Sea of NaraTiffany Lemons

Cute, but deadly!

a character in “Pirates of Black Port”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Tiffany is a young girl; only 19 years old but a pirate by all means. Somewhere around 5'4 and just over 125 pounds. She has a pale and soft complexion with big green eyes. She has shoulder length, deep red hair.
Despite being a pirate, she somehow manages to keep herself abnormally clean.


The sea is where Tiffany feels most at home. Even when she goes to port, she usually stays in the ship, because off of the ship she feels anxious and uncomfortable. She is a very happy person usually, but can become very ruthless in a fight. She will do anything in a combat situation, no matter how dirty it may be. Despite her dirty fighting, she is someone who likes to be very clean and s meticulous bout it. You could say that she is a compilation of a tomboy and a girly girl and because of her girly girl side, other pirates always think of her as a mediocre pirate. She likes to prove them wrong.


She has a few small daggers hidden here and there and a longer dagger that isn't hidden are all on her body. She also owns a staff that she keeps near her at all times. It is usually by her station or her cabin. If she does go off the ship, she relies on her daggers.


Some people might wonder how it is possible to raise a child, let alone raise a happy child living in Black Port. For Tiffany's parents, it wasn't that bad. They knew people who could get Tiffany a ride out of the port and to other, nicer ports for weeks on end. She got a glimpse of both the good life of rules and democracy and the life of freedom and terror. This gave her a chance to get an education as well as learning about the ways of a criminal.
When she was taught about piracy one day, she was fascinated. She really enjoyed it and since then has dreamed of one day becoming the pirate lord. She would be the first female one to her knowledge.

So begins...

Tiffany Lemons's Story