TerraOfelia Rosepetal

The new goddess of purity, Ofelia finds being an innocent girl for eternity is starting to get difficult.

a character in “Pantheon”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Described Appearance: Ofelia is quite tall for her age with quite a slender physique. She is very pretty for an eleven year old, with black hair and pale skin. Her eyes are a very dark brown, almost black.


Personality: Ofelia is a very sweet, generous and kind girl with a naive innocence like no other. She is quite smart and has a good sense of humour. Her sense of righteousness and nobility is neverending and she is friendly to whoever she meets. However there is a very small part of her that, as with any child, is curious and desperate to try the darker side of life, to learn what it feels like.


History: Ofelia was a gentle young girl who lived in a secluded village. She lived a pure and innocent life, being known as the little angel to everyone else. When she sacrificed herself to save her mothers life, she ascended to godship. Soon getting used to her role, Ofelia did her best to care for her followers, often going down to the human world and doing little good deeds to help them in their daily lives. She always dances with them at her festivals and tries to uphold her purity. However, although her body did not age her mind still did and as she got mentally older, it has started to become extremely difficult to stay pure. Her curiousity to know about the darker side of life torments her and when the darkness begins to rise... it will not just be her followers she may loose.

So begins...

Ofelia Rosepetal's Story