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Name: Barbelle Mortlocke Nickname: Barbie, Bar

Starter: Totodile~ Dieter

Age: 18

Favorite Type of Pokémon: Dragon and then Water

Appearance: Image Barbelle is 6'7 and weighs 160 lbs. Her eyes are blue and her hair is jet black. How she wears her hair when studying or training will be in a very large bun. When relaxing or of the sort, Barbelle will let her long hair down.

Barbelle is slightly muscled with a body that is more athletic than most females. Sadly, even though Barbelle is fit, she is not flexible. Her height and overall constitution can make her a little clumsy and hard to get into certain spaces. Barbelle's athletic body comes into play when it involves physical prowess. She isn't abnormally strong, but living most of her life in a training gym gives her a slight boost over others.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relations: Is friends with Daphne Hawthorne


Personality : Barbelle can usually be depicted as a rough woman. It isn't easy for her to open up to people and she is usually stand-offish to the people she meets. Even if you do get past that cold exterior, Barbelle can be very selfish. Many of her goals, motives and actions are for personal gain and rarely for others.

But the best part of Barbelle, maybe even the only part that makes people like her, is her passion for Pokemon. She puts Pokemon over her monetary goals and spends her free time studying them. Around Pokemon, Barbelle becomes sweeter and much kinder to the general public and would even volunteer to help for free, if the Pokemon is right. Yet even with Pokemon, Barbelle can be very picky and can see herself as a tough trainer. Of course after the battle is over, Barbelle will show her rare affection to her prized companions.

Also, Barbie is somewhat of a hoarder.

Likes :
❤Strong Pokemon
❤Cute Pokemon
❤Salty Food
❤Doors that are tall
❤Kind People
❤Battling certain people

Dislikes :
✕Bug Pokemon (though willing to study and possibly catch)
✕People who stare/comment on her height
✕Bending down or trying to crawl through spaces
✕Being forced to do something
✕Any violence shown towards her pokemon outside of battle.

Fears :
☣Small, closed spaces
☣Falling. (If up 10 feet min, she will have a hard time looking down. Flying is necessary so Barbie has gotten over it partially)


Pokémon Info -
Lvl 6 Totodile.

Gender : Male
Nature : Hasty
Ability : Sheer Force
Moves :
Water Gun

Held Item : N/A

Lvl 6 Sentret
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Keen Eye
Defense Curl

Held Item: None

Level 6 Oddish
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Ability: Chlorophyll
Sweet Scent

Held Item: None

Party : Totodile- Level:6 Sentret-Level:6 Oddish-Level:6

PC : N/A

Bag : 0 Pokedollars, collapsable bike, notebook to be filled with pokemon research, cellphone, and assorted berries. Her green skirt has a golden belt which has her pokedex and 2 pokeballs.


Bio: Barbelle is the daughter of Barry Mortlocke. Barry is the owner of the 6 Mortlocke training gyms located around the area. The gyms are used for trainers who want to train their Pokemon or even to train themselves physically. Each gym has it's own difficulty rating, 1 star is for beginners and filled with first evolution pokemon and then 6 stars is for expert, nobody has beaten the gym, nor was even granted entrance. There is a rumor that one person, a male trainer, had entered the gym. No one knows who the man was or how he was given entrance.

Being a single parent, Barry a heavily muscled man at the age of 42 wasn't sure how to raise his daughter. After the disappearance of Barbelle's mother (presumably dead) Barry was alone with the tiny baby in his gigantic hands. Without much thought, Barry raised his daughter much like he would raise a son, to be tough. Though Barbelle had some feminine qualities that could not be influenced (such as her love for cute things), Barry did a good job on raising Barbelle to be a lot like him. The two share the same boisterous laugh, they both enjoy money, Pokemon, toughness, and a good fight.

In actuality, the two are the best of friends, seeing as their personalities were almost identical. But wanting to get some freedom from the gyms, Barbelle left the house at the age of 18 to study and hopefully train pokemon of her own. Barry did not want his daughter to leave which resulted in a heated argument and left Barbelle no choice but to run away. She took all of her money in her grumpiggy bank, her bike and a couple of other stuff and left in the middle of the night. The two stopped speaking for about two months until Barry finally gave in and called to check on his daughter.

Currently Barry accepts his daughters choice and still offers her the position of being the heir to his gyms, which Barbelle is still considering. Her access to her father's money is limited and Barbelle usually makes money by picking up jobs in the towns she travels to.

Anything Else: Barbelle hates the feeling of being weak, weakness in general and people who stare at her because of her body. (Very tall and slightly muscular.) Though she enjoys being tough, she doesn't want to be seen as scary, which most people see her as anyway. Barbelle also shows kindness to people who are kind to her. If someone does her a favor, she tries her hardest to pay them back double.


1st Gym: Novice Mortlocke ★☆☆☆☆☆. Consists of three trainers and one gym leader that specializes in normal type Pokemon. Located in Adinitium City
Layout: Medium sized wooden dojo. The walls are paper and each trainer has it's own room separated by a wall. The floor is hard wood and the roof for the gym leaders room is gone.
Trainers:500 each payout
- First Trainer: Youngster Oyoh
Pokemon: Ratatta Level: 6 Ability: Guts
Hp: 30
Att: 56
SpA: 25
SpD: 55
Speed: 72

Second Trainer: Youngster Jaiden
Pokemon: Meowth Level: 7 Ability: Pick-Up
Hp: 40
Att: 45
SpA: 40
SpD: 40
Speed: 90

Third Trainer: Youngster Jonothan
Pokemon: Whismur Level: 8 Ability: Sound-Proof
Hp: 64
Att: 51
SpA: 51
SpD: 23
Speed: 28

Leader: 1000 payout

Gym Leader: Lass Sandra
Pokemon: Tailow Level: 9 Ability: Guts
Hp: 40
Att: 55
SpA: 30
SpD: 30
Speed: 80

2nd Gym: Trainer Mortlocke ★★☆☆☆☆. Consists of three trainers and one gym leader that specializes in water type Pokemon. Located in a city that is predominantly surrounded with water.
Trainers: 800 each payout
Leader: 1600 payout

3rd Gym: Experienced Mortlocke ★★★☆☆☆: Consists of four trainers and two gym leaders, double battle. Specializes in pyschic and dark type Pokemon. Located in a city that is big (Land mass wise) Cannot enter without three badges.
Trainers: 1000 each payout
Leaders: 3000 combined

4th Gym: Ace Mortlocke ★★★★☆☆: Consists of five trainers and one gym leader. Specializes in poison type pokemon. Located in a city that is scenic. Cannot enter without 5 badges.
Trainers: 2000 each payout
Leader: 4000 payout

5th Gym: Expert Mortlocke ★★★★★☆: Consists of six trainers and one gym leader. Specializes in electric type pokemon. Located in a city that has a generator/large power house/attraction. Cannot enter without all badges.
Trainers: 4000 each payout
Leader: 8000 payout

6th Gym: Champion Mortlocke ★★★★★★. Consists of one gym leader, Barry Mortlocke. Specializes in dragon type pokemon. Located at the top of a mountain near Victory Road. Cannot enter.
Payout: ????

Each gym has a building with a star count on the roof to show the level that the trainer has to be. All gyms are free and come with a badge. Badges from the training gyms cannot be used for anything other than for show.

So begins...

Barbelle Mortlocke's Story