Off of England's coast in the 1700sKatherine Danielle Benedict

A princess taken captive.

a character in “Pirates”, as played by Lavender

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Katherine is rather tall for someone of her age and sex, reaching a height of five feet nearly ten inches, with an elegant figure and womanly curves. Her skin tone is more on the pale side, considering her hours forcibly spent inside. She has caramel-hued waves that bleach in the sun, and shimmer a near reddish color; her hair reaches a good few inches below her bust line, naturally somewhat curly. She has eyes the color of a stormy sea and eyelashes that are dense and rather lengthy. Her lips are full and the pigment of coral, and they frame a charming smile.


Described usually as a "nuisance" or a "trouble-maker", Kitty may be classified as a tomboy. She is known widespread for the numerous pranks she pulls on people at court, such as the time she released a garden snake in her ladies-in-waiting's chambers, or the time she filled her great aunt Willimina's tea pot with dirt. Her skirt is usually six inches deep in mud, as she enjoys taking rather long walks alone and admiring the scenery without anybody around to scold her. She is carefree and reckless, but somehow maintains a bit of femininity where it counts. Her face will never give away her emotion, well, that is, except her lips; she'll purse them oddly when she's in certain moods. If she wishes, she can be a fantastic liar, and she normally is...


Well, she plans on stealing someone's knife when they aren't paying attention. But, shhhh.


Born into royalty, the princess was raised in a privileged environment. All the best tutors, the nicest clothing, the most luxurious things, and completely unhappy. Yes, when she was younger it was fun to get what she wanted, but as the years went on she began to grow bored of not having to do anything to get what she wants; she enjoyed the chase, the challenge. But everyone was against this thing inside of her, this fiery disposition that everyone wished would fade into elegant, well-mannered characteristics.

Now, after celebrating her eighteenth birthday, there are rumors circulating the castle of an arranged marriage between her and Lord Witherspan, a man much older and more bitter than half the men at courts. He was pompous, and cared for naught but himself, only wishing to be crowned. She planned to run away, to flee the castle but on the night of her escape, she was taken captive with her sister by pirates. A blessing in disguise, or a curse?

So begins...

Katherine Danielle Benedict's Story