Vera McCarthy

"This city is like a dirty plate. The dirty spots are crime. And some day, I'm going to wipe out the dirty spots in this city, if you know what I mean."

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a character in “Origin Stories: Heroes and Villains”, originally authored by Abraxas_Axis, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Vera McCarthy
Age: 15
Basics: Blonde hair, green-grey eyes, fair skin
Hero or Villain: Hero, or aspires to be.
Powers: Vera is still just a kid trying to understand her powers. She wants to fight crime with them, but first she must learn to control them.
Primary Power:
  • Solar Light Blasts: Vera is able to draw solar energy from the sun into her and release it as a blast of light from her hands. It damages and blinds. However, she can't use this power unless it is daytime, and she often finds it rather hard to control.
Secondary Powers:
  • Muscle Enhancement: Vera is able to toughen and enlarge her body muscles. This makes her faster, stronger, and more enduring. However, if she's not careful, she could hurt someone with her superstrength. She's too strong for her own good.
  • Wind Riding: Vera can fly along wind currents light as a feather, and also is able to know where all the currents are. However, if a current is too strong she could get hurt or thrown off course. And if there is no current, then she can't use this power.
  • Wall Climbing: Vera can secrete an adhesive that allows her to climbs any vertical or even upside-down surface. However, the activation for the power is still kind of buggy, so it sometimes shorts out randomly.
How you got your powers: After finishing work one day, she went home but got hit by a car. When she woke up, she found she had strange and powerful abilities. However, she still hasn't learned how to use them properly.

So begins...

Vera McCarthy's Story


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#, as written by Mackamp

As Elle walked the card back and forth between her fingers, she stopped and reread it again. There was simply an address, no event, no name, no RSVP. Initially she threw the card away, but something about it compelled her it. So, there she sat in her car, pointed in the right direction, but not moving. She thought back to how she got the card. It was really quite mysterious given the fact that she had never told a living soul about her enhancements. Yet, this card came to her as though the person knew of her powers.

A few nights ago, she was awakened, by a whispered voice calling her name. At first it was startling, no one had said her name out loud since her family died, then she was curious who was calling her. With hushed precise motions she darted between outbuildings and sheds, through a hay field and beyond into the forest. The last time she heard “the voice” it gave her a riddle.

Beyond the woods
Over the creek
Spy a Red Oak
That’s where it’ll be

Nearing sunrise, she entered a field of sleeping daisies, and in the middle was the biggest Red Oak she had ever seen. High up in the tree and deep within was this card.

Snapping back to reality Elle put her car in gear and drove west towards the mysteries address. At first, she thought the GPS was leading her in the wrong direction (since she was in the middle of nowhere) when suddenly a massive building appeared in the distance. The abandon building looked like a warehouse or factory, but it didn’t look like anyone had been there in years. Elle drove up to the gate pressed the call button. She was actually surprise that there was a beep but then nothing. She pressed the call button again and this time held up her card for the dusty camera to see. Another beep was followed by a robotic computer-generated voice.

“Please place your card to the speaker and stand clear.”

As Elle drove through the gate a strange glimmer lite the sky and the once run down warehouse, was now a full running facility or some sort. A man dressed in black approached her.

“Miss Woods we’ve been waiting for you. Please park to your right and go in the double doors to the main office to finish your enrollment procedure.”

"What....what the hell is he talking about? Her confused facial expressions said everything her unspoken words did not.

"Miss Woods, do you understand me?" as he pointed to the parking at the right.

Mentally weighing the possibilities"I have two choices here......I could hit reverse and get the hell at of here as quickly as possible or park the car and see who has invited me here and what they know about my powers.

Although, the latter was clearly the most dangerous, Elle decided it was more dangerous that someone could know who she really was?