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{Details Inside} This isn't meant for the light-hearted, so open at own risk...

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I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine.
And he knew that it was mine,

And into my garden stole
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.


Murder || Theft || Extortion || Corruption

The world we live in is based on rules, so the one thinking freedom exists doesn’t build his world in reality. Freedom is transient. The only kind of freedom existing would be death, whether you accept it or not. Breaking the rules leads to prison, where everyone is guilty, just not everyone merits being there. Locked inside, counting the hours of your deliverance, planning a route to evade or just stumble upon a new breakthrough. Those on the outside call this place prison... You call it Hell. Welcome to Paranoia Prison. No matter the crime, you're all sent here until your punishment is served. It may take a few months, a year or a life time, however not everything is as it appears behind the bars. But here at Paranoia there is something amidst...though you have committed crimes, you have also been unfairly judged. Why is that? That is why you are here, you must find out this reason and figure out the secrets of Paranoia Prison.

Paranoia Prison is set on an uninhabited island, Pandora, surrounded by two other island, Parashi and Perpetua. The exact location of these islands remains unknown. Pandora is a rocky island, having a steep shore, almost impossible to escape without severe consequences. Eyes monitor your every step. Electric wire surrounds the outside walls. And guards who can’t be bribed – cause they aren’t ‘alive’. Here not all of the Prisoners are Human. The warden is a man a few have seen. He runs this prison all by himself. This place was founded to cleanse the world of criminals...100 years ago. Here you must learn to survive. It is up to you rather you wish to stay or escape, but remember for one to escape you must get past the Warden.


Killer || Drug Dealer || Kidnaper || Innocent

All the convicts are set in the same place, Old and New; they are all 'Guilty as charged' in front of the world. The minimal age of arrest for Paranoia Prison is 18+. Juveniles are not accepted. Every prisoner has a cell he/she shares with a four of others, gender does matter. Each gang has their specific hangout, which they have claimed. You must be inside your cell at exactly 12am, if you’re not, whatever you are doing it will have punishable consequences. However there are places, the otherwise harmless guards, don’t know about. The cafeteria is open 24/7. Other places are also available until 12am. The Prisoners entertain themselves in any way that the mind wants; battles are a frequent disaster or an intriguing game at this prison.

As in the jungle so in Paranoia the law ‘Survival of the fittest’ is established. Those lacking are to be Shunned aside, Killed, Tortured, and for some used as 'entertainment'. Paranoia is lead by established societies in the prison, gangs to be precise. A hierarchy to prevent utter disasters – managed to build itself solely based on fear, many years ago. There is a certain Code in Paranoia, which every 'living' soul knows.

Each cell has four beds meaning four prisoners per cell. Cellmates are randomly decided however prisoners can sleep in whatever cell they want as long as they’re in one during the night. The size of a cell is an average living room. It has a toilet, four beds, a table or two and any additional items you wish to decorate your room with. Anyone can room together, meaning Alpha can room with Omega and with Beta and vice versa. What you do in your cell in none of the Shadows business, actually as long as you don’t try to escape you can do what you want in this prison from 6am-12am.


Shadows || Numbers || Eyes

To all your surprise Paranoia has a minimal number of guards – and not the usual ‘alive’ ones. These men, covered with black cloaks, are in fact loyal shadows. They feed on physical strength and knock you out if you threaten to harm Paranoia or tend to escape. They are NPCs. Likewise there are other creatures lurking Paranoia such as ‘Numbers'. Those who have faced them, roamed through forbidden places or got found out during the night which is their reign. Some say they suck you in like a black hole, while others say they are your worst nightmare. To destroy a shadow is to soak them with water, while you need to shine light unto a 'Number'. Aside from Shadows and Numbers, ‘Eyes’ invoke in the Prison walls. They are the cameras which allow the Warden to see almost everything. However they are not active all the time, only when the Paranoia ‘feels threatened’ or when the Warden has a curious ‘eye’. These eyes don’t have a real form; they are too ‘slippery’ to be caught.

The Code

Obey || Follow || Listen || Respect

1. Obey the Code – those who defy it are to face punishment.

2. Creating a new gang without the consent of remaining gangs is strictly prohibited. No exceptions.

3. Treason is punishable. Whatever its weight, if it defies the rules of a gang the criminal will face its fate.

4. Outcasts may not join a gang, unless they have performed a special requirement. They are on their own. Their death isn’t punishable.

5. Respect the rank about yours. Even if he would be a part of another gang.

6. The Leaders of the gangs may not involve in any kind of emotional relationship.

7. If the gang members agree their Leader is doing them harm they may dethrone him.

Rank System

Bishops || Knights || Pawns || Outcasts

Each gang has its own set of rules, and every gang has a Leader. A gang without one is a pile of incompetent weaklings who lose reputation and place in the hierarchy. Thus dethroning the current leaders has become a bad thing to do unless the majority of the gang shares the same opinion. Even within a gang there are different positions. The Leader’s responsibility is to maintain order among his subordinates. Usually they are picked on the amount of leadership skills shown or level of power. Invoking as much fear and power in others is the key to survive thus prisoners on their own stand in a nail-biting situation.

In each gang there are Bishops – A gathered group of senior members of the gang, those with rare abilities or those who have earned their name by winning many battles. Anyone can become a Bishops if he defeats the Leader. However if he fails his act will be considered as deliberate betrayal and he will be banned from the Gang. As the Code says, he will be marked and become an outcast – unable to join any other gang. {Age required - 27+ Exceptions may apply if a member has shown great loyalty, respect or outstanding power. Meaning ask for permission if you want to make a younger character but with these qualities. Remember one can fake these qualities too.}

Knights are most common in a gang – they are average. Each Knight’s power doesn’t stand out from the other, it isn’t unusual to see two people with the same power but different usage. They are the most in number, it isn’t a myth that they work best in teams however each Knight is different. Knights have the ability to become Bishops, nevertheless above all, respect and loyalty is of most importance which can be faked of course - caused by fear; Outstanding power is also a requirement. It may happen that a Bishop isn’t all that powerful but possesses other qualities to be one. {Knights need to obey Bishops as their superiors. Knights need to respect other gang’s Bishops even if they hate them but this doesn’t apply in combat mode. Age required - 18+ Irrelevant}

NCs are practically newcomers. Others refer to them as Pawns. They are developing on the hierarchy ladders and have yet to grow. Some stand above others even in this period however only after a certain period of time they can become Dusks.

And at last we have Outcasts. They are those who have betrayed the gang by committing a severe crime. As the Code says, the ritual for kicking them out can happen any time. The Outcast needs to receive each gang member’s mark be it a scar or forcing them to do something indecent, or whatever comes to mind. Afterwards they are shunned aside. Some usually don’t survive on their own. They are mocked, bullied and gang members mostly refuse to accept one in their room. Stories of Punishments come from them.


Alpha || Beta || Omega


They are the oldest gang in Paranoia but not the most numerous. They own most of the prison areas but are the most secretive. They are also depict as ruthless, and possess the most unique abilities. They never forgive treason and neither do they accept just anyone. Their Leader is a twisted person as they say. It’s rare that someone challenges Alpha's Leader in a battle. They don’t joke around when it comes to a fight, when given the chance they show no mercy. They are prone to gambling. It is said if one could defeat a Alpha, be it even an outcast, they have the ability to join the Alphas or any other gang of their choice.

