Playmonth AcademyMelissa Daniel

A normal girl who can be quiet rude at times

a character in “Playmonth Boarding School”, as played by caninelover911

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Melissa stands at 5'7 and weighs about 123 pounds she has dirty blonde hair that goes down pass her shoulders. Melissa has hazel colored eyes and her skin is slightly tanned. She has curves in all the right places and a tattoo on her lower back.


Melissa is a wild thing she will say whatever comes to her mind with out a second thought. She is opened, honest, dependable, forgiving and trustworthy towards friends. Towards people she doesn't no she can be rude, uncaring and blunt. Even thought she is small she is feisty and is one who will get all up in your face and tell you if she has a problem with you.



Spanish ( Foreign Language )
Dismissed from class


Melissa was born in a family with two other siblings both being boys. She was always outgoing and friendly even thought she was always an unpredictable child. When she was twelve her parents got divorced her mother kept kids just because she didn't want us all slept up. When she was fourteen her father got remarried to some other women who Melissa rarely talks with. The year her father got married was the year she decided to go to boarding school she just couldn't take being home any more. When she first came to this school her and Madison Davies were room mates which is how the two first meet. Madison is now Melissa best friend and she is the only person beside family that Melissa absolutely trust. Madison was actually the first person Melissa told that she was bi-curious.

So begins...

Melissa Daniel's Story