Our Time in Italy

Our Time in Italy

A group of high schoolers are sent to Italy for abroad study. The group doesnt mix too well, and along the way things are said, that can't be taken back, and actions prove more about a person than words. Lies, drama, romance, and personal expedition.

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Read ALL rules before submitting a character. They are INCREDIABLY important. Thank you <3

"The question is always 'Why are we here', when what should be is 'Why do we care?'"

The starting setting is present-day Naples, Florida. The story revolves around ten high schoolers who get grouped together and sent to Italy for cultural study.
The trip is anything but innocent; Filled with drama, mischief, and a damn lot of self discovery. Tension between the teens can lead into extreme scenarios, that will pull them apart or bring them closer. A bitter twist of fate can happen at any time, and just when you think you know the scene the communal discord grows. There are many moments of discomfort during periods of silent despair the group needs to work through. Facing problems head-on and admitting defeat will make the young ones stronger and over-all better people, but what will become of those who can't get over self-pride or emotion?
The end of a long journey is always either a powerhouse of acceptance and jubilee, or distilled anger and loss.


"Everyone is a hero in their own mind, what justifies their motives is another story."

The Cheerleader | Alison Dilaurentis | Taken by: thehalfbreed443

The Jock | Dave Franco | Open

The Nerd | Mitchell Hughes | Open

The Free-Spirit | Tom Hiddleston | Taken by: Mileenazel

The Goth | Kaya Lili | Open

The Rebel | Avril Lavigne | Taken by: LivyGrey

The Hipster | Tyler Oakley | Open

The Class Representative | Lana Del Rey | Taken By: Lottie

The Outcast | Evan Peters | Open

The Class Clown | Kirsten Schaal | Reserved by: ShaShaBoomStar (2 Days Left)

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[size=][color=1]Nick Names (at least 1)[/font][/size][/color]
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[font=3][b][size=][color=1]Gender:[/color] [color=2][/color]
[color=1]Birthdate:[/color] [color=2]Month,day, year, age, zodiac sign[/color]
[color=1]Sexuality:[/color] [color=2][/color]
[color=1]Religion:[/color] [color=2]Optional[/color]
[color=1]Nativity:[/color] [color=2]Where are they from[/color]
[color=1]Occupation:[/color] [color=2]If they dont have a job, 'Student'[/color]
[color=1]Family:[/color] [color=2][/color]
[color=1]Role:[/color] [color=2][/color]
[color=1]Face Claim:[/color] [color=2][/color]
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[font=3][size=][color=1][b]Likes: At least 6[/color][/b]
[color=2][b]Dislikes: At least 6[/color][/b]
[color=1][b]Hobbies: Preferably at least 1[/color][/b]
[color=2][b]Habits: At least 2[/color][/b]
[color=1][b]Fears: At least 1[/color][/b]
[color=2][b]Secrets: At least 1[/color][/b]
[color=1][b]Skills: At least 6[/color][/b]
[color=2][b]Oddities: At least 2[/font][/size][/color][/b]
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[font=4][size=][b][color=2]Build:[/color][/b] [color=1]Describe your characters body-type[/font][/size][/color]
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[color=pink]The Cheerleader: x[/color]
[color=orange]The Jock: x[/color]
[color=blue]The Nerd: x[/color]
[color=green]The Free-Spirit: x[/color]
[color=grey]The Goth: x[/color]
[color=red]The Rebel: x[/color]
[color=purple]The Hipster: x[/color]
[color=salmon]The Class Rep: x[/color]
[color=brown]The Outcast: x[/color]
[color=yellow]The Clown: x[/font][/size][/color][/b]
[font=2][size=][color=your color]"Quote"[/font][/size][/color]
[font=3][size=][color=2][b]Other:[/color] [color=1][/color][/b]

~Character Rules~
  • One character per participant
  • Face claims can be altered with my permission first
  • Do not post characters in OOC Chat
  • Character Reservations last three days
  • Character age limit is 15 to 17
  • If you're interested in playing The Goth, she/he can be altered to a punk, emo, etc. All work fine.
  • Secrets are secrets for a reason; Don't have your character tell theirs the first day in Italy
  • The coding for the character skeleton is admittedly mundane. Include everything, but if you want to make your look 'fancier' go nuts.
  • If you're going to partner with someone and make characters related tell me first
  • Sex is fine with me, to be blunt. But don't go into painful detail, please. Save everyone from that.
  • Refrain from controlling other characters (Duh.)
~Roleplay Rules~
  • Don't join if you know you can't stay long
  • Don't leave out of the blue without telling me
  • Stay active
  • Detailed posts only. No one-sentencers
  • Don't forget to tag other participants if present in-post
  • If another participant is giving you trouble and it cannot be handled independently tell me
  • If a time skip is needed I will be the one to post it. The least amount of confusion is always best XD
  • Checking OOC Chat frequently is recommended
  • And lastly, I'm sorry if there seem to be a lot of rules. Sometimes many are needed though to keep a group from going out of control XD The rule of utmost importance is to just have fun and be creative!! That's always the core objective :) Thank you for reading all of the rules <3

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Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy by Mileenazel

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Re: Our Time in Italy

Two days left, ShaSha

Re: Our Time in Italy

ShaSha you have reserved your character; Ypou have three days left to submit a well-done sheet :)

Thank you for taking interest and asking ^-^

Re: Our Time in Italy

I love the Class Clown/Kristen Schaal character, could I reserve her? :)

Re: Our Time in Italy

Finished my character. I couldn't upload a photo though for some reason.

Re: Our Time in Italy

I submitted a W.I.P. I'll have it finished by Wednesday.

Re: Our Time in Italy

I'm working on my character now, I'm aiming to submit tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning but if that's unlikely, I'll make sure to be in touch and pm you.

Re: Our Time in Italy

One day left for Livy and Halfbreed...

Re: Our Time in Italy

Btw, if I get the chance I'll probably make the first post. After that though I would prefer no one else to post until all characters have been taken. Tyvm <3

Re: Our Time in Italy

HalfBreed and Livy you both still have two more days left of reservation :)

Re: Our Time in Italy

Well, if you're sure, Jynxii. Thanks for taking any interest at all :) I appreciate it.
Best of luck to you.

HalfBreed, your reservation starts today then. You'll get a PM about it as well. Three days left :)

Re: Our Time in Italy

Apologies for my absence here on OOC, I've been busy and I take the responsibility lol.

Jynxii I would actually recommend you finish your sheet now, and if you would prefer I not accept it until others have submitted theirs first I'm ok with that. (Mainly because HalfBreed is also interested in the Cheerleader.)

Livy your reservation for the character has started; Three days left.

Shame to see you change your mind, Sorella. Thank you, though, and good luck to you too (even if you can't see this)

Re: Our Time in Italy


Since someone else is interested they can have the role. I'll retract my sheet. Best of luck to all of you.

Re: Our Time in Italy

Can I reserve Lana Del Rey please?

Nevermind. Good luck to you!

Re: Our Time in Italy

Can I reserve the rebel character? I've forgotten the face claims name but that one xD

Re: Our Time in Italy

Can I reserve Sasha Pieterse?

Our Time in Italy

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