Leader position - Taken

Second in Command - Taken

Members {Includes Leader and Co-Leader} - 4


They say for themselves that they are the Alpha’s rivals. Betas always chase after the Alphas with only one purpose, to be better than them in any means possible. They were founded four years after the Alphas and are a hard working crew but dangerous people, with a goal. Among their rows most treasons occur. They are the largest in number as their rules aren’t extremely severe and strict. They aren’t too picky on members. They believe in the more the merrier, believing a great number can obliterate the Alphas. They have the will to fight more than anyone but aren't all muscle and no brain. Clever felons roam around their parts. The leader is said to be open-minded although can snap occasionally. When the Leader does snap, hell breaks loose or so they say. The Beta Leader despises the Alpha Leader for some unknown reason.

Leader position - Taken

Second in Command - Taken

Members {Includes Leader and Co-Leader} - 3


Omegas are lowest in number but their members lean more towards strategy and their brain power. Usually they possess mind abilities but with limitations. They are cunning and clever, using everything at their disposal once Alphas and Betas go all out on each other. They are excellent informants – they like to be updated daily and know what goes on at night. Sometimes they sell information to either Alphas or Betas in exchange for something valuable. If something happens they are first to know. Nevertheless their Leader is a complete mystery. No one has seen his/her face and he/she rarely communicates with others. However Preachers are loyal out of fear.

Leader position - Taken

Second in Command - Taken

Members {Includes Leader and Co-Leader} - 2


They are those who have betrayed the gang by committing a severe crime. As the Code says, the ritual for kicking them out can happen any time. The Outcast needs to receive each gang member’s mark be it a scar or forcing them to do something indecent, or whatever comes to mind. Afterwards they are shunned aside. Some usually don’t survive on their own. They are mocked, bullied and gang members mostly refuse to accept one in their room. Stories of Punishments come from them. Though if you are able to defeat an Alpha you can once again join a group.

Members - 3


There are three main Wardens, each are on a different island. The main one is on Pandora island. No one has seen them before, or know who they are. All you know is that they are the reason that you are in here. {They won't enter the rp until a later}

Warden One - Taken - {Located on Pandora}

Warden Two - Taken - {Located on Parashi}

Warden Three -Taken- {Located on Perpetua}

Character Sheet

Make this as Fancy and detailed as possible, because it has to look good for me to accept. Anime pictures please. No real life.

Code: Select all
Full Name {First  || Middle || Last}

Quote {Anything that describes your character}



Age {18+}

Race {Vary this, I don’t want a bunch of Vampires}

Oddities {At least One}


Eye Color

Hair color



Skin Tone

Distinct Marking(s)

Physical Description

Likes {At least three}

Dislikes {At least three}

Skills  {At least three}

Hobbies  {At least three}
Flaws {At least three}

Weakness {At least three}

Phobia(s) {At least three}

Strength(s) {At least three}
Weapon(s) {Bishops and Leaders can have two, others one}

Abilities/ Powers {Only TWO with explanation and limitation}

Fighting Style {ONE}

Personality {At least One paragraph}

Romantic Interest

History {At least one paragraph}


Theme song

Committed crime

Years of sentence

Years already served {New resident or Old one and time spent}

Number of identification {Any}

Gang {EX: Alphas}

Rank {Ex: Leader or Bishop}

Toggle Rules

1. Follow RPG's rules.

2. Keep it clean as much as possible. Meaning no smut – if you must use PM or fade to black

3. Follow everything you've read in the Introduction.

4. God modding is strictly prohibited. However this is a power rp. One rank in a gang can be more powerful than a lower one.

5. Be active. Not posting in the gap between 3 days means you'll get kicked out. A day before the 3rd day you will receive a notice either from me.

5. Censure inappropriate words. I get that this is an rp where you’d use them the most but have sensibility and spare those who are bothered by them.

6. I want you to be detailed in your post, no one liners but it doesn't have to be a novel.

7. Do romance all you like but focus on the prison theme as well.

8. You have a two day reservation, by then you must a least have a WIP submitted

9. No controlling other's characters please!

10. Respect is needed, threat everyone equally.

11. To reserve a character tell me your favorite animal, while asking for your position or which gang you want to be in.

12. You must ask me to be in a Gang

13. I want detailed character sheets, again they don't have to be a novel, but give me something nice to read.

14. The point is to have fun, don’t over react. And be active.

15.One last thing: Remember these are convicts. Don't make them all innocent, even though they are all somewhat innocent be being wrongly judged.

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Nyx's eyes popped open at the sound of loud voices and she got up off the soft grass, surprising her shadow friends as she left the room and went down the hall. She was kinda surprised to see a gathering of people.
"Alright who's next?" a gruff male voice asked and many males put their hands up.
"You!" the gruff voice growled and the crowd cleared a path for Nyx to see he was pointing at her. To double check she pointed her finger at herself and he nodded. Nyx gave him a confused look but shrugged in agreement. Beside's its not like he was even going to reach her before he fell down dead.
Growling he revealed a sword and charged but he didnt even make it half way to her before his body started to writhe before everyone's eyes and he fell down dead. Her headache grew a little bit worse but she was still fine. All the human males looked at the man in shock before lifting their heads to her, fear in their eyes. Nyx sighed sadly. She didnt want people to be scared of her but he didn't challenge her. It was his fault he was dead. His soul drifted from his body to her's and she sighed quietly in relief when some of the pain went away.
"Snack" her bell like voice chimed as her shadow tiger and wolf rushed forward and attacked the dead body, the crunching of bones and ripping of flesh filled the room as death grew thick in the air. She really should have warned that guy.


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Kenji The Crimson Dragon

Kenji was startled as babble told him to deal with an Alpha spy, he used the voices of himself and the shadow, Arian.
He knew well enough about what he wanted him to do as the near silent handless human dashed like the flash would. "Strange guy isn't he, but we do have something in common we hate spies." Kenji scowled at the Demon-Dark Angel hybrid, from what he had heard she could manipulate shadow and time. "From what I hear this wont be an easy fight, but then again you are an alpha." Good thing for him this was an enclosed and dark environment, she would have unlimited shadow to control but Kenji had trained in caves half of his life how to use your senses like hearing and smell to replace your eyes. "Should I start this little duel then?" He used the same technique that he used against Koro, he spat smoke making it hard to see or breath. In the confusion he was able to slip behind Arian but did not make any attempt to attack. Instead he shut the heavy IRON door shut. Once the smoke cleared he was where she was the room was dark slightly damp but his flames would eat away the moisture of the air soon enough.


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After hours of nightmarish sleep in her dark cell, Kurieji stumbled out. God it was fucking bright out. She shielded her eye and moved her hand upwards towards the sky, causing shadows to rise up and engulf part of the sky in darkness temporarily. It wasn't completely dark, it was just like really dark stormclouds were covering the sun, only without an actual storm. Uncovering her remaining eye she looked at a shadow tiger and wolf eating a man's corpse. She grinned at the sight.
Digging into her hoodie pocket, she pulled out a cigarrette she rolled earlier from a box and a lighter, lighting it and placing the lighter back into her pocket. Placing the cigarette to her lips she inhaled then exhaled the smoke, relaxation running through her body, afterwards walking over to a corner. Kure sat down and pulled her knees towards her, enjoying the sensation of the marijuana she was smoking. She made a couple rings and watched as they drifted peacefully up, eventually evaporating. She exhaled, smoke pouring out of her mouth, and decided to practice her skills with the Shadows. She made henchman, played around with moving the Shadows, and breathed it, eventually stopping.
Glancing around she spotted Babble. As much as she despised the thought of liking someone, she found him intriguing.
Suddenly, she dropped her cig and clutched her stomach, nausea had just slapped her hard in the face. Standing up, still clutching her stomach, she walked away from the corner, not wanting vomit to linger around it.
Away from people, she stopped as she felt the contents of her stomach being forced up to her mouth. Dropping to her knees, the contents spilled out of her mouth, she was coughing and gagging as she tried to get the shit out.
When she was done, she went to go rinse her mouth out then returned with a bottle of vodka. She sat back down in the corner she was at before, feeling fucking awful. Leaning her head up against the wall, she took a big swig of the alcohol, then rested her head on her knees which she was hugging.
Kure sighed. This was life, for now..


