Fallenwood (Town's name)Klause von Stein

"I'm not helping you, I'm helping myself."

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Klause ‘Ichor’ von Stein : The Necromancer
"Combine science and magic, then you’ll have a whole new field of knowledge to explore."


Name: Dr. Klause von Stein
Age: 43 years old.
Gender: Male
Hair: Long and white. Either combed back or in a ponytail.
Facial Hair: Rarely any.
Eyes: Brown
Build: Skin and bones.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Height: 174 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Weight: 67 kg (147.7 pounds)
Voice: Calm, steady and tedious.
Handed: Right
Body Markings: No.
Scar Tissue: He has a dozen (very) small scars on his hands, and three big scars on his back.
Unique Body Features: His little-finger nail on his left hand is black.

When seen from a distance, Klause appears to be a scholar, or librarian, who has spend far too much time in the deep underground vaults, his skin is frighteningly pale, his long white hair is combed neatly backward, or sometimes tied into a pony tail.
No matter what Klause wears, he consistently appears to be drowning in his clothing. His slim and emaciated limps are always too thin to wear anything that he dresses, making him almost a living non-speaking comedian whenever there’s wind.

Weapon Name: None
Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Iron
Ammo: none
Length: 22.8 cm (9 inches)
Weight: 0.35 kg (0.7 pounds)

Animate Undead Minions [Major]: Klause able to easily summon the dead back from their grave, and in their hordes. While this spell ranges from the hordes of slow moving zombies to the few, deadly, wraiths.

Talk With the Dead: This ritual allows Klause to open a verbal portal through which he can commune with the dead. The ritual requires much preparation, including a personal item (Hair, clothes they wore, etc.) to identify the dead with. The dead, however, will answer any and all questions truthfully as it is under the will of the necromancer.

Death Fire: This spell is similar to that of ‘Fireball’ however instead of normal flames, it is blue flames that engulf the unfortunate victim.

Notable Spells in Klause's Grimoire:
Undead Frenzy: This spell generates some of Klause's own mental strength and physical endurance into unholy energies that makes his minions double their effort, reaching peak human conditions if not beyond. The side effect is, the moment the spell is ended or disrupted, the minions freeze in whatever position they were in, and remains as such till their master has recovered.

Shadow Shield: This spell allows the necromancer to wrap himself in amongst the shadows, disappearing completely. He isn't hidden to the keen senses of non-humanoid being however.

Undead Reincarnate: This spell brings a soul into the body of a dead person. It works similarly to bringing a man back to life, however they are trapped within the immortal body of an undead. Normally these men and women retain some of their former personality, however with time (Years to be exact) their will is destroyed by their master and they are reduced to normal ghouls or zombies.


Klause von Stein was born in Umsterdam; born within the steward family and being the first born, he was destined to take over the lands and continue serving the lord. Though, it wasn’t what happened.
Klause became older, and already from the age of seven he found a strong liking in reading, studying everything his childish hands could come across, from small books to large tomes of history.

The lord saw an opportunity as little Klause possessed an astonishing memory of everything he read; the lord wanted Klause to travel to the capital and gain a proper education. Young Klause did so, and at the age of 21 he had finished the Great Thinker’s Academy of Illumine, having gained a major understanding of medicine and chemistry and a small understanding of economy.

During his stay in the capital, Klause had made friends with intellectuals from the Illumine Fundamental Wizard College, having enjoyed deep philosophical and social debates with these men, Klause send a letter to the lord, requesting permission to attend to the Wizard College before he returned. The lord granted this, in return Klause was to teach everything he had learned to his child, so he, or she, could serve the lord just as Klause had and so forth.
The life in Illumine Fundamental Wizard College was harsh. The competition was merciless, and at first Klause was convinced that he would die due to the stress and pressure that both peers and teachers placed upon him. Though time and experience soon made him learn, and that knowledge he used to gain momentum, getting ahead of his peers in their studies. Working as a doctor at the nearest temple during the day and studying during the night, Klause’s body slowly began to become more and more skeletal; he simply didn’t eat when he was studying and when he worked as a doctor he was too busy to feed himself. Fifteen times had the holy clergy saved his life from dying due to starvation and fifteen times had he been threatened with being expelled if he didn’t set a proper example to the younger wizards.

Though during his stressful studies and hard working hours he began to realize what form of wizardry he longed for. What his deepest and darkest desire truly was…Death. It was in his small room that the epiphany hit him; he had surrounded himself with death all along, the death of his childhood, the slow killing of his physical un-nurtured body, and now the deaths he saw as a doctor. What better form of wizardry to study than death itself? The ultimate disease of mortals had to have a cure…And Klause would find it.

From then Klause began to study the arts of necromancy in secret, testing it upon the unfortunate corpses from the morgue, inwardly squealing with delight as he explored deeper and deeper into the forbidden arts. Yet it wasn’t enough to get the basics, even the more advanced spells didn’t quench Klause’s thirst for more knowledge, more ways to prevent and cause death. This was the first step which led to Klause’s exposure.

Overconfident and drunk with power lust, he did his experiments in the college’s laboratories, freely dissecting the corpses from the morgue and filling their bodies with vile chemicals which he created through science and magic, both. He hadn’t even prepared defensive wards to warn him, and through accident a student walked into the laboratory and saw as Klause called forth a spirit from the realm of the dead and forced it into the body.

The student screamed in horror, Klause panicked and ordered the undead to silence him, and that he did…By breaking his windpipe. Shocked by what his creation had done, Klause fled, breaking the bond between his will and the creature’s and that made it go on a rampage through the college.
By the time the nonliving beast had been destroyed Klause was far gone, running away from the law and getting as far away as he could.

Passing through Fallenwood, Klause has now found himself trapped in the local conflict and has realized that if he wants to come out of this alive, then he’ll need to rid the area of these plague infested monsters.

So begins...

Klause von Stein's Story