Persona 5: Shadow stealers

Persona 5: Shadow stealers

15 years after the events of Persona 4 a new organization has arrived and is stealing peoples Shadows to try and destroy the planet. (Original Idea/Characters needed)

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Story line:

15 years has passed since the incident with Adachi in Inaba, the crew who did those investigations have moved on with their lives.

Now 7 new teens have been chosen to take on the challenge of saving the planet from utter destruction, an organization called the shadow guild.

The shadow guild is an organization bent on letting the world be overrun by Human shadows, They hate humanity and will stop at nothing to get what they want even if it means killing.

when The shadow guild appeared they were simply a group of scientists experimenting with chemicals but one of the doctors had an idea to try and separate the shadow from the human body. a truly sick and twisted man, Dr. Ikari, a man in his early thirties, began abducting test subjects to try the experiment on for years he
had attempted and failed until 2 of his failed chemicals mixed together, after 5 years his testing was successful.

---The main plot of this Rp--
The shadow guild is the main enemy, they are who the S.E.E.S group is up against.

the enemy has to be defeated before the solar eclipse at the end of the year, otherwise the human race will have disappeared completely.

---Characters needed (3 S.E.E.S members open for registration)

Harumi Saito/Main protaganist: a half Japanese Half British transfer student, born in england after her parents moved there for work. Harumi is a very shy girl who is partially deaf, she wears hearing aids, but still prefers to sign things out rather than speak. Is moving back to Japan due to another
of her parents work transfers. (Will be played by me.)

Aria Emmerson: an American girl who moved to japan when she was 10 years old, a total punk, lived on the streets after her parents were murdered by a burglar when she was 13.

Katsuya Ishiyama: A friend of Harumi's, he is her interpreter even though he is only 17, he likes the whole butler,Dressy shirt,Black pants,And tie sort of clothing style, He and Harumi have been inseparable since they were children. (He is secretly crushing on her.)

Kairen Moriyama: A first year boy At Koganei Kita High school, sort of rambunctious, fun to be around, and dresses like a skater.




---Character skeleton---

Sports/Clubs: (Once again only three more S.E.E.S members, the rest can be friends, team mates boyfriends/girlfriends.)
Persona(s) (Only S.E.ES members fill this out)
Theme song:
Anything else?:

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GREAT a new persona RP I loved the games and the anime and the new P4 anime

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Cool, i'm down for a Persona rp, am in the process of finishing Persona 3. What Arcana are we allowed to choose?

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