TokyoAlberto Gladson Isaac

"To you, they're just games. To me, they're an escape from reality, since you know, it sucks. And who wouldn't want to be a robot!? I mean seriously!"

a character in “Otakuworld”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Alberto Gladson Isaac

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student, 10th grade.

Appearance: Image

Clothing/Clothing style: She often dresses in lots of colorful things, absolutely refusing to wear anything that is completely black or grey, unless it has something like her favorite video game on it. She will always wear a beanie and gloves with her outfits. She often dies her hair in all sorts of colors. Her hair is also very long and in a braid.


Likes: Video Games(Especially the fighting genre), colorful things, escaping from reality for a moment, daydreaming, reenacting her favorite characters moves.

Dislikes: People forcing her to do things, dating sims and other games related to the genre, dull colors, having to be pulled into reality right in the middle of her day dreaming, really girly things.

Loser scale: 6, as she really isn’t a complete outcast, but a lot of people also don’t like her attitude.

Sexuality: Straight, though she could honestly care less for love… Or at least she tells herself that.

Personality: Alberto is an otaku that is certainly not shy at all, always being very loud and energetic. She loves video games, especially the fighting genre, but doesn’t really like games like dating sims or games with no action at all. When bored she tends to day dream, and when she day dreams, things go right through one ear and out the other, but then will immediately ask what they said. She hates really girly things, she doesn’t mind a little girlyness, but hates whole bucket loads of it, and will even get slightly annoyed around really girly people. She often tries to be strong and tries to not cry or ever give in an argument, ect., as she sees that as showing “weakness”, which leads to her stubborn nature, she has done precise crotch kicks because people have not left her alone, meaning that she’ll even fight if she has to, but this also means she has a strong will and will get anything she sets her mind to done, no matter what… If she really wants to do it, that is. She is a bit of a loner at first, not really speaking to you much and only saying a word, but show that you aren’t going to tease her, or aren’t a prep, ect. and she’ll warm up to you more… Though to people she’s close to she often tackle hugs, ect. She says that she isn’t interested in love, but really, she secretly fangirls over “manry” boys.


Background: Alberto was raised in an abusive house, often being yelled at and beat all the time by her two parents who would do nothing but drink with their crippling drinking addiction. When she was young she would always stay in her room and play video games, particularly violent ones, as a source of release at first, but then came to enjoy them, though when she was little she only had cheap, old games.

When she got older she began doing various jobs to earn money for her video games and more expensive systems, buying the latest fighting and action games that she could, and found herself particularly liking the Japanese ones. So she eventually became a video game otaku, becoming an expert at video games, as she practiced them a lot. She eventually started watching anime and reading manga, though only the ones with action scenes. She really doesn’t pay much attention to the plot of them, she just really likes the action scenes, though she does remember a lot of one liners.

She soon started to see various “heroes” from manga and anime as being rolemodels, as her parents were absent from most of her life, and this lead to her having a more energetic personality in high school, and a very rebellious one too. She started imitating various fighting moves from video games, manga, and anime until she had “perfected” them, and from that she’s become a pretty good fighter, and now often gets in a lot of fights, and as a result has bandages and some scars on her.

She was teased for being an “otaku”, but what really made her unpopular was the fact that she’d always stand up and fight everyone that wouldn’t leave her alone, being in the principal’s office too many times to count, even repeating a year once. She eventually ran away at sixteen until she found the apartment complex. She begged, saying that she could pay the rent despite her young age and wouldn’t cause much trouble, ect. until she finally got an apartment. At first she didn’t really like her house mates much, but slowly grew to like them, eventually even considering them to be family to her, at least more than she considered her own parents to be. She did make a lot of noise from her practicing her moves, and I’m not sure if her house mates are used to that yet. The only calm thing that she really does is yoga, believing that it will help her with her moves.

So begins...

Alberto Gladson Isaac's Story