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Drew Middorick

Haters never win. This is true about life. Negativity always costs in the end.

284 views · last seen in Naples, Florida
a character in “Our Time in Italy”, as played by Mileenazel


Andrew William Grace Middorick

Jem - 24
"Male, pale, and spale."
Gender: Male
Birthdate: August 12th, 1999 (17 | Leo)
Sexuality: Undecided
Religion: "Probably Buddhism"
Nativity: United Kingdom
Occupation: Student
Family: Alexis Middorick - Mother, Eren Middorick - Father, Patrick Sleithamm - Step Father, Sarah Middorick - Sister, Samantha Middorick - Sister
Role: The Free-Spirit
Face Claim: Tom Hiddleston
Played By: Mileenazel

"If you don't show up to the party I will personally come to your house and punch you in the dick."
Likes: Tea, Travel, Adventure, History (class), Drama (class), Period Movies, Flower Crowns, Rap Music (surprisingly), Chocolate, Winking, Cliff-Diving, Skinny Dipping, Laughing, Alcohol, Roller Coasters, Horror Movies, Camping, Puns, The term 'darling'
Dislikes: Drama, Commitment, Coffee, Arrogance, Negativity, Deception, Independence, Confrontation, Patrick Sleithamm(with a passion)
Hobbies: None in Particular
Habits: Light smoking, Napping often, Getting distracted easily
Fears: Hurting others when he's only trying to help
Secrets: Almost his entire personal life
Skills: Giving poor advice, Speaking Spanish and French, Flirting, Keeping secrets, Coaxing others, Dancing, Acting, Writing and reciting poetry, Reading emotions, Managing time, Impressions, Juggling, Driving, Rapping (not very well, at that)
Oddities: Can make velociraptor noises, Doesn't blush

"Naked is better."
Build: Drew is tall, lean, and certainly proud of the fact. Standing at 5'11, above average in height, Drew has grown accustomed to being called a 'giant'. Not being the most athletic type, Drew is only lightly muscled. "It's not my natural, genetic inheritance to be heavy in muscle mass... so to say. And I'm alright with that." Drew laughs in an odd pride. Despite this, he isn't afraid to show his body, having his fair share of nights out skinny dipping.
"When people don't like themselves very much, they have to make up for it. The bully was a victim too."
Appearance: Drew has short, rarely groomed curly blonde hair. Because it's so manageable as is, he doesnt bother to really brush it that often, as gross as that may sound. Thankfully no one really notices, aside from the fact it looks like he washes it with salt water. Drew's eye color exchanges from blue, grey, and green; Never staying a specific color. His lightly tanned skin tone compliments them well, and sometimes makes the eyes look bigger than they actually are. Although with a young face, Drew has a sculpted jawline with cheekbones to match, giving him unintended sharp looks.
Additional Markings: Drew has various bruises, old and new, scattered about his body. Not too many scars, but the ones he has aren't deep.
"For myself, for a long time... maybe I felt unauthentic or something, I felt like my voice wasn't worth hearing."
Personality: Drew is essentially a big bundle of everything a teenager should be: Layed back, positive, sarcastic, and bold. Drew is often described as the life of the party, he's the person everyone else naturally gravitates to. This is most likely because of his relaxed energy and always-presentable humor.
Drew is blunt, charismatic, very articulate, and in the oddest of times a self described feminist. He is honest when he needs to be, spontaneous, and very surprising to say the least. Drew is unpredictable in the sense that whatever he does, you'll want to see it again and you'll definitely want to record it. He can be affectionate, and sometimes a bit too kind. Drew is lazy when it comes to grooming, as is known with his hair, but sometimes he completely forgets he could grow a full beard at any time with the stubble he gets. He's a huge flirt, but unintentionally. Past, and short-lived at that, partners have said he talks a lot, is a bit of a smart ass when he wants to be, has absolutely TERRIBLE advice about ANYTHING, he's an angel... when he's sleeping, and oddly he absolutely refuses to wear sunglasses inside.
"Still a child no matter how you look at me."
At the same time, under all of that, once you think you know Drew, you've only scratched the surface. This is what makes Drew so difficult to have a 'deep' conversation with, if one has the chance to get that far. Even with his closest lovers or friends, Drew has yet to open up about anything that's happened in his youth or home-life. Never believe you've known Drew until he tells you the name of his real father.