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Arian stood stoically at the doorway, listening to the conversation between the two young men. One of them seemed to be a human, and she knew he was an outcast. "What was this one's name? Ah, he goes by Babble. Quite suits him," she thought. Babble started mimicking her as well, synchronizing her voice with Kenji's. The result was slightly unnerving, though she never broke her expressionless look. At the mention of sorting something out with her, her eyes narrowed slightly. Looks like she was getting dragged into a duel. Great. Not that she minded, it was just that she hoped to spend some time in peace, observing people and maybe grabbing a book.

Arian's violet eyes trained on Babble as he brushed past her with a pleasant wink and a wry smile. She stiffened as he closed in next to her to say something. "Snitches get stitches," he mumbled softly to her in her voice, and for a moment it felt like she was talking to herself. He shuffled quickly down the hallway, and around the corner before he disappeared.

Arian hasn't even given the slightest movement as babble departed, instead, she turned her attention back to Kenji. . "Strange guy isn't he, but we do have something in common we hate spies. From what I hear this wont be an easy fight, but then again you are an alpha." As Kenji talked, she stayed silent, almost as if she wasn't even acknowledging his presence. "Should I start this little duel then?" Kenji spurt out some smoke, obviously using it to blind her. She held her breath. He suddenly appeared behind her, and instead of attacking, he chose to close the door instead.

Arian just stepped further into the cell, standing piously. "First off, I am not a spy, I was merely observing," She hummed, finally breaking her extended silence. "You are correct in calling this a little duel, for it will be just that for me -- little." She closed her eyes for a moment as her consciousness melded with the shadows around her. Like this, she could sense much more than just what her body could see or touch. "Do tell me one thing though," she said, her voice as cold as always. "Why are we even fighting?"


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Kenji The Dragon Surrounded by Shadow

He smiled as Arian began to connect with the shadows, if the rumors were true she didn't just control shadow but make the shadow an extension of herself. "I guess you can feel we're I am since this room is basically pitch black!" He smiled he was surrounded it would be easy for her to crush him in a shadow fist and leave. "But do you really think I would close the door and make the room dark if it wasn't going to help me out?" Kenji enveloped his body in scales as to protect him from the heat. Kenji created a small flickering flame on the tip of his fingers, even though the flame created a minuscule amount of light the shadows still retreated ever so slightly. "I guess I have to sleep it out for you I can create fire at will, and with fire comes...Light!" Kenji burst into flames not hurting himself but lighting most of the room up. "You can't use your shadow if it can't even touch me! This is going to be more than a 'little duel' no one leaves until a victor stands." He turned around and used his flames to weld the good shut. He turned back to Arian still aflame. "By the way this will be timed since this room is completely sealed up now and flame eats away the oxygen in the air, unless you can breath smoke." Kenji threw four flame orbs in each corner and one in the center of the room to light it up. He took keen notice of the shadow lines in between the orbs. Kenji's body fire went out, he decided if she wouldn't use her magic neither would he. "Let the real fight begin Angel!" He ran at her like he was going to attack with his fists but instead he planted his right foot kicking her right shin with his left leg. He continued in a furious combo by slowing her on the right temple then punching her with his right hand in the mouth, quickly spinning counter clock-wise. He posted his left foot in between hers and gave her 'the ol right hook' tripping her too the ground. "This is the fury of a dragon but I never expected it would be so easy. He turned around and started for the sealed up door. "Pathetic, and with so much talk."
(Hell na this fight ain't over till Arian says its over)


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#, as written by Zalgo
Babble simply sighed, watching a new scene unfold before him. The newbie, a dragon as evident from her conversation with Yuiama, had gotten roped into the human fighting ring. She quickly disposed of the weird looking guy with a sword before sicking her pet on the dead body. This was the third time she had done something like that already.
She's an active girl He noted, watching Nyx's actions for lack of anything better to watch.

Girl just got here and they already offered her a position as bishop? They keep getting younger don't they. But of course she's a dragon so she's eleventy billion million years old or something. I can't help but pity her really. It's almost inevitable that someone's going to try and do something awful to her. She could be useful in the very near future. After all, we are all after the same thing. I just happen to know what I actually want.

Of course the sky got noticeably darker. A younger woman with adorable little broken handcuffs stepped out into the field and leaned up against the corner of the building. Babble never payed much mind to this particular arrival to the prison, knowing only that her name was Kureiji Satsujinsha and she had short stubby little vampire fangs, not the kind full vampires typically sported. He didn't much care about her but her hair was quite nice, it went rather well with skin. Her presence outside was only really notable due to the change in lighting. A change for the better.

As he was about to step forward and work his sound magic he heard something which sent cold shudders through his entire body. The girl was throwing up a small distance away, way too close than he wanted to be near that sound. It was like the equivalent of fingernails on chalk boards for him. A sound that simply disturbed him both physically and mentally from the sheer simple fact that it was an unpleasant sound. In that instant all sound in the area of the mini vamp stopped. He was creating a field of golden sound separate from himself that blanketed the nearby area that la blue girl currently resided in. With that done, the show was about to begin.

He stepped up to the crowd of fellow men and Nyx herself of course. All the men's worried talk and voices died down to a barely audible whisper in the background, leaving sound intact for only himself and the life drinker. Babble's approach was completely silent as though silence itself had stepped up to her. With a sweet, pleasant demeanor and a smile that could thaw icebergs with its friendly warm glow he spoke.

"Hello! My name is Nyx Luna Nightshade. Your name is Babble. There! Now we now each other." It was Nyx's own voice that was speaking out loud. The entire crowd was listening in, holding their breaths in anticipation during the brief pause.

"I want to ask you a question. Do I like killing? So far I've just come to this prison recently and I have already killed two people with my own power, draining their very life from their bodies and reducing them to cold husks of meat and bone. Do I enjoy the feeling of absorbing the very essence of life itself from those who need it, watching them crumple to the ground, crawling towards their stolen vitality like a man trapped for months in a desert reaching forever onwards towards a mirage of water, their only salvation so close yet infinitely out of their reach? Do I achieve satisfaction from unveiling the truth of these peoples own lives? That the culmination of their lives, their struggles, their efforts, their hopes, their dreams, their preconceptions of the world, their love both of their family and the women that have claimed their hearts affection, their possessions, their faith and beliefs and basically everything they had ever known was naught but a lie set in motion from the moment of their conception? That the greatest lie of all was that they had believed that they had the power to protect themselves and everything they held closest to their hearts? That all the promises they had made to those they truly cared for were simply misinformed falsehoods? And that in the end the only true hope they had ever possessed was in hopelessness itself?...

