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In a small medieval town, surrounded by a dark forest, a small infection turns into an outbreak claiming many lives and turning the rest into horrible abominations.

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Owner: Neman Fox Jr
Game Masters: Neman Fox Jr
Tags: evil, magic, medieval, monsters, original (Add Tags »)

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Character Portrait: Sir William the Fierce Character Portrait: Rune
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Rune was approaching the town of Fallenwood, his horse was tired and needed proper feed. They had travelled fast hoping to get here before nightfall. Rune was running low on supply’s and needed to restock so he headed down into the town to find an inn.
When he reached the first buildings of the town he heard a loud high pitched scream, he pulled the horses reins hard and looked about the empty streets. Out of the corner of his eye he seen a dark shape flash around the corner of a distant building. Rune was starting to think something strange was going on in this town, maybe this plague he had heard so much about in the last town.

Rune cantered closer to the centre of town looking for the inn when he seen them, there at the end of the street was two dark shapes and coming closer by the second. He squinted his eyes to see them clearer they looked human at first glance but as they got closer he noticed how grotesque they looked and there black eyes.

Rune soon realised they meant him harm so he vaulted from his horse and unsheathed his blade in one fluid motion, landing in a almost perfect stance to fight two enemies. The smaller of the two abominations reached him first. It lunged at him, he spun out of the way flashing his sword out taking its head clean of its shoulders but the second bigger one crashed right into him knocking him backwards. Landing on his back he rolled onto his feet ready to attack. The thing was coming straight at him again Rune sidestepped swinging his blade at its leg, it fell to the ground and Rune stabbed his sword right down into the back of the things neck.

Wiping his blade on the monsters cloths he heard a door open, he looked up and down the street for the source of the noise and seen a man exiting a building. Rune was ready to fight again but the man didn’t move towards him, they stared at each other for a second and then Rune sheathed his sword and called out “what has happened here in this town stranger”?