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Players and Pieces.

Players and Pieces.

"The person always bragging about winning, needs to stop picking on inept opponents."{[Accepting]}

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God | ɡäd/
the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

Who is god? Or..What is god, The ruler, The creator, A lot of things pop into your head, But people always have different beliefs, Each of them worshiping a different set or type of god, Whether it is a fat guy or a many armed blue-man, Everyone has something to worship, Even something impractical such as money, Is an idol in a sense.


I told you, That there is a god, And rather from hiding his power, He does the opposite, This particular god however, is not driven by believers, but by curiosity, Such as collecting bits and pieces of different times and eras, He must learn more, Having these specific objects, Collecting a spear, and adding a missile guidance system on the spear with a rocket engine is quite interesting, He must learn more, And Deus, has finally made his decision, devoting his life to knowledge, He created a world, a space, collecting oblivious people from different time lines, to interact, live and thrive in his new creation. As his new citizans, Forced to worship a madness stricken god, he gave them, "Some encouragement", A speech.

"Yes, You can call me Deus, The god, The almighty ruler of this land that I have created, And guess what? I have invited YOU, TO partake in the worldly affairs of these plains, Now look at what I am holding right now. Yes, a small spherical object, correct? This is known as Cogito, This is currency, Why? This object can morph into, limited to non-living objects, virtually anything, Think of an apple, The red and smooth skin, The sweet taste and smell, And BOOM, Apple, Now, Not only have I recruited a group such as yourself, I have grouped people from every age and timeline, People from old and new have formed together in this world to fight for dominance, Roman Gladiators, Futuristic Cyborgs, You name it, The choice is yours, Will you stand in fight, Or will you be swept away by the people of new and old? Choose wisely, As your new life here can end in a flash"

And like that, he disappeared. The lands of Rein will not conquer themselves. The task is daunting, But it isn't completely out of reach.

A group of people, The main characters, The "good" guys if you will

Name / Male / Age / 2015 / A world renowned business owner, Owning more then 15 businesses, Known as the most intelligent human on the planet, His brain works 10 times faster then the average human. / Open

Name / Male / Age / 2500 / One of the willing participants of the Ascension program, Getting pumped with drugs to raise his strength to godlike levels, however, due to this, he is at a high risk of heart attack and seizures, carries a bottle of pills that he must take once a day. An army man of sorts / Face Claim / Reserved by moahi

Name / Female / Age / 1155 / A female knight, Who earned her fame from defeating an army of 100 men by herself, No one knew her gender until after the feat, Sharp Blade, Sharp Tongue / Face Claim / Reserved by Lufia

Name / Male / Age / 2070 / A mad scientist who, "accidentally" found the cure for cancer, Earning a large amount of money in the process, Going from creating failures, to creating history. / Face Claim / Open

I guess you could call them, "The bad guys", They have a grudge against a specific member up top.

Name / Male / Age / 2015 / Friends turned enemies, He has an unrelenting hatred for the big man, A friendly rivalry was decimated as he knew he would never reach him thanks to his advanced intellect, Straying away, He could never move on to begin with, And must be on top, Also a successful owner of a few businesses / Face Claim / Open

Name / Female / Age / 2500 / A trained assassin sent from a different faction to infiltrate and kill the big man, as this scientific advancement would tip the scales of balance, After many failed attempts, Solely because she is honorbound, She won't give up / Face Claim / Reserved by Solo Wing Pixy

Name / Male / Age / 1155 / The brother of the female knight, Consumed by jealously, A trained spearman himself, Only believing that the feat was only performed with circumstance. / Face Claim / Reserved by Alliqua

Name / Male / Age / 2070 / Another mad scientist, Consumed by hatred, Even though they both contributed equally, His partner took all the credit, An unrelenting hate for his partner will only be sated with blood / Face Claim / Open


*Reservations | Okay...I don't care, Reserve a character, No password, No nothing, just read the rules, All the way, It's currently like 2 A.M, and I'm kind of tired, SO WHO CARES?

*Literacy | I don't really care, Since my roleplay doesn't look pretty, I wasn't counting on attracting any of the big dogs, or tryhards, BUT IF YOU ARE HERE, COOL! But yeah, Lets go for a solid 300, It's pretty easy, and everyone seems to try to go beyond that anyways.

*Time | I would count myself as a pretty chill guy, When you reserve, Complete a wip in 48 hours, And complete your character in a, WHAT? Week. I expect this roleplay to go off to a slow start though, Considering that my coding skills are complete trash, I don't have a pretty CS, I can make a kind of good one, But if I attract a big dog, Maybe I can get one for free?

*Inactivity | Look, Everyone knows this, If you are going to leave, Give us a notice prior.

*Fight Club | Okay, The usual, No mary sues, and such, No bunnying, and such, I will be filling out the role of Gm, posting the game basically, But if there is a role to be filled, then I'll fill it.

*Change is inevitable | I wrote the descriptions when it was 2 am in the morning while getting high on mouthwash, so you can completely change the description, I would rather not have the time periods change, but if you really wow me, I'll consider it, (And by consider, I mean consider on how to say no, Kidding, kidding, feel free to express your ideas, I don't bite, I only shoot, with a machine gun)

Oh mate, THERE IS A PASSWORD, WAT!, Got you, The password is, After your post, Type 3 periods, You can go over, but no less, This is such a small change that no one will notice, except the people who read the rules.

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