... Tell me. Do I like to kill?"

These words came not from Babble but from Nyx herself. They were not just in her own voice, the sound was coming directly from her mouth. Short of making Nyx's lips move to form words that entire dialogue by all appearances belonged to her instead of the actually speaker present.

Regardless of whether or not her question was manufactured the surrounding humans who started off afraid of her were now more terrified of her than ever. Even the people who could see that she was not moving her mouth at all to talk assumed the words to be her own. Her speech didn't surprise them much either. The only impression the humans had of her was of someone who could kill people without so much as lifting a finger. The view points she had expressed in question form were nothing less than sociopathy and they expected nothing less of her based on the displays of her power. The idea that someone with power over death itself questioning the very morality of using her powers to kill as though she never had a sense of morality to begin with made them all fear for their lives. The fear she would turn on the rest of them, draining them of life just as she had to the man laying dead and in mutilated chunks before them was enough that the humans vacated the area, going back indoors to avoid becoming her next victim.

The only people who remained in the fenced off outdoors of the lonely prison islands were the three non-humans and of course Babble. The only human left standing before Nyx was Babble, still sporting a smile like he was stuffed not with intestines and blood but with sunshine, sweet candies and cute puppies and kittens. He did not need to suppress the sound around him to create a near perfect silence, the absence of people becoming the reason. A cool wind blew in from the ocean, it's refreshing cool feeling on his body making this moment all too wonderful for him. All he did was wait there, waiting for an answer to his question for Nyx which he had phrased using her point of view as well as making it seem as though she was the one talking the whole time.


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As assumed, the wolf girl had made short work of the humans who challenged her. Their slain bodes littered the ground in pools of crimson. The study had been a success, though never finished in Koro's eyes. Wolfie would still need to be watched in order to collect a sufficient amount of data.
Soon after she was spotted, though it mattered little. Korogu had no reason to fear this girl, had no reason to fear at all. Locking eyes with the wolf girl she took another drag and flicked the smoke from her fingertips, leaping from the tree. Hiding was useless now.
Leaning against the tree she watched as a newcomer approached the group, mutilating another group of humans, and absorbing their life force. It was the first time she had seen this one's abilities. Mentally she began taking notes on her as well. This girl would be a worthy adversary, and it seemed she was part dragon herself.
Maybe Kenjii and I should start with her...a practice run you might say... though she too would need to be watched more before that point. Before taking on another beast in this prison one must always collect sufficient data.
Not far from her another wolf girl sat drinking. A plethora of smells was coming from her direction, making it rather uncomfortable. Firstly the wet dog smell they all have, the skunk-like scent of marijuana, vodka, and lastly and the most foul was the odor of vomit. Though Koro had little room to judge since becoming a member of the undead. She had become stale smelling, and a little sour. However, she still wished to be away from the girl, and since she was doing nothing note-worthy, she chose to save that particular inmate for a later study. Before looking away however, she watched the girl manipulate some shadows, and it seemed, make herself some minions.
Shadow manipulator...hmmm she pondered, unsure of how this particular ability could come in handy for her in the future. She would of course need to be studied more as well, but when she was engaged in something other than self loathing as it seemed she was doing now.
As she turned to watch the dragon girl again a familiar face approached the group, the one they called "Babble". Koro liked him, he was quiet and rarely asked questions of her. She watched as he demonstrated his power, not to the group of humans, but directly to the new dragon. The humans had no idea as they fled her, no idea of who had the true power of illusion over them.
Chuckling to herself she walked slowly toward the two, lighting another smoke. Though she didn't know Babble well, his powers were fascinating. He only spoke when there was something worthy of saying, seeings how he was speaking to this girl, she knew that some critical data would be easily obtained through her reaction to not only his ability, but to his questions as well. As she stepped next to them she stood silently, simply taking a drag from her smoke and listening, staring at the new girl with her cold dead gaze.


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Nyx was surprised to say the least. She had never spoken so loud in her life and she didnt enjoy it, it hurt. Did she enjoy the kill? No not really, she enjoyed surviving. Thats the only reason she killed except for that one time were she lost control.
"I kill to survive, that man was a threat, that incident in the lunch room was a mistake, it is hard to control powers you dont even realize you possess nor have barely ever used, I could have brought that man back to life but if i had he would have wanted revenge, but because i took his life his soul was released meaning another soul with be added to this world, the world is all about balance you kill evil then someone somewhere gives birth to someone good, that is my reason for killing, i dont like it but i was make death to survive. But what is your reason for being here? You judge people for killing without a reason when you dont even know that person and you yourself must had killed as well to be here. Did you enjoy the kill?" Nyx's voice was soft, emotion-less and cold. Though he looked like he was filled to his eyes in sunshine Nyx was not fooled. She had seem so many forced emotions and expressions that she didnt bother with them. She only wanted to see true emotions for those were rare.
Glancing over Nyx saw a woman stand by Babble.
"I have a question for you" she said to the woman.
"What species did you think i am? what scent over-rides everything else?" she asked. Nyx wanted to know what the prisoners thought she was.


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Kureiji looked around and studied the people. There was a woman who seemed to be undead, and definitely smelled like it. Sometimes she wished she didn't have such an enhanced sense of smell. She also noticed an angel, and a werewolf, along with others. She sighed and lazily drifted off.

As Kureiji was lost in thought, a man approached her.

"You," He said gruffly, "Fucking fight me."

At first Kureiji was confused as to why this man suddenly decided to fight her, but, eh.. Why not? She stood up and quickly moved out of the way as he tried to land a punch on her. She smiled twistedly, it seemed this man had no powers as she dodged his blows. Kureiji summoned the Shadows and made them wrap around his legs, hanging him upside down. She appraoched him, baring her canine-like teeth and then bit into his neck, tearing it apart, blood getting on her face. She then tossed him lazily with the Shadows and went to go wash herself.

After she was done she returned and decided to amuse herself by grabbing people's legs with tendrils of Shadow, causing them to fall, retreating the tendrils before they found out. It lasted a bit until some guy caught her and came over to fuck her up. Which of course didn't happen. Before he laid a finger on her she had him cut in half. She found killing and harming people extremely amusing.


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Arian stared blankly at Kenji as he began to talk, all the while knowing where he was in the darkness. "I guess you can feel we're I am since this room is basically pitch black!" his little smile was irritating, but no matter, she would soon wipe that smile off his face. "But do you really think I would close the door and make the room dark if it wasn't going to help me out?" Help him out? She wasn't really that informed on what his powers were, though she knew it was something dragon related. Maybe fire manipulation? Whatever it was, she would find out shortly. Kenji then covered his whole body in scales, and she noticed his irises had turned a golden color. He them summoned flames on his fingertips, and the light they brought danced. She could feel some of the shadows ebbing ever so slightly.

"I guess I have to sleep it out for you I can create fire at will, and with fire comes...Light!" He then burst into flames, sending a shockwave of light and heat. She was almost blinded, and quickly shielded her eyes with her hand. "You can't use your shadow if it can't even touch me! This is going to be more than a 'little duel' no one leaves until a victor stands." She watched as Kenji welded the door shut, the burning metal turning a bright orange as it melted and filled the gaps in the door frame. "By the way this will be timed since this room is completely sealed up now and flame eats away the oxygen in the air, unless you can breath smoke."

