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In a small medieval town, surrounded by a dark forest, a small infection turns into an outbreak claiming many lives and turning the rest into horrible abominations.

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Owner: Neman Fox Jr
Game Masters: Neman Fox Jr
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Gwendolen let out a quick scream as the beast lunged towards her but William jumped in front of her before it reached her accidentally knocking her to the ground in the process, she landed with a thump and slightly dazed. She watched as the knight plunged his sword into the beasts chest and watched as Johanne's former master slumped to the ground, dead.

Getting herself up off the ground, she looked down at the body and turned back towards the young girl, sympathy lacing her face "I'm sorry" she said softly, not knowing how the girl was too react to this. “We must move. We have to abandon this spot. Priest, can you help us get back to the church? It would be appreciated if you would allow us shelter from the wickedness of this world.” Looking towards the priest her eyes pleaded with him, in hope that he would say yes, surely the church, holy ground would be the safest for them.

Looking at Johanne she saw the shackles on her wrist and then looked back at the lifeless body of her master, walking over to the dead man she dropped to her knees and rummaged through his pockets, until she found what she was looking for, the key. Standing up she walked back over to the girl and unlocked the chains "There, no longer shall you be weighed down by these shackles" she spoke fondly.