Outcast Boulevard

Outcast Boulevard


Eight misfit teens will learn what it is to love, to lose, and find out who they are in one life-altering summer. (Full!)

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"Outcast Boulevard"

Image She lived in a house, but was homeless. Her parents were wealthy socialites, owning a successful chain of high end hotels. They rarely spoke to her, only judged her actions, always yelling and too blind to realize that her older brother was abusing her. They were hardly noticed when she would leave for days at a time, always being to busy with something else. It was around this time that she met a boy, and that boy introduced her to a group of outcast, high school drop outs. Sure, they were into drugs, loud music, and dressed like crazy anarchist fools...but she joined right in. The boy and her got into a relationship. It wasn't the best, but they loved each other. Why not? They understood what was going on in each others heads, he was willing to protect her from her freak family, and she would do anything for him. So what happens when she gets pregnant? Will she have the guts to tell him?

Girl 1 - Taken by me. :p
Boy 1 - Taken by lilwolfygurl

Image Her parents were concerned. She was fourteen years old, she was hardly eating anything, and her friends were hardly ideal, but she didn't see anything wrong with it. So when they tried to send her to rehab for anorexia, it was only logical for her to run away. She joined her friends, living in an old fire station, prostituting herself out for quick cash. He met her when she was working a corner, bumping into her by accident. He was a college student, wanting to be a doctor, and positively perfect in her eyes. They started dating, but he wants her to change her lifestyle. Is she willing to give up the sex, drugs, and lawless life for him?

Girl 2 - Taken by WrittenInSilverInk
Boy 2 - Taken by Mela

Image He loved his friends, the crazy way they lived in the moment, and the general unpredictability of his life. What could be better than living on your own terms? Who cares if that meant holey clothes and crappy jobs? They all stuck together, through everything. They were his family, the only people he had left in the world. When he gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at a free clinic, why would he want to change anything? It wasn't like he could afford treatment and why would he want to bum everyone out with his bad news? But one drunken night, he confides in her. The one girl who could keep a secret in their tight knit group and the one who had loved him for as long as she had known him. She's determined to help him, but how can she do that without telling the rest of the group? Should she break her promise to keep a secret, or tell everyone so they can help save his life? Even if that means sending him back to his wealthy albeit crazy family?

Boy 3 - Taken by Faithsangel
Girl 3 - Taken by akjadestar

Image He came here to avoid his past, to avoid the girl who broke his heart. He loved her with all his heart, but when she told him she wasn't ready to commit to him, he walked away. He left his town and hitchhiked his way across the state until he found refuge with a group of fire house living rejects. He didn't agree with the drugs, but they were nice people, and he turned into the 'big brother' of the little group. Making sure they were all taken care of and the only one with a "real" job. But then his past finds him, and she brings his...son? Turns out she was pregnant when he left, not that either of them had known that at the time. She's ready to commit now, and not just because of the baby. She regrets the things she said, but is he so willing to take her back?

Boy 4 - Taken by Shudderfox
Girl 4 - Taken by Deadaray

"More Information"

Six out of the eight characters know each other, in fact they all live in "The Firehouse." (It's not really a firehouse, it's just an old building they put a stripper pole in for shits and giggles, and someone said it was "The Firehouse Pole.") The only ones who will be new to all of them at the beginning of the role play is Girl Four and Boy Two. Other than that, everyone living there has been there for a year or more. All of them are 18 - 23, and all of them have some sort of job, illegal or otherwise. Some of them deal drugs, there's prostitution, etc. Some of them might not like each other, but at the end of the day they're family and have each others back. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in OOC.

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- Have fun. :3

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