The corners of Arian's mouth twitched ever so slightly in amusement, though probably not noticeable to her opponent. So this was his strategy. It was well thought out, and was executed even better. Four flaming orbs occupied the corners, with one in the middle. He effectively got rid of all the shadows in the cell. Kenji let his body go out, though the room didn't dim enough to form shadows. "Let the real fight begin Angel!" He came at her with a kick to her shin, followed by a combination of punches to her head, and ending by tripping her. He turned to walked away muttering, This is the fury of a dragon but I never expected it would be so easy. Pathetic, and with so much talk."

Just then, Arian pulled herself upright effortlessly, wiping at the cut on her jaw. She tilted her head to the side, her violet eyes boring into the back of his head. "Have you ever been told you talk too much?" A grin crept on her face. "Now I understand..." She stepped forward and sent a quick jab at a pressure point on his side, targeting a nerve to give him a jolt of pain. Then, with frightening speed, she sent a succession of jabs at other pressure points in his right arm, ones that if hit just right, would paralyze that arm for a couple hours. She then held back for a moment, then pushed down under his jaw as she swept his legs to throw him painfully to the ground flat on his back. She gently placed one foot on his chest, looking down at him indifferently.

What happened was when Kenji had taken her down, he failed to realize that she hasn't done anything to protect herself. She purposely let herself get beat up, to learn what kind of fighting style he had. It was a trick she picked up over the years.

Suddenly, a wave of darkness descended on her side of the cell, almost like a sea. The shadow devoured the light from the fire on the one side of the room, and hungered for more. At her command, thick tendrils of darkness wrapped themselves around Kenji, and a large block of shadow hovered above his head. "You underestimated me. That is a mistake that leads many to their demise. I can not only control shadows, I can summon them as well. You being a fire user instead if a light user made it easier for my shadows to take over again."


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#, as written by Zalgo
Still using Nyx's voice, although it was now originating from himself, he gave a cold chuckle. Her assumptions about him were just the cutest little thing, like a small child sticking rocks and other things into it's mouth. He could tell she was trying to use the thinking part of her brain to figure out what was going on but she was much too slow, much too slow indeed. He could tell after she was done her little spiel about life, death and soul transfer nonsense he would need to catch her up to the point so he didn't have to sit her explaining things for the greater half of his day.

"Oh Nyx, how you wound me so with your assumptions." He said, her voice only ever so mild with sarcasm behind that statement. "I judge everyone but the sentences I pass no one but the great big I alone hear and I adjudicate no law nor order."

Without even the slightest sound or tell Babble's legs had disappeared in a blur, he was now hovering on nothing but air.
"I carry a lot of words. Words like stone, imbibe, conceal, art, leg, disestablishmentarianism, zen, phobia and so much more! Today I bring you a very special word! Can the viewers at home tell me what word that is?" He said, now addressing an imaginary audience. He stood there for longer than a pause could remain comfortable, almost as if he was actually expecting a reply. "Well?" He tapped his foot in impatience, waiting for whatever he was waiting for, real or not.

"Oh fine! Be that way then!" He gave a disgruntled sigh, looking down at his feet then back up to meet Nyx's eyes.
"Today's word of the day is caution. A- how should I put this... Ah yes! A word of caution per say." By this point he was beginning to float gently along in a relatively large circle around Nyx, giving her reasonable space between them for courtesies sake. "I don't know if you know that I know what you know but you know that I know what you know now that I told you, letting you know."

His smile was almost never disingenuous. While this situation itself would be something he would normally avoid the act of creating disorder within an ordered system was his favorite hobby. His smile had gone to more of a smirk as this was tying up his time when he could be other places doing more important things like chilling out and singing along to the golden sound.

"Your part of their little game now. You agreed to it the moment you accepted their supposedly generous offer. You better start to like killing because whether you like it or not that is all they will want of you. The pawns don't like you because you stand in their way of playing your role, The knights dislike you because the increasing number of people in your rank devalues the entire system with them included and the other bishops will hate you. They will hate you not because of who you are or what you have done but because their leader, the person who gave them everything they treasure, has favored you above the rest of them. He made an exception for you when it is written in their precious code that you should of been punished..." Babble was now back around in the center of her vision. He hovered just a bit closer, the air displacement below his feet could be felt billowing up around him.

"If you don't like killing, you will earn nothing where you stand in the little schemes they write, not even the privilege to choose your own destiny. I remember the last time someone said no to them." Babble glanced momentarily towards his hands, an unconscious action born from the tingling sensation thinking about them brought. "How long you do think you have until they force you to say no?" With those words now implanted into her head he drifted back to where he originally stood, gently settling onto the ground as his legs regained definition.

"I've almost used up my allotment of words for the day. Try not to talk about me too loud.
I do hate it when people talk too... Loud." He turned, about to walk away when he suddenly turned his head back,
now addressing Korogu. "You and I will meet again... Or maybe we won't."

With that said Babble shuffled off back towards the prison entrance, forgetting about the blueberry girl and her ripping shadows busy ripping noisy people into squishy pieces in one of the more noisy ways he could think of. With the noise of regular humans wailing in relative fear in the vicinity it bugged Babble enough that he missed a detail he would not of missed usually. In the past Babble had found that vibrating his hands fast enough allowed him to pierce hide and bone with his finger tips with surprising ease. Though his feet lacked the shape and finer control to be as effective as his long lost hands they were still rather effective at mincing up meat and bones given special circumstances such as accidentally shuffling over a freshly bisected human corpse.

In a visceral spray a dark crimson mist settled in a radius around Babble who was now standing in a puddle of pureed giblets that was once called a person. Someone would be lucky to find a whole inch of this half of the body intact. The entire lower half of Babble was now covered in blood with smatterings splashed up along the rest of him. Simply standing there he sighed a bit and frowned mildly.

Now I'm all wet and I smell like old copper. Not all that much fun indeed. He mentally complained about the incident and the condition it's left him in.


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Winter Alicia


Winter couldn't believe who was staring back at her, Korogu wasn't it? Almost everyone knew who she was, it was wise not to got on her bad list, she was the one working with the dragon in an alliance. A few moments pass and Winter was still staring back at Korogue, Winter pulled herself away and headed back inside the prison to wards the cafeteria. It was a smell you would never get use to, blood mixed with mould, Winter briefly scanned the room looking for Hayden, she saw him but he looked busy, best left alone, she thought deeply.
Winter lined up, a few of the prisoners were serving lunch even though it was roughly around ten o' clock.
A brute of a man was sitting across from Winter and a human girl was sitting awfully close, "how long have you been here?" A young crisp voice came from the girl next to Winter, "a few years" Winter replied she didn't feel like publicly showing off her life. The girl smiled, she was obviously new and wanting to make allies, Heisuke should be at my cell soon Winter thought to herself. "Excuse me" Winter silently got up and made her way to her cell, the door slowly creaked open, "Tristan, I am expecting company can-" Winter realized Tristan wasn't there, he must be out, good thing, Winter could picture her brother getting on with Catboy, the very thought made her smile. Winter sat down on her bed and waited for her special guest.


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Koro smirked at the girl, holding back a chuckle as Babble toyed with her, putting her firmly in her place. It seemed odd that someone so new was recruited so quickly, however though the girl was a tad precocious, she was a dragon.,
After Babble had finished his demonstration to her Koro answered her, smirking, "You smell like a dragon, but I assume you are something more. Some sort of unholy hybrid. We have other dragons here, so that's nothing new."
Flicking her butt onto the ground, she mashed the cherry into the dirt with her bare foot and turned to walk away. It was time to visit a friend, one of the few Koro kept around.

