Pilgrim High Brawling Jam

Pilgrim High Brawling Jam


(Players Wanted!) Modern gladiators, modern drama and plenty of violence. The perfect place to vent your frustrations rather than just be an angsty high school teenager, at the PB&J Federation!

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So yeah.

Our story revolves primarily around some punk-ass young people that attend a cheesy-ass high school with cliques and all that stupid drama that tends to get annoying after a while. So, we decided that they needed an UPGRADE!!!!


Welcome to Pilgrim High ala the city of Tokyoronto, just between the U.S./Canadian border. You've got your populars, your geeks, your jocks, your preps, hipsters, goths, emos, 'vampires (Not actual vampires, just the sub-culture), the whole village. Their constant bickering has caused a wave of stress and agony throughout the city. Deciding the school could use more money, the principal decided he needed to find something that would be a super effective fundraiser. He was later approached by some guys who happened to own several things, including a Junkyard. And an old pro-wrestling ring. Deciding they could not only raise funds and provide entertainment, but that entertainment could be achieved through the pain of others, namely the cliques of Pilgrim high, the principal wholeheartedly accepted.

And thus, the PB&J Federation was born. It was just a competitive gladiator type show, most people watching the major matches go down on Friday nights and whatever else came up the rest of the week. That blonde girl with the pink high lights is totally in a cat fight with that strangely sexy goth chick. The Jocks have been divided, and the geeks are fighting the best they can. I mean, seriously. It's a no holds barred brawl, weapons hidden in the area, primarily under the ring or something, along with all kinds of other crap going down. And tickets are only ten bucks a pop, twenty for special events! what a steal! They even broadcast this stuff on TV, along with Pay Per View Options…





Mariposa Type: These ones are acrobatic fighters whose abilities and skills may utilize highly athletic techniques of agility and speed, utilizing aerial attacks whether they be grappling or striking.


Haggar Type: The "Saturday Night Slam Masters." These guys specialize in doing fewer, but harder hits, and grappling people so they can be slammed into things.


Pummel Type: The guys who prefer to use their hands any feet to hit things rather than grapple. Simple, yet, fun and effective.



Character Sheet Requirements:

TYPE (See Fighter Type Above)



Style (Mariposa Type, Haggar Type, Or Pummel Type)

Weapons (If Any)

Fun Facts
Theme Song

Toggle Rules

1. Godmodding is a No-No.

2. 200 words per post. Feel free to write more.

3. Feel free to have fun with the plot. It's all about Drama/Violence/ETC

Tis' all for now.

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