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In a small medieval town, surrounded by a dark forest, a small infection turns into an outbreak claiming many lives and turning the rest into horrible abominations.

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Owner: Neman Fox Jr
Game Masters: Neman Fox Jr
Tags: evil, magic, medieval, monsters, original (Add Tags »)

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Character Portrait: Sir William the Fierce
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William opened the cloth curtain that hid what was inside and saw a horrible creature positioned on top of a man, tearing into his shoulder. The man weakly looked over at William and screamed. The screams made the creature jump and take a turn towards William. William readied himself for an attack but was taken by surprise by the sheer force of the blow that the abomination gave him in his shield.

William’s body was forced back and to the ground by the beast as it lunged at him from the inside of the carriage. William heard his companions in the background but kept most of his attention to the dangerous situation at hand. The beast was clawing at his armor and attempting to bite him as he slashed it and did his best to thwart the beasts attack. William managed to injure it enough to kick it off of him as he regained his footing and prepared to continue an offensive attack.

The monster looked all around the crowd in shock of its current situation. It seemed to understand that it wouldn’t live. It then opened its mouth and produced a blood curdling cry at the top of its lungs. The shriek was almost deafening and forced William to cover his ears from the damaging howl.

William screamed out, “It’s drawing other abominations to our position. We must kill this beast and get out of here as quickly as possible!”

Knowing that the man in the carriage was infected, but still alive, put a lot of pressure on the situation. He knew they would need to go with the holy man to the church for protection. He did his best to stand his ground to the beast and give honor to the dead as he always promised to do. So, he rallied himself and stood toe to toe with the beast as it growled in anticipation of an attack from all of the companions.