This friend of hers was an interesting one, though she was a member of the betas Koro never feared her wrath. As long as she remained truthful, and never double crossed her, she seemed kind enough. Though, it was almost impossible to lie to her.

First however, she would have to stop bu her cell again. Pushing open the wooden door she walked back to the shelf that kept her personal items. There was no need to turn the light on, even with her inhuman sight, she knew where everything was, She didn't have much, a framed photo of the only picture her fiancee and her had time to take before the accident, a newspaper clipping about the accident, along with the obituaries from all her family, and other baubles that help keep her humanity in tact. On the edge of the table rested three books, and sliding her finger across the binding she grabbed the thicker of the set.
The Lost Symbol, she should enjoy this...

Walking through the lunch room Koro bypassed the trays and the line, there was nothing there she was interested in. Her interest sat a few tables away. Sliding across from her, Koro didn't speak, She only looked the witch in the eyes and smiled thinking Hello Mel, long time no see. Had any contact with the smuggler recently? I could use some more smokes.
Silently she slid the book across the table and leaned back in her seat.


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Having nothing else to do, Kureiji stood up and decided to get some food since she was quite hungry. As she walked over she felt someone brush past her making her stumble and flinch. How she feared the touch of others.. It was because of her damn parents that she was terrified of it. "At least they're fucking six feet under." She thought.
She entered the cafeteria and lined up, finding somewhere to sit alone after she had recieved her food.

As she sat down she noticed the zombie girl, Korogu as she recalled, sit down a couple tables away and slide a book towards the person across from her. Kure couldn't help but wonder as to what they were up to.
Barely eating, she decided it was their business and chose not to pry further into the affair.

Exiting the cafeteria and checking the pocket of her hoodie she found that she had only a few blunts left and her eyes widened.
"Dammit," She mumbled, her voice was soft and fragile sounding, yet harsh.
"He was supposed to be here fucking days ago!" She sighed irritably. "Great.. Just great." Kureiji thought, slapping a palm to her forehead.

She sighed. "That damn idiot better have them..." The thought of not having any weed for even a couple days was too much to bear.


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Kenji was pinned down staring death in the face he was frightened dreadfully. Is this the end he thought have I come all this way simply to die at the hands of one of his sisters underlings. No! It wouldn't end like this not in some rusty cell... "Crunch!" The sound was horrific as his bones broke and his skull cracked. His very soul was flooded with insane pain, but only for a brief second. All feeling faded his heart rate slowed from rapidly beating to barely at all. And within a couple of seconds he was gone.
He woke up to pure light he heard a great voice booming, he reding issue who it was but could not make it out. "Father?" His voice was weak and feeble. "Son why are you here? Your time has not come yet!" he saw his father but he didn't seem as big as he remembered in fact he was smaller than Kenji. "Son you shall know the truth and benefit from it greatly. In truth you are more a dragon than that wretched sister of yours, your Mother was no human she was indeed Nalith, I committed treason by bedding the kings wife. You have the blood of a royal dragon inside of you. I told your sister, she was in-raged and killed me for it." The light started to fade, "The great dragon gods of our people have decided to give you a second chance now go on kill Yuiama." He went back to reality his body repaired itself bones mended themselves as his heart started beating switch more vigor than before. His weak orange and silver Scales fell off, being replaced by crimson and gold they were sturdy and thrice more powerful. He grew giant claws of black. His stature grew to almost breaking through the ceiling he was eight feet tall just lying on his tummy. "It will take more than that to kill me, I am the Dragon king!!!" He roared furiously and spoke to her using thoughts. The very ground shook and the sound thundered across the entire prison(sorry babble).

Arian was thrown off of Kenji, an she shielded her eyes from the light emanating from the Tranformation. As it was completed, she looked at him without a shred of emotion. Dragon king huh? This should be interesting. Slowly getting up, she resubmeeged her consciousness with her shadows.

Kenji shouted fire in Arian's direction, he used an ancient technique known as dragon fear. Arian froze in her track, he stared her in he eyes she was obviously not afraid. Though he towered over her. And she was about to be consumed by flames to boot.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Boom! Crash! Pow! He could hear it all from where he stood. Kenji and Osilon were not playing very nice and causing quite a ruckus to boot.

God, that man is so predictable. Give him a quandary and I could bet a large sum of currency he'd attack without question. Kind of like a mean dog. I knew a mean dog once. It bit me. I didn't like it much. It didn't like me either I recall. Ah yes, that smell. I better go wash up before I end up drawing nearby vampires towards me. Babble quit his zig-zagging train of thought and shuffled his way past the cafeteria and towards the showers. It took him scarcely a half minute to arrive at his destination, two showers divided amongst the two genders for prisoners to bath themselves in. Much in theme with the rest of the prison the showers were designed with towards giving each gender it's privacy. Babble figured the Warden must of thought Why not bother giving each gender their own showers when we assign them their own cell arrangements along the same lines?

Babble couldn't care less who was using the shower when. Just like anywhere else in the prison no one would bug him should they value sleeping ever again and even less people would make an attempt on his life out of the simple desire to be able to hear sounds forever afterwards. He was positively free to douse himself whenever he so wished and was about to do so now.

Walking inside the damp interior he stood within the large accommodating showers, not even so much as a changing room in between the actual showers and the prison halls. All there was was this large chute for clothes disposal which lead directly into a large metal cage with a pile of dirty clothes in the middle. The reason for the metal cage was to keep prisoners imprisoned if any of them got the bright idea of trying to escape that way. The architect behind this place obviously took laborious detail in making sure this place kept the unusual occupants locked within as efficiently as it could be made to be. Trying to escape via the laundry room was pointless anyways since all the cleaning of clothes was done on the island, an entirely closed system designed to make as few trips off the island as they could realistically allow.

He wormed his way out of his blood drenched clothes. Completely lacking any hands didn't seem to slow him down any significant amount as he disposed of the old prisoners uniform down the chute. He left his pants hooked on the edge of the chute lid as even though it was soaked with blood he would need something to walk down to the distribution area in. He may be positively insane but he isn't some complete savage after all. He just figured he'd give the pants a good scrub after he was done cleaning himself up first.

Stepping up to a shower head he used his feet to twist the tap to a temperature he liked. The nice warm water felt quite nice, just like when he was back at home. He was one of those kids who didn't object too harshly towards taking his baths and showers too for that matter. Water was nice and pleasant in his opinion. Next to each tap was a reinforced liquid soap dispenser ever so thoughtfully placed by this prison's benefactors. Now one would think it impossible for one to clean one's self without the use of hands but that hypothetical person would not be Babble. He dexterously pressed the head of the dispenser, the bottom of his foot underneath the nozzle to receive the foamy expulsion. With soap in foot he scrubbed himself down in a manner only the most flexible would find capable. Starting with the legs he worked his way up, the blood coming right out as he worked soap into the splatter with his toes. What about his back? Many would ask. What about it? Babble would probably reply for it was of no worry to him. He pressed his chest onto the watery floor and bent himself into a taut bow shape. With one foot he manipulated the dispenser while the other received the out-coming soap, still holding his half circle pose. His feet then bent down at the knees, reaching back and washing his own back. Something even people with hands normally have trouble doing he did with relative ease.

