The OververseLiving in light

Life, harmony, growth, these things are sacred to this being

a character in “Origins of The Oververse”, as played by the_fluffmeister

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


When this being takes physical form it is a genderless humanoid form that appears very old, wearing robes that are composed of white, gold, and silver streaks in even proportions and a pair of small black-framed glasses. Usually does not take physical form and merely exists as a ball of photons floating near the planet it is working on.


Almost entirely non-violent, produces life with little to no innate ability for violence. prefers to provide abundant plant life for the herbivorous creatures it bring into being. Very slow to act or create something, strongly considers the potential effects of new creations on the overall balance and harmony of what it has created so far. When it creates new creatures or plants it includes in their making the ability to grow and change through time. Prefers aquatic life forms over land or air based life


Divine energy


Was created with the idea of life, unfortunately the concept of violence or death was not included and this being has been forced to slowly learn these things.

So begins...

Living in light's Story