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In a small medieval town, surrounded by a dark forest, a small infection turns into an outbreak claiming many lives and turning the rest into horrible abominations.

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Owner: Neman Fox Jr
Game Masters: Neman Fox Jr
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Damion shirked away from the screaming of the monster. Never in his years had he heard such a chilling sound. The monster had jumped towards the Knight and he fought him off like he had seen his master had done before in his training exercises. Damion had always trouble with that type of training. When the monster was done for, the knight had asked him for safe refuge in the church. This was a common practice, the church was a safe haven for those in trouble and danger. It was a sanctuary for all who ask for it or are in desperate need of it. "Of course, the Church is a safe place for all. From the lowest slave to the highest Noble." Damion said to the group. He knew that this group was his best chance of making through this alive and non-infected. "But before we go there is something that I am required to do. It will not take long, for I know time is short and of the essence."

Damion knelt over the body of the monster and prayed over him. He said 'Amen' and crossed himself. He then moved to the body of the girls master and proceeded to do the same thing for him. When Damion was done he rejoined the group. "Alright, my work is done here. I will show you the way to the safe haven. Follow me." He said holding his lantern up and started walking towards the church. The night air was cool and crisp against his hot skin. He hated seeing the innocent dying in such horrible ways.