This ease was not easily earned however. Natural flexibility alone does not train a persons body to such strange adaption. Ever since the most unfortunate taking of his hands he practiced doing everything he normally did with hands with his feet in their stead. Eating, drinking, writing and even walking! Anything he couldn't solve through expert sound manipulation he used his feet to accomplish. Bathing himself was quite the stretch but one well learned over years of practice.

Finishing up his routine by rubbing the soap into his hair he unfurled from his awkward pose and twisted the tap closed again with his right foot, the shower coming to a dead silence. Of course he did remember the pants, and so back on the shower went. Skipping the mundane details of it all the pants were cleaned of blood. After all was done and the shower off for good all that was left was to dry off...

In a violent whirring spin Babble used the power of sounds vibrations to shake off all the blood clinging soapy water from himself and his pants in an instant. He couldn't be dryer if he rolled across a field made entirely out of fluffy towels. With himself and his still red spotted pants standing dry as bleached desert bones he slipped the leggings on and stepped forth from the shower, a new and yet nearly identical man to the guy called Babble who stepped in not fifteen minutes ago. He strode in the general direction of the laundry room but didn't bother shuffling all the way there. He wanted to focus more on the sounds and see what he could pick up while he walked merrily along as most humans normally do.


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Noticing she was still covered in a plentiful amount of blood, Kurieji decided to go take yet another shower, returning first to her cell to fetch a clean pair of clothes. As she was striding towards the showers, she accidently bumped into Babble on the way, tensing up for a split second and afterwards mumbling a soft, "Sorry," and continuing on her course.

She entered and stepped in the damp enclosure and quickly stripped, tossing her uniform down the disposal, Kure wished she could escape from there, but she learned that the hard way when she first arrived at this hell, the prison was designed awfully too cleverly. Standing away from the water, she adjusted the tap accordingly to have the water whatever temperature she desired. The warm water was abundantly relaxing, washing away some of the blood on her deathly pale skin. If only they would wash away the scars, the cicatrixes, and all the left over memories from her execrable, traumatic childhood..

Pouring some soapy shampoo into her hands she lathered up her hair and rinsed quickly, subsequently scrubbing her body. A long sigh emanated from her lips and she slid down the wall of the shower, curling up so that she was hugging her knees. Leaning her head back, she mulled over ways that she could get out of this, this.. Abomination. She thought about staging a coup of some sort. Looking back on it, she decided that it would be rather difficult to overthrow the prison single-handedly. She could possibly try joining a gang, although she was far too farouche... She banged her head on the wall and sarting laughing like a madman for no apparent reason.

I'm not crazy.. Am I?

Snapping back into reality, she picked herself up and silenced the shower, grabbing a towel and swiftly dried herself off, changing into a simple black tank top, which oblivious to her knowledge, showed a bit of the scar on her back. Kureiji also donned jeans of the same color.

Exiting the showers, she went back to her cell and not bothering to turn on the light, plopped down on her small cot settling into a macabre sleep of sorts.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Babble was striding down the halls when a familiar blueberry girl bumped into him. Bumped!? Into me!?
Such if I do say so myself, which of what I did.
Babble made up sentences in his head that didn't make sense to describe the situation. "Sorry." The feisty yet not so feisty all of a sudden girl mumbled to him before shuffling off towards the showers. As for himself, he jauntily skipped on his way to the laundry room.

Bursting through the steel double doors Babble certainly made an entrance. The cleaners were most definitely not surprised by any of it considering weirder things have happened but Babble was always a character worth keeping an eye on. One moment he could be dancing on clouds and with little segue move onto more unpleasant forms of sonic entertainment for himself at their collective detriment. Right now though he was more or less preoccupied to bother making the cleaners lives more difficult than they needed to be. His target? The bins at the far end of the lineup. It took him little time at all to dive into the large bins of much older uniforms. Orange... Orange... Orange... Yeesh, I ain't finding one single-
Why hello there totally sweet prison uniform!

With his toes Babble pulled up a set of classical grey and black barred prison pants and shirt with even a matching hat! "Woohoo! My luck is just fantabulous!" Babble cheered. As for the matter of getting dressed, there was very little privacy in most prisons. This prison did try to give better living standards than normal prisons but a prison was still a prison and with that comes certain indignities that sometimes are endured. Where most prisoners would have little compunction about changing in public view Babble decided to add a bit of privacy by slipping behind a large plastic clothes bin and squirming into his clothes using his feet. The pants were rather easy, the hat was pretty much a cake-walk but the shirt was a tad difficult. Having no hands sometimes kind of sucked.

Regardless, out walked a new and improved Babble! Or at least wearing more clothes than before which, although his new style did rock in his opinion, was debatable as to whether or not it was an improvement depending on who you asked. Now that he was freshly showered and into a fresh set of swanky new clothes Babble gave a yawn and stretched out his arms. He felt fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the world or in his case the whole island which was kind of a world of it's own in a way. He was left with a quandary however.
What do I do now? Hm... Oh! I know! I'll bother the blueberry girl because she bumped me and I have nothing better to do!

Shuffle shuffle shuffle.

Babble arrived just around the wing little miss blueberry was staying at. It took Babble almost no time at all to track her sleeping murmurs to where she rested her head at the moment. Babble looked over the sleeping figure of his now officially titled Blueberry Girl wondering where she managed to get a black tank top and black jeans. Yeesh, considering how scarce the smugglers been making himself I'm surprised she managed to find something to her taste like that. Then again, the morning sun rising every morning surprises me. Just because it showed up every other morning doesn't mean it necessarily will today!

Babble noticed the fair amount of scarring the young girl must of suffered, possibly from something or someone outside the prison for that matter. It didn't matter at the moment though. Or really any moment for that matter. It was time to oddify. Babble approached the bars on the cell just across from hers and lightly pressed his foot against the base of one of the bars. Silent he moved waves upon waves of vibrations through the metal bar, focusing the direction towards the side. Within a short period of time the bar bent until it nearly touched the bar neighboring it. He effected the bar on the other side of the bend the same way, leaving a narrow gap in the cell that looks like the bars were forced apart through a feat of magnificent strength. Heh, feat.

Babble stepped into the cell. It's occupants were not present, probably off gallivanting about in their little packs no doubt. Sitting on an empty metal slab stuck to the wall and purposed as an uncomfortable bed Babble simply watched the blueberry girl while singing his golden song. There was not a single sound that could interrupt the melody of Babble's silent song, a song that could not be heard yet drowned out all other noises, even that sickening sound of wet meat throbbing about inside that chest of hers. With that done all he did from that point forward was watch. He stared at her unconscious form for however long it would take for her to wake up. He spent long periods of time trying to blink as little as possible as to not disturb his rather disturbing fixated gaze. Normally he wouldn't bother himself with this girl in particular except for one minor exception.

There was absolutely nothing else happening anywhere else in the entire prison. It was rather creepy actually.


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Kureiji was now used to the sort of dreams she had by now. They usually depicted her dying in a bloody, gore-splattered mess. At the moment, she was being chopped up into little pieces with a butcher knife. Terribly cliche. Basically, every time she decided to go to sleep, which wasn't very often, she would dream about getting tortured or killed, and, to be honest, after a while it got dreadfully old. Sometimes she even awoke with random bruises or cuts. Shit, sometimes she couldn't even remember events that occurred the day before.

