Playmonth AcademyCally AnnMarie Sparkes

She is very kooky and random. She is a bit wild, but not in a very bad way. She is very smart and sweet too. She worries more about others than about herself. She turns quite and shy when she thinks people don't like her or hate her.

a character in “Playmonth Boarding School”, as played by Lexi Starr

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She is medium height and has a diagonal scar on her wrist from a cat when she was twelve.


She is funny, kooky, and random. She will do anything for someone she cares about. She is a bit wild, but is still a good girl. She will do anything anyone dares her. Kinda fearless. Sometimes doesn't think before she says or does something. She cares more about what happens to others than what happens to herself. She doesn't like it if someone is mad at her or hates her, so she will become shy and not talk. She is very sensitive. She is a bit of a tomboy. She usually hangs out with guys, but still likes fashion and shopping. Just not all the time.


She has a guitar. She also has a black songbook that she takes with her everywhere and is basically the same as a journal to her. She has a star necklace that she never takes off.


She found out her father was cheating on her mother four years ago. He left and she hasn't seen or spoken to him since. He hasn't even tried to contact her or her older sister Samantha. Her mom works at a law firm and just started dating again. The divorce is really hard on Cally because she was always a daddy's girl.

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