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Pantheon: Shattered World

Pantheon: Shattered World

A fragile world shattered by an ages old war. Will you reunite it or will you fling it into chaos, or let the world be born anew? How will you reign? This is a tale of heroes and gods.

5336 readers have visited this universe since MartinVole created it.
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The First Age:
In the beginning there was no time, no light or darkness, but the Creator, and under him were his sons, the Rishon, the first ones, the Three Brothers: Azriy'el the Solemn Vow, Hazarmaveth the Fervid Wit, and Y'wn the Median. For a time the three brothers debated peacefully amongst each other, and pondered upon the appropriate flow of creation, the first being the Aether, a living force from which was what gave form to their Will, and then the astral bodies.

Azriy'el and Y'wn were satisfied with the wonders of the new expanse, however, Hazarmaveth grew a feeling of emptyness, what worth was such an expanse if there were but four minds to occupy it? The Creator felt sympathy to his lonesome sentiment and created yet another Rishon, one who was new, something different, the Great Mother, Abaranne, who unlike the Three Brothers composed of Aether was instead of flesh and form. Hazarmaveth was pleased looking upon this new form of life in wonder, Y'wn was pleased that his brother was happy, but within Azriy'el grew dissonance, why create a being inferior to themselves? Such a thing to him was absurd and slowly did he distance himself from his brothers.

The Second Age:

In time, for Abaranne, the Creator would give to her a vast world filled with life, the world of Aettean, and from her was born the many races. Hazarmaveth over this time had feelings for Abaranne he had never felt before, his fascinations becoming a fixation, and from this he strayed from the Three Brothers as well, leaving only Y'wn who felt for the first time, loneliness, but did so silently. Despite his feelings, it was not in his nature to grudge, but wish the well being of his siblings.

Azriy'el's dissonance and isolation had grown into spite, looking upon the races as being worthless, as they could not comprehend the true Rishon form, his form as his brothers did. He had wondered why his brothers were so inactive on this outrage, that these lesser beings had come between them, shattered their harmony, their perfection. Sensing this, Y'wn would try to comfort Azriy'el, to try to calm him, but instead found him resolute in his madness, convinced instead of their corruption instead of his own. Y'wn would become the first casualty, receiving the brunt of his brother's rage was the first time afraid, and mercilessly broken, what remained of him was carried away in the astral winds. Azriy'el felt no guilt, his rage persisted, he had resolved himself in his victory that only he remained strong, and his brothers grew weak.

On Aettean, Hazarmaveth felt a pain within as the bond with his brothers was severed. Before he could mourn the fate of Y'wn, Asriy'el from the heavens came down, like a wave of light, plunging himself into Esteria, sending out a wave of destruction across the world. Coming to, Abaranne and Hazarmaveth looked in terror at a shattered world, set adrift the Astral Sea. Many of Abaranne's children lay dying, she could hear and feel their suffering, a feeling she had never felt before, and a grief fueled madness overtook her breaking her mind, and became as a great tree. Hazarmeveth felt powerless to offer solace to her, and now gazes upon his once beloved sibling, confused and afraid. Here, Asriy'el spoke.

"Look upon you brother, how we were once so perfect in our unity yet now scattered by petty dust that cannot behold us as we behold each other. Where had we gone so astray of our glory!? Why had we become so distant, so blind to one another!? We dreamed up wonders, we made wonders, wonders that these beings may never see like we see, and now you bend your knee to them!? It should have been only us, and it shall be only us again. What I do now is to cleanse this dark spot, and you, my brothers, will thank me for your liberation. Father, bear witness to your son's resolve with pride!"

With this, Hazarmaveth knew his intention, to purge all creation, all life, and return it all to nothing, and he felt powerless to stop it. But then as it seemed its most bleak, the Creator struck down Azriy'el with a single word: "Stop." Azriy'el was unable to move, bound by the word of his father, and his indignation grew. To him, even the Creator had fallen from grace, and only he alone was without corruption, resolved in his actions, his rage, he spoke once more.

"Even you whom held all the expanses has fallen, become complacent and foolish in their ways! To think you, of all would favor these transient things over us, us who never wither and weaken, us who never stop growing... why did you choose them who can never truly appreciate you?"

Knowing he was beyond words, that his vow had been made to end all creation, the Creator exiled Asriy'el beyond the veil, scattering his essence and sealing them so he may never return to follow through.

Third Age:

In his grief in losing two sons, the Creator assigned a new generation of gods to bring order to the ruins of the shattered world, in hopes that they would turn out better than his three sons. The remaining son, Hazarmaveth was offered leadership as head god, but refused choosing instead become a patron for the dead to offer solace, at least, to the fallen children of Abaranne. It is here he created Shalom and became merely council to the new gods. Honoring his wishes, the Creator withdrew further interference and fell into a deep slumber.

