DarklinaBaam (Flower)

The Lightning Goddess

a character in “Past of Darklina 2”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Baam, But among other warriors she is titled The Lightning Goddess

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 1,498

Height: 5'3"

Breed: Vampire Neko

Role: Warrior for the Southern Lord

Description: Long black hair, tan Italian-like skin tone, Golden yellow cat-like eyes, Black cat ears and a long black cat tail, long claw-like nails, she is quite short, She is quite slim but the little bulk that she does have is all muscle. She has a long ugly scar going down her spine. Always wears a silver ribbon is her hair, but in a different style every day. She wears anything like looks like a battle/swimsuit type outfit so she can be ready for land, water, and air.


Powers: can control lightning, can enter a persons dreams while they are asleep though she can not harm them physically in their dreams she can only mentally harm them, she is also a tracker

Family: twin sister Nammi, and one daughter named Bell who where abouts are unknown

Extra: she is not a loyal warrior and can be swayed to join the other side, she is VERY vulnerable to the Lords mind tricks

Theme Song:
Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMSkC2PGyTs


She may seem nice at first glance, but she is very rude and blunt. She isn't afraid to tell anyone how she feels or what she thinks about something. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, unless you call her a mutt or a monster, then she might just kill you. She is angered very easily, but also will protect anyone she cares about, even if it means giving up her life. If you stick around her and give her a chance, she is a great person to have around. She is quite morbid and when she wants someone to do something for her she will use her charm to try and get them to do it. Even though she is straight, she will try to charm females into doing her bidding as well. And most of the time, her charm works, though it has never worked on a Lord yet. She is only nice to people who have not bothered her in any way. Because she is a neko and a vampire, many call her a mutt or a monster. She absolutely despises being called a mutt. But when it comes to being called a monster it just depends on who is calling her, if she has just met them it makes her mad, but if they know her or have heard of her before, she takes it as a compliment.


She carries around a short length metal attack whip. It's metal edges rip at the flesh of the person or creature that she is in combat with. She also has a sword which she only uses as backup, it materializes out of the palm of her hand.
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Her parents were killed by Reapers so she had to raise herself and her sister on the streets. When she was around 1032 years old she was brain washed and used as a Puppet Warrior in the Great War and had her spine ripped out during battle, she then had her spine replaced with a metal spine to save her life. She ended up marrying her oldest friend and another war commenced and he was killed in battle. She has one daughter somewhere out in Darklina, she lost track of her once she turned 17 and has not heard of her since. To this day she still doesn't know where her twin sister Nammi is or could be. She was kind, sweet, and innocent until she was used as a brain-washed tool in the Great War. Her real name is "Flower" but once she was brought out of her brain-washing, she was hardened forever and changed her name to Baam. Only her Lord knows of her real name and of all of her past. She finds it an insult if she is called "Flower" by anyone.

So begins...

Baam (Flower)'s Story