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In a small medieval town, surrounded by a dark forest, a small infection turns into an outbreak claiming many lives and turning the rest into horrible abominations.

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Owner: Neman Fox Jr
Game Masters: Neman Fox Jr
Tags: evil, magic, medieval, monsters, original (Add Tags »)

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Character Portrait: Sir William the Fierce Character Portrait: Damion Coltman Character Portrait: Johanne Amice Frobisher Character Portrait: Rune Character Portrait: Gwendolen Etienne
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William removed his helm and smiled at the young girl. He turned his head toward the approaching holy man and wondered why a priest would wander alone in the woods knowing his life was at stake. He wondered why the girl would hold such obedience to someone to proclaim them her master. His heart was heavy with pity as he looked on at the bloody scene surrounding the carriage.

“Who is your Master, young one? Where is he?”

William, walking over to the carriage with caution noticed the horses were now deathly quiet. They looked at him with silence as he steadily approached them. He was waiting for something, anything, to happen. He placed the helm back on his head and unsheathed his sword once more as he heard ruffling noises coming from within the compartment of the carriage.