Left in the hands of the new gods, the world's fate was theirs to choose, for better or worse.

Character Outline for a God/Goddess
God of:
Elemental affinity: fire, earth, water, air, dark, light, or aether
Alignment: Chaotic evil, Lawful good, neutral neutral, ex
Pictures (If applicable):
Physical description of preferred forms:
Preferred Gender (If applicable):
Means of godhood: child of two gods, human who became a god via apotheosis, or simply came into existence on its own
Worshiped by:
Divine weapon:
Preferred blessing:
Preferred curse:
Holy City State:
Most notable creation (if applicable):
Preferred form of worship:

Players can also choose to make heroes who will last a significantly less time then a god but could be used to do a gods bidding or do epic quests. They are usually sired by a god and a mortal but can be a regular human or even elf. Other players gods can kill them if the have a reason and upon death the hero will reside in the underworlds unless a god of death lets them go.
Character Outline for heroes (mostly demigods)
Picture (If applicable):
Physical description:
Divine parent (If demigod):
Notable feats:


Procedural rules
1. Be respectful of other players and their opinions
2. Although procreation between gods and gods or gods and mortals is expected please keep it PG-13 and don't go into any detail. Just imply what happened.
3. Although you are playing as gods please don't god mod. This means that you can't control other players characters, smite their non-immortal characters dead, have powers that you shouldn't have, etcetera. 90% of the time if your god modding you know what your doing. Use your best judgement.
4. This role play revolves around fictional mythological gods. Please don't bring issues regarding real world religion into the game.
5. I'm fairly experienced but am picking up Role Playing again after a long hiatus. Please be kind to players whose game is a little off or are new to RPing.
6. I understand that we're all busy but if you create a character (especially if there important) please don't be absent for over a week without an excuse. Gods can go dormant or appoint a mortal to rule in their absence if they are to leave or be gone for a while.
7. Please use proper grammar and full paragraphs to the best of your abilities.
8. Overlap between gods is okay as long as it isn't direct. An example of this is you can have a goddess of war and a god of military strategy.
9. If you want to be a primordial god please ask first. I'd prefer the story focus around the reign of the current gods but if you have a good character pitch it could work.
10. Please use common sense when acting and don't try to ruin other peoples fun.
11. Have fun :)

Rules and limitation of gods:
1. All gods are eternal and therefore cannot be killed except for very exceptional circumstances. Don't try to kill each other's characters.
2. The gods are not omnipotent and can be injured, defeated, and even imprisoned.
3. The gods are also not omniscient, can be tricked, and don't know everything.
4. Each god has their own set of powers and domain. Gods cannot control other god's powers and dominion unless there is overlap. An example of this would be a god of War can't make a hurricane, but both a god of the sky and a god of the oceans could.
5. Gods cannot destroy or break adamant. It is a rare greenish metal found in Etheria and cannot be broken by anything. It is a byproduct of Asriy'el's wrath upon the world.
6. Gods cannot undue curses placed by another god unless doing so is related to their domain. An example of this would be a god of death could give someone a debilitating disease and a god of love couldn't heal it, however a god of healing/medicine might be able to.
7. Only the primordial gods can create another planet or universe. They will mostly be absent from the story because most of them have either died or left Etheria and the Astral Sea to make more lands elsewhere.
8. Making large amounts of matter and creating life out of nothing take a lot out of a god and can leave them weakened or even debilitated for a long while.
9. Gods cannot control people's free will; however, they can control people's emotions.

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Character Portrait: Scire
41 sightings Scire played by lil_kreen
God of the driven


