TokyorontoDerek Fightmaster

"Outta my way, wimps." -Shoves a bunch of nerds to the ground.

a character in “On/Off”, as played by The Protagonist

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Name: Derek Fightmaster

Height: 6'3"

He usualy wears T-Shirts and pants and often flexes his muscles just to remind everyone how tough he is.


Derek is best described as a jerk with a huge ego and that isn't just because of his admittingly badass name. He is the star player of the high school football and basketball teams, for that reason all the chicks love him and is pretty much the most popular kid in school. He is always looking to put the nerds in their place and remind them whose top dog around here. He isn't the smartest but always has the best grades because his wealthy parents bribe his teachers to always give him the best scores.


Cell Phone, Wallet, and money.


Derek was born to a rich family of athletes and he has always been spoiled with getting everything he wanted. He always strived to be the best at everything and by "everything" I mean EVERYTHING. He always has to have the hottest girlfriend, the best at sports, the nicest ride, the highest honors (Something that he hasn't earned fairly.), the most money, the "most likely" award on the yearbooks etc. and he wants to make sure everyone knows that whether it is them being shoved into lockers or showing himself off dating all the chicks.

So begins...

Derek Fightmaster's Story