Doryn Soulscar

The suspicously handsome trenchcoated Russo-Japanese sex-addicted torturer/babysitter/bodyguard. A Legacy. Is [b]terribly[/b] sexy.

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a character in “Orsa of Terminus”, originally authored by KilroyWasHere, as played by RolePlayGateway


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Name: Doryn Soulscar
Birth name: Karasu Pollavik
Nicknames: the Crow Man, the Puppeteer of Fear, Oh Son of a Bi-
Race: Legacy, formerly Human
Place of birth: Small town south of Kazan, Russia
Age: Around 88 (though he physically is 24)
Eyes: Irisless, still pupiled.
Hair: Black, ponytail.
Jewelery: His nameplate-bracelet, on his left wrist. An onyx is set in to the metal. Sunglasses.
Height: 6'4
Tattoos: Technically, his Mark on the back of his neck, a circle with a cross through it.
Distinguishing features: Apparently really attractive, trenchcoat, almost completely white eyes, ponytail. He only has the claws and feathers in Legacy form - not in the Bar.

Also of note are the fact his blood (which is not blood, and is in fact spiritual energy that will dissipate if he gets more than a few feet from it) is clear and he can regenerate. If he is killed (a tall order) the Realm will implode- unless he's drained of power, such as by using his power a lot.

Saying his name without his express permission will cause the speaker to choke for about twenty seconds. This isn't his fault.

As a Legacy, Doryn is in fact a parasitic, bodiless creature that turned his host in to a superpowerful being. This isn't just him - this is the entire race as a whole.

Also known as a High Demon, which he is - the Legacies are High Demons, whereas everything else is a Low Demon. Also considered a God, but this is a complete lie.


An utter sadist, he relishes in attacking innocents - except in the Bar, considering he feels sort of bad about killing idiots. Generally analytical, he has a knack for telling what discomforts others. And then uses it to his advantage.

Torturer. Vaguely demented. Gets mad fast. Capable of forcing intense, irrational fears and hallucinations.


His beloved black trenchcoat. His Soul Sword is always at his side, unless he has it compressed in to a knife. Also carries around a wallet full of lockpicks, corkscrews and small blades.

Has the power to force deep, irrational fears, generate doubt and paranoia, and show people their most traumatic events. Pic in description.
Still possesses his power to manipulate fear and cast single-person illusions. Immortal and a regenerator. Knows most sorts of magic, though is quite poor at Ice, Time and Lightning. Hasn't bothered to learn healing spells.


A sergeant in the Red Army during World War 2, the man then known as Karasu Pollavik killed his (equally Russian) father, his (Japanese) mother having been killed in Operation Barbarossa.

Eventually, Karasu discovered beings called 'Legacies'. He eventually became on himself, under servitude of Lord Holocaust Blazerift. His coworkers are Stasis Glassfang (pansy capable of freezing biological functions), Necrosis Blightclaw (jerkass who decomposes living matter he touches), Prism Lightbeam (Holly's wife, whorish light manipulator), and Ethereal Nightstone (Creepy emotionless former vampire, controls darkness).

Eventually, due to a problem with the timestream, he discovered that the majority of the Legacies were going to die- including himself. In exchange for not revealing this to Holocaust, the Tri-Child, Crystal Bermuda demanded that he come over to the side of the Gods and thus be allowed to live.

Doing so successfully, Doryn abandoned the now-fallen empire of Holocaust and came to the Tri-Child's group with less-than-open arms. Kythera especially is unamused by the fact he's allowed to remain alive.

He has recently been given the job of protecting what he has dubbed "The Group", and with escorting (read: kidnapping) Trista Reid, who, much to his surprise, fell in love with him. While he does not reciprocate these feelings, Doryn finds that having a new toy that loves him unconditionally is quite a good thing. Trista is now known as Joules Clearcurrent - for Doryn turned her in to a Legacy.

So begins...

Doryn Soulscar's Story