In the middle of her sleep, Kureiji's half insane, twisted mind abruptly went blank. She felt a presence and it was suddenly quiet and peaceful.. How odd. She then awoke with a start and, to her surprise, she found that Babble was just.. Staring at her. Kureiji gave him a slight quizzical, and confused look. How long had he been watching her? It was amusing yet slightly disturbing. She then became aware that her missing eye was exposed and swiftly covered it with her hair. Kure was quite self-conscious about it and did not want anyone to get a glimpse.

"So, umm, what are you doing here?" She asked quietly, in a slightly accusing tone, breaking the previously undisturbed silence. She glanced around and noticed that two bars on her cell were bent, leaving a small opening. Heh, how neat.

Groggily, she pushed herself up into a sitting position, her back against the cold wall and her knees pulled towards her. In the near complete darkness, she rubbed her indigo eye and examined Babble. He was clothed in gray striped pants and a shirt along with a hat that complemented the outfit. It suits him, and he looks rather nice..

She mentally let out an irritated sigh, deeply regretting that she found him exceptionally handsome.


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#, as written by Zalgo
An interesting detail about the golden sound. Yes, it definitely is quite interesting. The way it basically eats all other sounds, turning all to silence. To Babble's ears the girls bothersome voice was not entirely suppressed but was but a barely audible whisper, so far away despite being literally in the cell just across from the one he was sitting in.

He sighed too, only on the outside as well as inside. Of course she couldn't hear it. All was golden, after all. All was silent. In but a passing moment the background noise slowly faded back into audible hearing.

No one can appreciate the silence. He grieved mentally for the death of commonality between himself and any living creature in this forsaken dungeon. He smirked a bit upon seeing the blueberry girl hastily try to hide her asymmetry. It was quite funny really. An echo like Babble doesn't just see people, he can see the way sound both bounces off of them and travels through them, allowing him to let sound paint a picture of anyone near him in all three dimensions. Now proximity was a minor quandary. The further away someone was the less detailed his sonar became. In Madame Bleu's current situation Babble could basically see all but inside her. If he could touch her he'd be able to know her better than she knows herself.

"Not like it's anything I haven't heard before." He remarked, still wearing a mildly bemused smirk. Despite the amusing quality of her inexperience Babble was rapidly finding himself bored of her and that was the real issue to address at the moment. As it was he briefly considered going back to sleep and waking up later to go break some curfews. Not that he didn't plan on doing that at some point anyways but he wasn't the type to wait for fun to come and get him at it's own leisurely pace.

Aha! Babble snapped his fingers. Heh... Get it? Snapped? Because his fingers were broken before the hands themselves were taken? Never mind. Needless to say he had concocted some weird scheme to amuse himself and possibly others too. Babble stood, falling a bit forward before finding his balance and managing to stand without tipping.

Why bother with words? Why bother communicating at all? I'll dance and let the rhythm dictate my meaning.

Babble started with the right foot, then the left. The sounds of the trapped souls bound within these concrete halls started to take a backseat to a strange new sound. This song Babble sang using lips that do not move echoed through the halls. The sound was in total discord and yet flowed with a sweet harmony. It was irreproducible and yet would stick in the memory like lint to a sock. It was a sound that would stand at the very edge of your tongue, ready to be sung yet would never come out right.

His dancing was rather awkward. At times his legs and body moved with a stutter, jerking about like a video that wasn't finished downloading. At other times he simply flowed around, letting himself move like water, ebbing with the tune. There was only one direct certainty to this whole performance: He was moving out of the cell and down the hall. Where was he going? Not even he knew. All that was known was that he simply let the music guide him, following the rhythm until he found himself somewhere, anywhere. Whether or not the blueberry girl followed him was irrelevant, an issue far from his mind now.

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Re: Paranoia Prison

I regretted my AWOL. We pcsed right after this started and it took us over a month to get internet on at the new place. I'm still here. I never really got to my play my character and would love to give it another go. Maybe we should talk to the GM if they're still around about restarting it? Finding members who might be interested at it again as well. If not one of us could restart it giving the former GM the credit.

Re: Paranoia Prison

I prefer not to double post in most usual circumstances but I just felt it needed to be mentioned that no one else has posted in a month. I'm still attending this roleplay, like always but it's gotten much too quiet. I'd rather not see this promising RP fade away.

Re: Paranoia Prison

I have been rather occupied but I will definitely work on responding now that I can. I do wonder where everyone else went though.

Re: Paranoia Prison

Why hasn't anyone posted recently? :C Busy?

Re: Paranoia Prison

Fascinating. An interesting way to resolve combat within a roleplay no doubt.

Addendum: I have my post in finally. It's strange though, there hasn't been anyone posting in about a week and even longer than that if we don't count ChaoticInsanity. I wonder what's up with that.

Re: Paranoia Prison

Dream and I are using RPG write to conclude our battle, so we will soon be done and this is where the plot for Kenji stats to thicken up.

Re: Paranoia Prison

Sorry I haven't posted! >< I've been super busy and I still am. I've also been having computer problems so, I'm shit out of luck. I'll try and post when I can..

Re: Paranoia Prison

I have not gone anywhere. I am simply awaiting a response. It's been three days and I'm still the last one to post here.

Re: Paranoia Prison

Where is everyone? :C

Re: Paranoia Prison


Can one of you come to the entrance of the prison where Ulyssess, Diana and his masked brother are? I would love to do some rp with you all~

Thank you


Re: Paranoia Prison

I feel like such a terrible writer compared to all of you guys. xD Oh well..

Also, I might write a post before I head off to work if I have time...

Re: Paranoia Prison

Hey all, just got off work a little bit ago. Finally, my laptop is repaired. I will post tomorrow before before my 2pm shift. For now, I need sleep....
Nighty Night

Re: Paranoia Prison

Sorry for not being able to get a post up yet. We still don't have any of our stuff yet and just got a place. I hope to have internet soon, but currently only have access from my husband's phone tether. As soon as things start to settle and I get internet back I will get a post up asap. Sorry about not being able to post like I wanted, but I couldn't help the move.

Re: Paranoia Prison

hello jut wanted to inform u Haden wont be able to post until tonight. He's got work

Re: Paranoia Prison

Yes you are allowed to cuss, just don't go overboard. And I'm sorry that I have been away guys, school has been taking up all my time. I am now currently working on a post. And it is going to be wonderful^.^

It's okay Chloe I understand, thank you for telling me.

By the way a special character is going to a appear of course I have to finish making him, and no it isn't the warden...yet

Re: Paranoia Prison

My laptop should be repaired by friday or saturday. Right now I am on a work computer before my shift starts. For now I am just going to have Koro watching from the tree, so hopefully I can keep her from hindering the story line too long from my absence.
I would ask that until I get back characters refrain from interacting with her, I'll have her jump down from the tree when I am able to post often again. I don't want to make you guys wait on me.
So far really enjoying it!

O, I can however read the story on my kindle, I jsut can't post on it. So I will be keeping up with what is going on, but it logs me off every time i try to post.

Re: Paranoia Prison

I'm fine with cussing :3

Re: Paranoia Prison

Hey, Leej, if everyone's alright with it, may we be allowed to curse? I was just wondering. You stated in the rules we can't because people might be bothered by it, so how about asking everyone?

Re: Paranoia Prison

Currently Chloe De Luca is absent due to hardware troubles so if she hasn't posted in three days or more it's out of an inability to get back on.

Just thought I'd mention for those who didn't know already.