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Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth "He moves over the recently dead like a blanket of shadows, a light he shall emit, a guide to their next destination. Rest weary souls within the eternal city of Shalom, where suffering is known no more."
Character Portrait: Rimus
Rimus played by HadronC
''Worry not, time is not of the essence.''
Character Portrait: Xyr
Xyr played by Leocedus
God of Horror and Tragedy
Character Portrait: Creep
Creep played by Zalgo
"Most people just call me Creep."
Character Portrait: Edna Wytrix "I want to one day see the land free of war, disease and famine so it can be at peace."
Character Portrait: Rey Jihara "I will not be defined by my nature, I will go beyond it."
Character Portrait: Bashemath
Bashemath played by MartinVole
Primordial in nature but not quite a god or mortal, growing life from death, writhing shadow born of the sap of Abaranne's tree.
Character Portrait: Shale (WIP) "Do not fear death. Fear me instead."
Character Portrait: Eden
Eden played by MartinVole
The unassuming groundskeeper of the Grand Council
Character Portrait: Carissa Asheton "This world can be so much more beautiful, if only there was less war..."
Character Portrait: Hundun
Hundun played by Chuckles
Primordial Chaos
Character Portrait: Nox
Nox played by Leocedus
Recently orphaned upper class of Disdain. (WIP)
Character Portrait: Tir'Ish Na-Ahn A god formed from the leftover energies of both destruction and creation. It became sentient before actually being formed, and thus has a unique perspective on creation. Claims dominion on others created in the same form: children of energies.
Character Portrait: Kana Na-Ahn
Kana Na-Ahn played by SunKrus
Earth elemental, formed two years prior. Was found and named by Tir'Ish Na-Ahn.
Character Portrait: Azeal
Azeal played by Torrentwolf
The god of Hope and Will
Character Portrait: Hairviu
Hairviu played by aipsylon
God of the Sky and Battle

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Character Portrait: Scire
41 sightings Scire played by lil_kreen
God of the driven

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Astral Sea

Astral Sea by MartinVole

Aettean is surrounded by the Astral Sea. In this massive expanse lies the stars, moons, the home of the gods, and the afterlives.


Raelenea by MartinVole

The City of the Gods

Aettean Ruins

Aettean Ruins by MartinVole

The realms set adrift by Asriy'el's wrath.


Ertse'gart by MartinVole

Once a beautiful forest, now growing rampant without the guidance of Abaranne.

The Lush Lands

The Lush Lands by MartinVole

The realm of Edna Wytrix


Shalom by MartinVole

The ethereal city dedicated to peace for the dead.


Hoffngard by MartinVole

City built by mortal from the ruins of the old world.


Jo'fjall by MartinVole

Mountains still standing after the fall littered with the ruins of the old world.


Icelandis by MartinVole

The frozen realm of the time god, Rimus.

Land of Sorrow

Land of Sorrow by MartinVole

The place of Xyr's mortal nobility, now his personal theater.


Manami by MartinVole

The very ornate realm of the goddess of romance, Ai. Though nomadic may return occasionally here as a refuge.

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With all the activity going on in the Ertse'gart, energy being moved and controlled, the forest itself shaking from the events, and much more beyond. It was only a small mostly unnoticed energy which slipped into the scene next. Xyr was only a trickle of consciousness weaving through the trees of the Ertse'gart now finding his way past some of the back ends of this adventuring party. He would not have much to do here, besides a single task of course. With so many deities here he would prefer to not stay long anyway. Slipping between the roots of the great tree, Xyr settled his consciousness, hidden from the senses of others by masking himself in the horror-bound emotions of those present, almost hilariously Edna's for the most part. He found great pleasure in using her fear to hide his own presence. Located just between two large roots on the back side of the strange woman's body who had come out of the tree, he manifests an item from the shadows. A small hand journal with blank black cover made from some form of silk and ancient off white pages. A single raven feather quill sits resting under the first page, ready to be used. All the pages were currently blank, but that would soon change as it was used. After placing the object to be found by the group, Xyr retreated from the Ertse'gart and left to complete one more task where Hazarmaveth left off.


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Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth Character Portrait: Xyr Character Portrait: Tir'Ish Na-Ahn
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ching, ching
ching, ching

The bells rang once more just as Tir'Ish was about to leave and shortly after Hazarmaveth had already departed. Xyr had come to Shalom, having sensed yet another visit to it from Tir'Ish. He knew about this from the feelings of the champion, almost anxiety driven into fear of the next visit from an unwelcome guest. Not nightmare worthy, not yet. But Xyr would see to what this champion needed. Just that little extra push required. Even if Tir'Ish stays in Shalom it would not deter Xyr from his goal. He settles near the champion, and another book the same as the one he had left in Ertse'gart manifested next to his lap. The two were connected, whereas one would be written in and the other would show the same writing. A way of communication, and perhaps the release of pent up emotions. A penpal, if one were to take it that way. Xyr only whispered into his mind, with feelings instead of words. "Dreams are meant to be shared...." And with that Xyr was away, the only incentive needed now given. He had his own copy of the book and would be watching as things unfolded in time.....


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Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth Character Portrait: Xyr Character Portrait: Creep Character Portrait: Edna Wytrix Character Portrait: Rey Jihara Character Portrait: Bashemath Character Portrait: Carissa Asheton Character Portrait: Kana Na-Ahn
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Edna lowly stood up rather surprised at what she saw, it was the past...such a sad past. But it had been set in stone. She was rather dazed, but she was glad that no harm was done...of course when Bashemath was dragged away by the tendrils leaving the strange figure behind she decided to do something.

