the artist in the past, his name was Krad Kazumi. Just had a heard attack when I saw the pic, XD