"I don't think anyone, until their soul leaves their body, is passed the point of no return."
Background: Andrew William Grace Middorick was born 5:12 A.M. on August 12th, 1999 into a family of mother Alexis, father Eren, and older twin sisters Sarah and Samantha. Until the age of 9, Drew lived an average, albeit upbeat life. He attended preparatory school and was very intelligent for his age. During lunch on a Tuesday, for Drew all was well; But back at home Alexis and Eren got into a severe argument. That was only the beginning of their lengthy falling-out. Soon after Drew's 10th birthdate, the couple divorced, Alexis won full custody over all three children.
"I like to think it made me more compassionate in my understanding of human frailty."
At 11, Alexis remarried to a man named Patrick Sleithamm. For the first two years he was a part of Drew's life, seemingly only to the young man, Patrick was unnecessarily abusive. Never around Alexis or the twins; But when the two were alone, at the drop of a pen Patrick would snap and poor Drew would get his ass beat. It's not like he didn't try to get out of the situation; Alexis was utterly fond of Patrick, and to Drew's horror just simply didn't believe him
(and still doesn't). After hearing his mother could care less about whatever brutal stories he had to tell, Drew lost the courage to show her the bruises and scars, and instead showed his sisters. Alas; Even they couldn't get through their mothers blind attraction to Patrick. At 13, Drew was sent out to boarding school and stayed for two years; Leaving at 15 for America once returning home. Florida was the complete opposite of everything he'd known and been accustomed to. The weather, people, schools. Even his mother changed once they moved. Drew was put into a public, rather than private, high school, and even though had the ability to skip a grade, or even two, Drew decided it would be best to just stay with his age group and go into 9th. Behind his parents backs, even if there were consequences, Drew (being the curious little shit he is) would become more adventurous and go out with his close group of friends to do really almost anything they pleased. Because of this, Drew seems fearless against any challenge and has proven brave to perform dares and/or dangerous, quite honestly stupid stunts (oftentimes for the amusement of others). Presently, Drew is still abused by his step-father, and his twin sisters are both moved out and living together ironically enough in Italy.

"I think it's absurd of loyalty to be a top priority in relationships. Respect should come first."
Love Life: Although Drew himself has a difficult time 'falling in love', his past partners found it absurdly easy to fall head-over-heels for the Brit. These relationships didn't last long due to Drew's impatience and unwillingness to take time and build a deeper connection. He has huge commitment issues; The romantic passion and care within him has been inherently flawed most likely due to his parents splitting. Drew is oblivious to this and would like to keep it that way, honestly preferring to be a hound rather than a husband. Realize though that just because Drew doesnt judge himself or others based on how many they've slept with doesn't mean he'll go around blinding fucking anyone. If it's a bad decision he'll regret in the future Drew knows to back off and let things be. It's long-term relationships he can't handle, short-terms are "Quite pleasant." In general, Drew is attracted to his short-lived partners minds apposed to their bodies. Sure, a Barbie figure is nice for a day or two, but what comes after that? Those flings that last no longer than a week Drew likes to call mere 'flirtationships'. Some relationships end even more prematurely simply because Drew 'strongly dislikes' a tease. Sexuality-wise, Drew identifies as undecided because with males he finds himself attracted to, but uncomfortable with in a relationship or in the bedroom.
Image Image
"What's my guilty pleasure? Well, I never need to feel guilty about pleasures."
The Cheerleader: "She's nice, I enjoy her company. Bland for a cheerleader, but by stereotypes that's a good thing. Don't know too much about her, that doesn't mean I don't want to though."
The Jock: x
The Nerd: x
The Goth: x
The Rebel: "She's batshit insane! We constantly butt heads, and I completely understand why. Her personality is hard to mix with, and even harder to understand. She's someone that can't simply be 'hung out' with, she can't have a descent conversation with anyone. I don't know, maybe I'm assuming this is the situation for everyone else; She could just be like this to me. But whatever the case, that louse needs to stop fucking around. And I'm the one to talk!"
The Hipster: x
The Class Rep: "She's erm... Different. From what I'm used to, anyways. I guess I don't understand those who sit too high up on their horse. I predict our relationship will be the opposite of salubrious. I will say though; Her drab eyes are... inviting. Her beauty will last."
The Outcast: x
The Clown: x
"Don't trust me at all~"
Other: Drew can be incredibly clumsy | Drew is a low-key slut | It's extremely rare to see, but if Drew gets angry there's a chance he could physically lash out at someone | Drew's twin sisters are five years older than him | Eren is from Scotland | Alexis is a red-head | Drew attempted acoustic guitar once but never had the time to keep up a practice schedule, so he gave up | At most times Drew sounds like a complete jackass, but he's still almost two grades ahead of everyone | Drew has really big hands | Sometimes Drew will apologize for things that aren't remotely his fault | If Drew could have any super power it would be self-duplication |

So begins...

Drew Middorick's Story