Edna crouched by the unknown figure along with with Carissa. "She seems to be unconscious for the moment...And she came from a tree, how strange..." Edna spoke as she looked over the strange woman. She had witnessed a tree create a person, however wasn't mother Abaranne called the 'Great Tree?'...Her knowledge was missing at this moment but it could just be pure coincidence.

Not able to do much right now, Edna grew some grass which softly covered the form of the unconscious lady. A little comfort before she woke up.


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Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth Character Portrait: Xyr Character Portrait: Creep Character Portrait: Edna Wytrix Character Portrait: Rey Jihara Character Portrait: Bashemath Character Portrait: Carissa Asheton Character Portrait: Kana Na-Ahn Character Portrait: Azeal
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A gateway opens from Shalom and out from it was Hazarmaveth himself. He takes a moment to scan the scene, seeing Edna and her champion, Carissa, to be apparently shaken. Over he finds Creep and the earth elemental Kana, it came to some surprise as to see the former here. He then glances over at Rey, who slowly, and speechlessly meets eyes with him. With a slight delay in reaction, her eyes grow wide, and jaw begins to drop, and immediately sets off to fall to the ground and bow, only for Hazarmaveth to hastily beat her to it, falling upon his knees, face downcast.

"No, do not, I am unworthy," he says softly, holding up his hand to signal her to stop. "I'm sorry, this is my fault."

"We, um, actually know," Rey says, shifting her focus from her patron's face, nervously kicking her foot against the dirt. "You did not intend to crrreate the Black Ichorr, you werre wounded, sad, it just... happened. But, mm."

She shifted her focus over at the unconscious woman laying in the grass, Hazarmaveth raising his head would trace the focus of his champion, and look down at the collapsed figure beside the great tree. There was a sudden strange look in his eyes, shooting up immediately, transforming briefly into a black haze to rush beside the strange woman. Rey stands, briefly in shock from his reaction, and glances over. Three times today had she been disillusioned to the authoritative presence of the gods, instead finding them... almost human, even one who looks farthest from as her own.

Staring over the woman, Hazarmaveth's flame dims, and he falls once again down to his knee, this time into a kneel.

"Abaranne," he murmurs, his voice cracking.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth Character Portrait: Xyr Character Portrait: Creep Character Portrait: Edna Wytrix Character Portrait: Rey Jihara Character Portrait: Carissa Asheton Character Portrait: Kana Na-Ahn
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Looks like crow beak man didn't come to elucidate matters.

He looked almost as surprised to see him as Creep was confused by seeing him arrive as well. He stood there with his hands in his pockets and simply watched on as the god proceeded to bow to the cat lady before whisping over to the unconscious bluish tree lady, literally turning into smoke to rush over to her.

He had seen some pretty strange things over his many years alive but what the inky lady was doing to the tree still took the cake. This was a pretty close contender though.

With little to no idea or instinct to guide him in any manner he mostly stood there looking on at the scene.

"So... I've mostly been trying to keep up with the plot here. What's your take on this?"

He leaned over, talking to the earth lady while he kept an eye on the scene.

Meanwhile, from underneath his coat a beetle crawled forth. One of the few non-colony bugs to be allowed within the sacred temple that is his body. It squirmed it's way free from his shirt and fell to the dirt where it started a little foray out. It would be difficult to describe it's rational since the mind of a bug is both extremely basic yet very alien at the same time. It didn't have much of a reason for why it wanted out, it didn't have a reason as for why then and there, it just did.

The little hard shelled beetle did have more of a mind than it's fellow beetles however as it had tasted of the white honey. Enough to get curious and explore. What it found at the end of it's destination was a strange book. It didn't know what a book was but it managed to somehow push the cover open and crawl up onto a page. Perhaps the reason why it sought the book was because it was the only black thing in the area that wasn't moving or smelt of ichor. Largely it's reasons were for the most part coincidence. It chose a direction and the book was in that direction.

Upon the page it made little tracks of mud, the earth that still clung to it's little yet hardy legs.

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Well, from what I can tell, Hazarmaveth has called a council (enclave? Meeting? Summit? Idk) three gods are there, Creep and Xyr are not, not sure what they have planned. I haven't decided where Hundun will enter, probably the meeting though.

Not much else is up.

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Starting post was made, submissions are still open of course though!

Zalgo, where would you say Creep is around at currently? Like around what areas?

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Also it's quite similar to my previous introduction. Not a lot different enough to of really changed his course of action unfortunately so he'll be bumming around until something happens.

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