Yuka Hisabashi

Yuka is the landlady of the complex

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a character in “Otakuworld”, as played by Aniihya


Age: 21
Gender: appears female but is third gender
Occupation: Landlady
Appearance: Yuka is kind of pretty compared to the others in the complex, just her flaws arent in her appearance. She is 5'6" tall, has long white hair, red eyes and slightly tanned skin. She is thin. On top of her head are two mechanical cat ears in the color of her hair.
Clothing: In the morning she is often seen wearing a beautiful white kimono with blood red flowers on it. During daytime she wears a variety of clothes, often weird combinations. Sometimes she cosplays.
Likes: Cosplay, Ramen, Umeboshi, Brutal Cyberpunk anime, magical girl animes, cigarettes
Dislikes: Hipsters, yakuza, being defenseless
Loser scale: 3
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Nice, cute, can be violent towards rude people, isnt afraid to get into a fight with yakuza, tougher than she appears to be
Background: Yuka was born with two names (Yuka/Ryo) because her parents couldnt distinguish her gender, for she was between boy and girl. She and her family kept her gender a secret and she grew up as a girl. Yukas parents died when she was 17 and left her the complex and a small fortune. Since then she has had a bad smoking problem and bad body odor. People often avoid her because she is a violent otaku who smells like smoke and rice wine. She has very good manners at dinner time and barely no one talks back at her, if she asks for a favor. Because of her fanatic love for violent cyberpunk, neko and magical girl animes, she has gone through a couple cybernetic operations for example: she got mechanical cat ears, cybernetic muscles and eyes and various other stuff.

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