TokyorontoHinata Osani

"Hey Ken.......Hi Alex"

a character in “On/Off”, as played by OldSkoolGirl

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Hinata is beautiful with long blond hair that reached down to her butt and ocean blue eyes. She is tall and slim


She is spoiled rotten, rude (when she wants to be), Nice, funny, and caring (Again when she wantes to be)


Poms Poms :)


Hinata has always been a slut. She hits on every guy and is a major flirt. She is obsessed with ken right now because she is her new crush (for who knows how long) and she will stop at NOTHING to get him. She is one crazy, popular, beautiful witch...but you gotta love her :D

So begins...

Hinata Osani's Story